The Flash S2:E22 Invincible Recap


So Barry’s back from the Speed Force with a new outlook on life. Will this help him defeat Zoom once and for all? Or leave him open for an even bigger attack?

Let’s find out on the penultimate episode of Season 2 – The Flash S2:E22 Invincible recap starts now!

There’s a Metapocalyse happening on the streets of Central City, the Meta-humans have gone wild and have the Joe and his Captain pinned down in their car. The Meta-humans attack, but all of a sudden, the world goes silent. The Flash is back and he’s rounding up the bad guys before they know what’s hit them.


Barry is back at STAR Labs being waaayyy too positive and happy about everything, but there is one thing to be legit happy about, and that is that Caitlin is back. Zoom has let her go, and she’s doing okay, all things considered. Caitlin warns Barry that she can’t stop him, but Barry has had a spiritual experience and is all come to Jeebus, hallelujah! The others are worried that Barry is being overconfident and is acting like nothing phases him anymore. Someone needs to talk to him before he breaks into song, Warbler style.

At Mercury Labs Dr Tina McGee (Amanda Pays), the head honcho, is supervising some work by her lab techs, when the building starts to shake and crumble. It’s been hit by a Canary Cry, but it’s much more destructive than the one Laurel Lance used when she was alive.


Caitlin is resting, she needs time to recover from her experience with Zoom. Barry is once again confident that things will all work out, but Cisco is slightly more realistic and warns that she’s got a hard row to hoe in front of her. He suddenly Vibes and gets a totally random vision of a dead bird, and that’s it. Nothing really connected to what they’re up to right now. A alarm sounds that Mercury Labs is under attack and Barry zooms off.

He arrives as the building starts to fall, Dr McGee has managed to evacuate everyone, except herself. Barry arrives and catches her as she begins to fall with the building, flashing her to safety. The building falls, and she turns to him and says, “thank you, Mr Allen.” Barry turns shocked that she knows his name, and she tells him that she’s not stupid.


Barry brings Dr McGee back to STAR Labs and introduces her to his father Henry. Sparks fly immediately (and this is so cool because she played the same role on the original Flash with John Wesley Shipp who plays Barry’s dad). She didn’t see who attacked the building, but there is a black box on site that will have all the security footage. Tina tells them that there is one person she can think of, a few months ago she saw Harrison Wells (who is actually dead on Earth-1) running from Mercury Labs. Harry arrives and tells her that he might have been up to something in the past, but not now. Looks like we need to have a conversation about Earth-2 with Dr McGee!


On the streets of Central City Wally is on patrol trying to do some good, and gives chase to a bag snatcher. Bad idea, the thief is a Meta-human and starts to fire up his powers. An electrified collar is shot on to his neck, and luckily Joe has arrived on scene just in time to save Wally. He’s furious that Wally is putting himself in danger, but Wally feels he has a whole lifetime of not doing anything significant to make up for. The Flash gave up his powers for him, and he needs to prove that he’s worth be saved.

At STAR Labs Jesse has asked Caitlin to check her for any changes to her genetic structure. Harry arrives and assures her that she is not a Meta-human after being hit with the Dark Matter. But she does have a genius level IQ that they could use in their fight against the Meta-humans.

Barry arrives back with the black box from Mercury Labs, and leaves it with the Dr’s and Cisco to check out. Barry’s gonna hit the streets and help Joe. On his way out his dad wants a word, he wants Barry to know that being optimistic is great, but he still has to be careful. Barry tells him that the Speed Force changed him, he’s not afraid anymore. Barry is pissed that Henry is trying to take something away from him, something that he worked so hard to get to. Henry tells him that he doesn’t want to take anything away from him, he believes in him. He’s just worried.


Another alarm sounds in this time it’s Central City PD under attack, and Barry flashes off to confront Zoom. He’s waiting for him, and wants to talk about how similar they are, how their lives have followed the same path. Zoom tells him he can’t keep on chasing these Meta-humans like a dog chasing his tail. He tells him he knows what is holding him back, he wants to be seen as pure, the hero. Out the window another building starts to fall, and Barry makes as if to go and help. Zoom tells him that this is exactly his problem, he’d let that building tumble without a second thought. And that’s why he’s going to beat him, because Barry always has to be the hero. While Barry’s being the good little boy, Zoom will be winning. Barry has to go and help, and flashes off. *cue creepy smile*


Back at STAR Labs, Barry tells them that they have to stop Zoom now. Maybe taking down his army would be the best way to go about it, but they don’t really know how many exactly they are up against. And they all have different powers, they need to come up with a way to stop them all at once. Barry has an idea, everything from Earth-2 operates on a different frequency. They need to create some vibrational tech to take them down. Cisco has another Vibe after he leaves, this time it’s a number of birds flying themselves into a building.


Joe has a word with Barry about Wally, he wants the Flash to have another talk to him about keeping himself safe. Barry isn’t sure that they can stop him, but agrees to help Joe keep him safe.

Wally is in his car listening to a police scanner he swiped from Joe. The Flash arrives and talks to him with his face and voice blurred, and tells him to leave it to the Police, it isn’t his fight, but Wally disagrees. It’s everyone’s fight, it’s his city too and they all have to protect it. Cisco alerts Barry over his comms that there’s a Meta-human attack happening in the city centre, and he tells Wally he has to go. Wally has overheard the address though, and starts his car.

Barry arrives and there’s a woman in black waiting for him.


She tells him that Laurel Lance is dead, on this Earth anyway. She’s Black Siren, and she’s one of Zoom’s lieutenants. She warns him that he should be more afraid, and launches into a Canary Cry of epic proportions. It wipes Barry out, the decibel level is much higher than the level needed to kill a human, and Barry’s helmet isn’t blocking it entirely. She starts to beat on him while he’s down, and is well on top. She goes to launch into another Cry, but is suddenly hit by Wally’s car and thrown across the road. Wally tells Flash to get in and drifts his way out of there.


Joe isn’t happy that Wally did exactly the opposite of what Barry should have told him. Barry tells him that Wally is determined to help people, and that’s a good thing.

Now it’s Iris’s turn to talk to Barry, and she tells him that a little fear is a good thing. It helps you determine which risks are worth taking, and Barry and Wally should take that to heart.

Black Siren has recovered and goes to see Zoom. He orders her to knock down some random buildings, as a cover for what he is really up to.


Cisco has come up with a way to stop Zoom’s army, and Joe and I need it explained in simple terms. They are basically going to disrupt everyone from Earth-2’s frequency. If Barry runs around the city fast enough to create a refracting field, the device can send out a pulse that will bounce off it and collide with itself over and over, amplifying it to a higher frequency. When that pulse hits anyone from Earth-2 it will disrupt their nervous system. Even Zoom. Wells has developed some Beats by Wells to protect he and Jesse from the pulse.


Cisco’s Meta-human alert app is going off at a high rise development, Black Siren is about to start taking down buildings. They gotta get cracking on this pulse now! Barry is torn between helping people in the buildings and starting running to create the refracting field. Cisco comes up with what he himself calls the worst idea of all time.

At the development Black Siren is doing a walk through, choosing which building to bring down first. Her musings are interrupted by the appearance of Reverb and Killer Frost, Zoom’s other very dead lieutenants. It’s Cisco and Caitlin of course, and they manage to convince her that they are alive and want to challenge Zoom’s powers. The three of them together could bring Zoom down, and Black Siren is tempted. She tests Reverb out though, and throws him a handy piece of pipe, and he catches it easily. But, all doppelgängers are an exact mirror image of their Earth-2 counterpart, and the real Reverb is a lefty.

They run and Black Siren corners them, telling them there is nothing they can do. As she approaches Cisco shoots out his hand to ward her off.



Woo hoo Cisco! Seems that it was a one off though, and he can’t make it happen again. Black Siren keeps on coming.

The pulse is ready to go, and Jesse and Harry put their headphones on. Barry flashes off to do his laps of the city, forming the refracting field. When it’s ready, they set the pulse off and it travels across the city.

Black Siren warns Cisco and Caitlin that there’s no way of stopping them, then the pulse hits her. She covers her ears in pain, and drops to the floor. It’s working! Meta-humans all across the city start to drop, and even Zoom is feeling the effects. Unfortunately, Jesse is too, even with the headphones on. Harry races over and swaps headphones with her, and he’s out to it. Zoom manages to create a breach, and escapes. They turn off the pulse, and reassure Jesse that her dad will be okay. Barry heads out to start the clean up of Meta-humans.


The city is getting back to normal, all the Meta-humans have been captured, except for Zoom. He’s back on Earth-2 for now. Barry goes to see Joe and wants to talk about Wally. Barry thinks that everything they are seeing from Wally, is the parts of himself that he gets from Joe. He’s got Joe’s values, his inner drive to help people. Barry isn’t going to stop him from being the hero he’s going to become. Holla #KidFlash!

At Joe’s, Iris has organised a dinner to celebrate Henry staying in Central City. She’s even invited Dr McGee, and she and Henry hit it off immediately. Barry takes Iris aside and tells her since he’s feeling invincible lately, he was wondering if she would like to give what’s happening between them a shot. Holla #WestAllen!

Jesse asks Wally if it’s true that he saved The Flash’s life, and Wally tells her he was just in the right place at the right time. Joe tells him that he’s proud of him, he did good. Jesse tells him that she’s proud of him too. Holla #Quest! I just made that up, but it’s good eh?

Cisco gets another Vibe, this time it’s Earth-2. The birds are there, but there’s people running too. Earth-2 is splitting in half, straight down to the poles. Wally is confused about what just happened, Cisco has visions?


The party is interrupted further when Zoom arrives. And grabs Henry. And takes him away. Barry watches on in horror, and takes off after them. Here’s Wally’s face right now.


Barry chases Zoom, and of course they end up at the Allen house, where Barry watched his mother die. Zoom has Henry by the neck, and Barry begs him to take him instead. Zoom is going to make him believe that they are the same. This time Barry’s going to watch his parent die just like he did, this is what is going to make Barry just like him. Henry tells him that he’s so proud to be his father and that he and his mother love him. As Zoom phases his hand through Henry’s chest.


Right. That’s it. I am never liking another character on a TV show ever. Just as well there is only one episode left. And I’m telling you now Jesse and Wally better get their powers next week, or Barry better get laid or something! There has to be one good thing happen on this show! Waaaaaaah!