Wentworth S2:E3 Boys in the Yard Recap

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Things were starting to fire for Bea last episode but Franky's not doing all that well. . It was all manipulation all the time, but Boomer gave me a lovely break.Let's see what happens this time on Wentworth

It's pure chaos in the yard, fighting on the basketball court and Sky decorating a wall with spray paint; what's going on?? Ferguson's halved everyone's methadone, Liz tells Dory, who has been completely out of the loop since she fell in luuuurrvvvvvee with Nash.

Dory and I don't understand; what could Ferguson possibly see good about that? Does she just not believe in addiction? Is she just trying to keep the inmates distracted by each other? It's an unusual choice, making the inmates MORE unstable.

Ohhh and Simmo's back; this worries Liz and Bea. Time slows down as she walks by; is she still affiliated with the Holts?

A crisply annoyed Ferguson walks by with guards behind her, what's up? They're headed to the yard to see Sky's masterpiece, Liz says she isn't a bad artist, for a junkie. Vera and Ferguson gaze at it in all it's glory, Vera choking back a smile:

credit no1frankyfan tumblr

Bea and Simmo meet up the compound, Simmo doesn't seem to want any revenge for Jacs's death, but all of Jacs' former henchwomen greet Simmo like a long lost friend, so that will have to be watched.

Cell toss in H3; Liz is pissed, but Franky's not taking responsibility for this! She didn't give Sky permission to graffiti!

Credit no1frankyfan
credit tumblr no1frankyfan

Sky's chasing the dragon, though, thanks to Simmo. That answers my question as to whether she's still associated with the Holts. Franky looks almost tearful at the news; there's been a drought, but if Simmo can get it in, guess who will be running this joint? NO, GUESS??!

Franky and Boomer find Simmo in the bathroom with Jacs' old helpers and Sky, sniffing around to see if she's holding. Franky sends everyone but Boomer away; Simmo's not starting up a business, is she? Nah, just sitting back and doing her time easy for glassing someone her hubs was screwing. I agree with Franky that it would be easier to glass her hubs instead, nobody wants carpal tunnel from over-glassing.

If Simmo isn't holding, she won't mind if Franky checks, right?

I am so worried about Franky if Boomer ever gets parole.

Boomer watches while Franky roots around in Simmo's Noo-Noo and No-No; nothing extry there, apparently. Franky leaves with a warning about having to check again; Simmo waits until she leaves before patting the two balloons of drugs she's got hidden next to the sink.

Ferguson is reviewing the CCTV footage of the yard to figure out who was involved in the mural; Fletcher's brought Dory but Ferguson needs to speak to him first, close the door. Someone's filed a complaint about his use of capsicum spray on Sky, she would have preferred to ignore it, but now it will go to the Governing body. She's really a master; she's got Fletcher on the ropes and his blood is up too quickly to see that it was most likely her that wrote it, not Will as he's thinking. Divide and conquer.

Ferguson asks Dory what happened in the yard yesterday, when Dory stammers the equivalent of nuffing, she threatens Dory with removal of the garden duties then does this gorgeous little frustrated head shake that I will find a gif for in Tumblr if there is a Bob. She has 24 hours to tell Ferguson what happened

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Bea's staring at Simmo in the lunchroom, but she's not the only one who's noticed all the junkies dancing around the Holt family friend. Franky tells the girls to cover her and look! Sky has a purpose besides making art and asking everyone if they're holding!

Franky twists a fork in Simmo's leg while everyone pretends nothing's happening but Bea is watching and looking alarmed.

Bea approaches Simmo after lunch (while Simmo's tending to her fork wounds *herk*); she thinks Franky is out of control. Personally, I think Franky is RIGHT, but I agree with Liz that she's out of her depth. Having a quick brain and a fast temper can only get you so far in Top Dogging; you also have to be ruthless and have awesome connections. I think Franky is missing at least one of those.

Bea's working on Simmo, she wants to forgive and forget too! She wants to maybe tell Brayden in person, Simmo's face says it all: good luck with that.

In the yard, Dory's practically giddy but Nash is more cool, hmm. Everyone's making friends with the menz; Franky chats up one particularly ugly dude while Fletcher presses Will on whether he wrote that report. Will wrote it for Ferguson of course, but he thought it was internal, which Fletcher doesn't believe.What are the odds a new Governor (a job you were up for, too) would shaft you to discredit your record over a longtime friend stabbing you in the back for no reason? I mean, it's not as though Will knows you were shagging his wife, Fletcher.

I bet Franky's looking for some more connections to bring gear in and I bet Linda flirting with the guard from the men's prison is just so she can block out her job for one hot minute.

Simmo's in the recreation room now conspiring with Jacs' former henchwomen, she's ready to start up the Holt empire inside again, she figures they need to strike first. Bea's listening as Simmo explains; she'll set hothead Franky up to come for her and that will get Franky slotted for long enough to get established. Well, that's not exactly what she says, but that's what she means and then she sends a pool ball flying at Franky's head.

Vera gets in there before Franky can even react; sending Simmo back to her bunk and Bea fleeing the scene.

Franky finds Sky wasted in her bunk, she calls in Boomer for a beating before setting a plan. Earlier, Simmo was going to use Sky to fake out when Simmo was alone so they could attack Franky while she was planning an attack on Simmo (stick with me! I know it's confusing!). After the beating from Boomer, Sky wanders in to tell Simmo where SHE can find FRANKY alone, so just turning the play a bit. Let's see if Simmo is stupid enough to fall for that.

It seems Bea's everywhere; she sees Simmo buy a shiv in the bathroom and WARNS her, what?? Bea, whose side are you on? I'm primarily on Bea's, but also Liz's and finally: TeamFrankie. We'll see if Simmo takes Bea's warning seriously.

The spray paint has been hidden in the cell of Jacs's old henchwoman Roz Jago (Benne Harrison, yay a NAME!!), so Ferguson's having her carted off, leaving Simmo entering the dark library to mount the offensive herself on poor, defenseless Franky.

It goes about as well as you would expect for Simmo, confronted with Boomer and Franky. I watched through my fingers with the sound off, but it ended with "you up for a game now?" and Franky holding up the pool ball that Simmo threw at her head.

I'm only surprised that Simmo is still alive after; I mean, she's beat to shite, but let's just say: Jacs would have had her finished off as a message to other competitors and ALSO as a message to Brayden Holt.


Oh Franky was thinking same as me, but not killing Simmo, she wants Boomer to kneecap Simmo with the pool ball in a sock. Now Boomer enjoys a good punch-up even more than most, but she doesn't want to kneecap someone practically unconscious. Seems a bit dirty? Never mind the part where it was three against one and all that, that's just strategy. Franky leaves (freaked out. I really wonder if Franky is mean enough for this whole running a prison business) and Boomer stares at Simmo.

Bea's looking for Simmo, she KNOWS sommat's up; she fakes out Will and makes it to the rec room just as Boomer's got her nerve up. Bea talks Boomer out of the kneecapping and helps Simmo back up. Fletcher bursts in; why hasn't Will called back in? Will runs out and finds Bea and Simmo in the hallways.

Will gets in almost as much shit as Simmo for the assault, Ferguson is NOT HAPPY. Boomer's not happy either, Franky's starving her in retaliation for not finishing Simmo off.

In the lunchroom, Franky's alllll over Bea, who soothes her. Franky has nothing to worry about.

Things are weird and I don't like it!!! I HATE it when Mum and Dad fight!

A furious Ferguson is debriefing the guards again. Will tries to speak up when she references preferential treatment towards the prisoners and was shut down "this is not a Q&A"; her face when she does that is AWESOME. She can't believe she has to waste an extra second explaining something so OBVIOUS to this moron is what it says.

Ferguson keeps Fletcher after; he's on his final warning. Fletcher's usually a hothead, I'm surprised to see him keep his cool, he must have learned something over the last day or so.

Roz is painting over the dick-mural but Dory's not going to thank Franky, FRANKY, because yeah, the garden project was saved, but an innocent person went to the Slot. "An innocent person?" laughs Franky. "Do we even have any of those?" And she's here to collect her chit: she wants on the garden detail.

Fletcher goes at Will hard in the staff room; but he's made a fairly important error. Will doesn't know he has a reason to have a problem with Fletcher, but I bet he'll be wondering about it now.

Side note: I'm glad to see that Will's doing better, not all drugged out and railing strangers in the bathroom. I imagine it had to do with helping Bea work through her grief over Debbie's death.

He may not be doing better for long; he's received an anonymous letter saying "I'M WATCHING YOU" and does this have anything to do with the woman he separated from her child that killed herself? That came up S2:E1 and I don't know if I was very specific, but that's why he left social work and that's the only thing hinky that's come up with Will this season.

Franky's working fast. The ugly dude will have her gear there by the next day. Dory and Nash talk-cuddle and it's so sweet. Bea's working in the yard and found something that looks like it would be a great shiv, which Liz sees, Liz sees EVERYTHING.

Bea's doing dips in her call when Simmo creeps in to thank her, she asks Simmo to pass on a condolence card for Brayden in return. Er. Simmo and I are confused. If this is to get closer to Brayden for the killing, I still don't see how she can accomplish that in prison. I have faith in Bea, though, she'll find a way. Simmo makes me laugh when she says "You don't need to feel guilty, you're serving your time!" She finally agrees to send it out in the mail. Laced with anthrax?

Bea's making her next move; talking to Franky about the law and working on an appeal. She was late for count because she was showering and washing her hair. There IS a lot of it (preach, sister) and Franky pulls it over for a sniff. Bea's "hot" wild orchid hair passes inspection, so she leaves Franky with this... whatever Franky thinks, she isn't siding with Simmo against her. Franky's face says either that she hadn't seriously considered that a factor until now or that she thinks Bea is lying.

Bea rushes into Mr. Jackson's office with a visitor request form; she needs to see her lawyer tomorrow! Will's not doing Wild Orchid any more favours, after the last one tossed him in the shit. She lied to him about Simmo and she's lying now. She convinces him to push the form through anyway, so we'll see. I do think it's interesting that the power between these two has shifted into her favour in her time there. It didn't take her long to figure out how to work the angles in her favour.

She makes a shiv out of the piece she found in the yard late that night; still don't understand how she will get her mitts on the younger Holt, but we'll see.

Nash and Dory are bonding over the baby birds they found, talking about his child who he doesn't get to see any more and then all of a sudden, they're making out and she's pretty sprightly for such a top heavy girl, isn't she? Jumping up onto him and wrapping her legs around him? Woo hoo!! Dory's getting some! They're interrupted rudely by the ugly dude, who's blood (and elsewheres) gets up and demands a blowie from Franky or the deal won't go through.

Boomer takes it (literally) for the team while Bea meditates in her cell until Mr. Jackson tells her that her lawyer has arrived. Bea takes a second to insert the shiv (THAT LOOKED PAINFUL) and heads of to the lounge.

Bea's not even listening to her lawyer, she's looking around for Brayden, who will be there soon to resupply Simmo ooh and there he is! Bea, you so smaht. Now you just have to drag that shiv carefully out of your nether regions and make it out of that room and past and the guards so you can have your revenge.

And motherfcuker, she DOES it!! She gets him! Just a slice across the cheek but she got him and he smiles as he is led away by Rose.

Damnit, she won't get another chance at him for ages. She's smaht, but she's not thinking long term or planning carefully enough.

Ferguson looks happy reading the letter Bea wrote, though. Bea stares at her hands in the Slot, covered in Brayden's blood and is it wrong that I wish she'd REALLY got him? Damnit. We're out until next time, cheers mates.