The Flash Season 2A Refresher


The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Potential Energy premieres 19th January on the CW.

Let's refresh!

Season 2A begins with Barry Allen aka The Flash (Grant Gustin) depressed that even though the world was saved from the deadly Singularity wormhole that had opened up over Central City, his pal Eddie Thawne is dead.  Eddie sacrificed himself to defeat the Reverse Flash and in doing so saved Barry's life.  We also discover that Firestorm was the one who had eventually conquered the Singularity wormhole, unfortunately resulting in the loss of Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). So Barry is out on his own and does not want to risk his pals at S.T.A.R labs getting hurt. But the result of this is Barry getting his tight little ass kicked by numerous Meta Humans, so he eventually comes around and helps his super hawt foster Detective dad Joe (Jesse L.Martin) form a Meta Task Force.


We also see Barry's dad Henry Allen (The original Flash, John Wesley Shipp) released from prison and leaving Central City to start a new life. During the battle last season with the Reverse Flash, other Singularities have opened up all over Central City.  52 of them. Whoopsie.  These wormholes lead to another parallel universe called Earth Two.  Enter Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), Earth Two's version of the Flash, a decidedly old school looking version too.  Jay Garrick is the original 1940's comic book Flash, btw.


Jay has come to Earth One to warn Barry about a new villain, Zoom.  Zoom is Earth Two's version of the big bad and has been sending Meta Humans through the portals to try and kill Barry.  Now, Zoom is one scary mutha, a hell of a lot faster than The Flash and with a much creepier suit.  And we have no idea who it is behind that suit.  It appears most people from Earth One have a similar version of themselves on Earth Two. It is the evil version of Barry?  His dad Henry?  Foster Dad Joe?  Eeek, I'm scared to find out.  Jay has lost his speed force in a fight with Zoom but agrees to stay on Earth One to help Barry gain speed and try and defeat Zoom.


This season we also met Barry's new love interest Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten).  A junior police officer who is the only one interested in working with Joe on the Meta Human task force, and becomes his partner.  After some terribly awkward encounters, she and Barry start dating. She is super cute and adorable, but also takes no shit so Barry's on to a winner there.  The only question for Barry now, it whether to tell her about him being The Flash.


Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), S.T.A.R labs mechanical engineer jokester extraordinaire begins having visions and we learn that he is also a Meta Human.  His visions allow him to see things when he touches someone or their belongings.  Cisco decides to keep his powers a secret for now.

After saving Barry from a Meta Human called King Shark (yes, a shark man), we also witness the return of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) from Season 1.  Harrison Wells, who was actually Eobard Thawne using Well's body to act as the Reverse Flash, last season's big bad. Confused yet? Don't worry, that took the whole first season to sort out.  Getting your head around it in one sentence is not gonna happen. Anyhoo, Well's rises from the dead, but hold up! He is Earth Two's Harrison Wells. Zoom has his daughter Jessie Quick captive and he has come to help Barry defeat him, or to undermine him, you never know with Dr Wells.


Joe's ex-wife makes a re-appearance in town, which is kinda awks seeing as he has told his daughter Iris (Candice Patton) that she's dead.  He tells her the truth, that she was a drug addict who walked out on them and she forgives him.  Iris agrees to meet her mother Francine, as she tells Iris that she is dying, she also lets slip that she had another child after leaving.  Joe's son, and Iris's brother.  Iris tells her she wants nothing to do with her and she should leave Central City.


Cisco and his visions are exposed by Wells, and his magical Meta Human detector watch.  Cisco agrees to start using his visions to help them and comes up with the hilarious name Vibe.  LOL. Yes, I am that immature.


Barry eventually decides to take Zoom on, and get absolutely caned.  I mean beaten, zapped, carried around the newspaper offices, the police station and through Central City like a rag doll by Zoom to prove to the citizens that The Flash has no real power, and then for reals breaks his back. Cisco shoots Zoom with a speed inhibitor that seems to have little effect, but Zoom leaves Barry for dead and poofs back to Earth Two. This was Episode 6, and the best of the season.  Zoom legit makes me wanna pee my pants, in the most exciting and terrifying way. Now, Bazza has super fast healing powers and he wakes with no feelings in his legs, but gradually he regains his speed but his confidence is dashed.  Cue Henry Allen, best dad ever (well second best, maybe after Joe), who gives him the no shame in losing pep talk. Barry sucks it up and agrees that winners never quit or some such and that he'll try harder next time, coach!


At the end of the last episode, Iris decides to tell Joe about Francine and that he has a son that he does not know about. Joe is distraught that his son has gone his whole life without a father, and Barry tries to reassure him that he was a great father to him, and would have been the same to his own son had he known. We finish up on Christmas Eve with the S.T.A.R labs family gathered around the tree, when there is a knock on Joe and Iris's door. It's their son and brother, Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale).


Last shot of the season, Harrison Wells and Zoom.  Plotting to steal Barry's speed force in exchange for the return of Harrison's daughter Jessie. Why you sneaky so and so!  Barry, you in danger, girl.

Throughout the season we have also been introduced to new several new characters, and reacquainted with a few old ones who will make up the new DC show Legends of Tomorrow.  This premieres 21 January on the CW and will be recapped by me, right here.

We also saw a pretty epic Arrow crossover event over two episodes which delved more into setting up Legends of Tomorrow and also opened up some new questions in the Arrow Universe.  Arrow will also be recapped here, by me.  Season 4B starts 20th January on the CW.


See you after the premiere for The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Potential Energy Recap!