Wentworth S2:E10 Jail Birds Recap

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I'm not going to lie, last episode blew.my.mind, I didn't know WHAT to think, and I can't wait to see what it means in the larger scheme of things Wentworth. Rolling S2:E10 after the break.

So. Last time we found out that the new Governor knew Will from before, and in fact has been conducting a campaign of terror against him due to her perception of his culpability in the death of a prisoner Ferguson had grown close to early in her prison career.

That brought up several questions for me: did she come to Wentworth SPECIFICALLY to get to Will? Fletcher's been under attack as well, although nowhere near as aggressively. Does she have something against him as well? And why did she seem to favour Will so openly previously? Was that to lull him into a false sense of calm? These things I need to know.

We open with Liz dressing in her old clothes, I'm amazed everything fits! She's writing a letter to her kids about all she's missed while Bea's practicing with her blood coagulant. Bea's poking her finger with a pin (how did she get a pin??), taking the coagulant and then testing how thick her blood is. For why, Bea??

Maxine is a great hench! She's sending junkies flying left and right for Franky!

Bea gets to visit with Liz on her last day. They're both shocked by how each other looks. Bea with her beaten face and Liz in her street clothes. Why didn't Liz tell everyone about her kids?? It was easier to not think about, talk about or answer questions about them and I understand that. But I wouldn't be able to do it.

Does Fletcher ever look like a bag of smashed arseholes


And hey, guess who got a letter about a transfer to Walford Correctional?? No, GUESS??!! Guess who's been spelling it Wolford incorrectly this whole time? Fletcher's PISSED, but Governor Ferguson is all smug victory, explaining to Vera that everything is almost in place as it should be. They walk into her office and she stops dead at the sight of Channing (Martin Sacks)

He's been overseas on a fact-finding mission looking at prison systems in Scandinavia (they have prison systems in Paradise?); he's coming to look at how things are handled at Wentworth now that he's been promoted onto the board. He's put Fletcher's transfer on hold as well, why do I feel bad for her?? She's EVIL!

Ah ha, it seems Channing is ONLY there to investigate Ferguson and he's there to confirm all the things Fletcher's been feeding him. Channing hates women, hey? Unless he can pressure them into sleeping with him? He'll need confirmation from prisoners AND guards, which will be a tough call, but my money is on Ferguson.

So now the game is set: Ferguson and Bennett against Channing and Fletcher

Liz's parole office has arranged for an interview for her at a restaurant, yay! Liz lies and says her family will all be meeting her, I hope someone is coming anyway.

It's time for Vera's interview; any reason why Channing decides to perch on his desk about three inches from her lap as opposed to the comfy-looking chair all the way on the other side of the desk? Channing hasn't noticed the bun, I gather, so he starts right in, offering HER Ferguson's job if she helps him get to the bottom of things with regards to what happened in the garden.

Well gosh, he's very disappointed to hear that she thinks the prison is being run more efficiently than ever before, he was really hoping he could count on her. He pouts but Vera knows what's up: Bun Power


Ooooh and as he's leaving, he stops to grab a handful of Liz's parole officer's arse on his way out of his office, which is noticed by Ferguson as she's cyber-stalking him. That's a gotcha. Is he treating the prisons he manages like a harem? I will say that Rachel (Annie Jones) seemed to enjoy the grabass.

Ferguson's searching Channing's office, finding a folder marked "Standstead"; it's all of Rachel's parolee files and inside his briefcase are copies of the same files. What's up with that? His phone dings as he makes his way back down the hallway, Ferguson hasn't much time. It was just a text from Rachel about their dinner plans that evening, I don't see how that can help Ferguson. She and Channing have a tense conversation outside his office, she's not as obsequious and he's staring at his office to see what she could have seen.

See: I think Ferguson is a terrible, terrible person but I can't help but wanting her to beat that smug misogynist bastard. It's as though there's nobody clean to root for! To be honest, that's how I like my characters, nice and flawed like people, but Ferguson is a WHOLE 'nother level.

Boomer's had her go-over and knows how much additional time she's getting thanks to Fletcher's Pink Dragon drug bust: 7 years. She'll be forty-f*cking-three by the time she gets out! Just like me right now! She wants Liz's blood for this.

Liz is saying goodbye to Dory and walking out, aww, these ladies.


Everyone in the one yard has woven yarn in around the chainlink fence, to look like Liz's knitting and awww, all the tears from the gang. Franky and Boomer are much less friendly



Liz leaves with one more word of wisdom to Bea: it wasn't Jacs who killed Meg, it was Franky and why would that upset Bea? How can that affect her?

Liz walks out, all alone.

Jess is crying over a book about being pregnant in the library when Sky decides this is a good time to poke the bear. What's up your arse, Jess?


Sky's face is the BEST


Ah so our young miss is pregnant, which is why she didn't give her own Pee to Dory, but how did she pass the pregnancy test then? She wasn't behind a curtain, Bennett stood right in front of her and watched.

Fletcher comforts her as she gives him the google-eyes; hmmmmmmmm says me and Sky.

Ah wait! The Standshead is where Liz is staying, that's the name on that file folder, is there some kind of scam involving placement? So much alcohol around her as she walks, it's truly everywhere. Just try stopping sometime and you'll be up to your ears innit. Kristi Coulter wrote an essay on it.

Liz's new landlady looks just like a Ben DeLaCreme character! And her room looks a lot like her room in prison. Back in Wentworth, the women are talking about what they imagine she's up to and what they'll do their first days back. Let's just say: it's not an awesome for Liz as they're imagining.

Boomer's found someone to take the hit on Liz. Her uncle is gonna bash Liz as soon as Boomer can figure out where she is. Boomer. BOOMER. Franky tries to talk her out of it, but Boomer will not be swayed. Franky's called away then; time for her meeting with Channing.

I know that Channing is an opportunistic bastard just waiting to hang Ferguson any way possible, but I'm glad SOMEONE is finally taking note of the fact that Franky was almost raped. She didn't get any help after that and I don't care who you are: she needed some kind of support. She's not getting it from Channing, of course, but I'm glad it's at least been mentioned again.

Franky takes Channing on a little tour through his fantasies; did he enjoy reading her letters to Erica? Did he imagine them together? Maybe him too? Then she shuts him down


And it's Boys v. Girls, until he offers her a character reference in exchange for writing a complaint about the garden incident.

Maxine has no poker face whatsoever, but she manages to pass on to Bea about Boomer's plan to have Liz bashed. Liz herself is dropping those letters to her children off, but is stopped by Kay (Davini Malcolm) who warns her that Artie and Sophie might not understand. You see, after Liz ran over their grandmother with a tractor and never wrote again, they got confused. It's never too late, though, and feck you, Kay, who do you think you are anyway?? Liz is their MOTHER!!

I'm getting worked up here, I'll do a lap and shout in my head for a minute while I point menacingly at people who aren't here.

Boomer's got the address from Rachel, Franky and I are all: WHUT? Why would you ask an officer of the court the address of who she wants to bash?? I mean. Franky tries another run at Boomer letting go of it, but Boomer's doing seven years FOR NOT EVEN HER GEAR, FRANKY. The implication is clear. She's not letting this go and she expects Franky's help.

Liz is jumped in her room by a man from down the hall, this is when it's the hardest for recent parolees I hear. It's so much like prison, but with so many fewer rules or safety nets. She lies and cries then locks the door and oh Liz.


Franky got Liz's address for Boomer, she's sorry she got seven years. Dory and Bea frantically tried to call Liz, but she wasn't home earlier, she was being SHOOED AWAY FROM HER OWN CHILDREN BY A USURPER.

Ferguson is meeting things head-on. She's got Rachel in her office trying to explain why she's been sharing files of recent parolees with Channing. Ferguson won't ask their personal relationship, but what's this bit about the Regional GM wanting to help these women with his contacts? Writing housing references for them? Oh he's such a help, that's Channing all over.

Bea's boxing form looks great! She's skinny as spaghetti, but she's developing a lot of lean muscle, go Warrior Bea! Maxine busts in to tell her the news about Boomer having Liz's address, they need to keep Booms from the phones. Boomer is then locked in the fridge.

Ferguson's going through all of Rachel's parolees, guess which recent ex-cons aren't picking up their phones? Bennett comes in with the rest of the files and Ferguson gives her a Pop Quiz, Hot Shot! A good number have been sent to Stanstead and the women sent there are all young and attractive. Five of them have disappeared and have no family or support systems, they're GONE. That doesn't really explain why Liz has been sent there, yes she's alone but as much as I love Liz, she doesn't fit Channing's type of young and dark haired.

Liz is staking out her kids' house, she sees Sophie come out and follows her.

Sky lets Boomer out of the fridge and after she warms up her frozen nips, she wants to know what time it is! Are the phones still on?? She makes it in time but Bea gets there right after.

Desperate, Bea goads Boomer into a fight that she does pretty well in. Boomer's too slow to respond well and all Bea has to do is stay out of the way until Will comes and breaks it up. Now Bea has a target on her back as well.

Liz is having a hard time with alcohol right now, especially sitting in the same bar her daughter is in. Her daughter Sophie (Edwina Samuels) is BEAUTIFUL! She's also with two young men that Liza and I distrust on sight. Liz waits for her steak (which looks DELICIOUS) and watches carefully. Several shots! shots! shots! later, we're even more alarmed, although it looks a lot like what I got up to before my dotage. Maybe it would have been cool to have someone watching out.

How does Sophie not recognise her mum? Liz looks exactly the same.

Jess is moving her plan into high gear, thanking Fletcher for his kind words and returning his hanky in her very lovely and tiny underwear. To say he noticed is an understatement. Let's just say I bet she gets a glowing housing recommendation from Channing.

Liz overhears Sophie talking about the boys in the bathroom, she follows them outside to find one of the boys getting too aggressive and knocks him to the ground. He thinks of getting up, but Liz backs him down with ALL the ferocity of a mother bear and gets Sophie into a cab. Oh and Sophie recognises Liz just as she's pulling away, oh we cry and cry and cry.

Liz is late, she's missed her curfew. She creeps up the stairs, but Ferguson's hire goon comes out to see her. Liz flees. On her floor the creep who jumped her earlier makes another run at it, but Liz took that steak knife from the restaurant and she won't be intimidated by this cretin any more. "AND HAVE A SHOWER!"

Ferguson's at her fencing lesson when her goon returns, he's found out where those missing girls went, the Parole Board is probably not going to be happy about it. Prostitution?

Ferguson is waiting in Channing temporary office when he comes in the next morning; he still thinks he's in charge. It's kind of sweet, those few minutes before the hammer comes down.

So it IS prostitution, but of the somewhat-legal type, it seems Mr. Channing is the registered owner of a brothel where these vulnerable young women are now working. It takes a moment for it to sink in...

What does Ferguson want? What does she WANT?? A sympathetic ear on the inside, of course. Always the long game for our Ferguson.

Fletcher tries to stop Channing in the parking lot, but the Regional GM has no time for the about-to-be-transferred guard. He's leaving as fast as he can before he loses his teeth, too.

Our closing montage is Boomer pacing, Bea checking her thickened blood and Liz drinking coffee in the fresh night air, just watching people and content. We're oot.

I don't yet get the deal with Bea and the blood thickeners; is she thinking she's going to be stabbed and taking precautions? She must be planning to make her move on Franky soon, but I don't see how ANY of that will come about. I mean, you can't run a prison without drugs, even with the Governor's help (listen to me, I'm some kind of an expert from my blogging table in suburban Alberta, Canada) and we haven't seen that Bea has any of that sort of network set up. I'm sure we'll find out!

See, this is how engrossing Wentworth is, I didn't realise that I hadn't gotten ANY of my questions above answered until just now! THAT'S how good it is. Until next time, cheers!

Quick production note: the music on this show is SO GOOD. The scoring is practically another character.