Wentworth S2:E8 Sins of the Mother Recap


Welcome back to Wentworth where Vera Bennett has just turned an important corner and Maxine wasn't quite fast enough to get around a corner herself. Rolling S2:E8 after the break.

Vera Bennett has made some serious moves lately; I thought it was a big deal when her and Fletcher got together and she stood up to Jacs, but I see now that the universe has much more in store for our Deputy Governor. She's just killed her mother and I'm not saying it wasn't a good thing (it was a very good thing), but it represents just how far our Vera is willing to go to show her allegiance to Wentworth Correctional in general and Joan Ferguson in particular.

Governor Ferguson hasn't just gotten under Vera's skin; Franky's dreaming about her and the informer in her ranks. You have to admire Ferguson; she did everything she could to manipulate Liz into lagging on Franky and then tossed the information about an informer out to the wolves as soon as it looked as though Franky might do the math on Simmo's death.

Ah Maxine, she's hiding in her cell, not wanting to go out without her wig. I will say: she looks completely different without it, however terrible it was. I'm shocked she's not still in the Slot; wouldn't an escape attempt warrant more time that that? Added jail time even? She doesn't want to go out because it doesn't matter if it looks okay, it's about who she is. You know, Bea has a LOT of hair...

Miss Bennett's ready to go back to work, lookit the tautness of that bun! Ohhhhh Miss Bennett is in CHARGE


Go Vera, woot! Even Ferguson is impressed, praising her for her work with Maxine Conway, but we know what she's really saying:


"High five for removing that albatross from around your neck! Welcome back, Killer!"

She asks for Smith and Vera crisply strides out to find Bea in the lunchroom, where Franky is accusing Dory of lagging right next to Liz. Liz has NO poker face; it's really just a matter of time.

Jess has figured out that Dory's pregnant, she brought her a bun and she's just so darn sweet. I still have my eye on that one.

Ferguson's is really trying to make Bea happen as top dog, isn't she? Not that I don't think Bea has it in her, I just don't think she can manipulate Bea through self-interest as she does everyone else. The only thing Bea cares about is killing Brayden Holt, so unless Ferguson can work that into it, Bea's gonna keep on keeping on. Ferguson lays it out clearly, she'll support Bea in managing the women, which means going against Franky. Geez, you stab ONE gang leader in the neck with a pen and then you become the go-to for weeding out big cheeses.

Liz's meeting with her parole office again to discuss her upcoming likely parole, Liz still doesn't want to contact family until she's on her feet, but the lawyer is skeptical. Liz doesn't even know where her family is, it's been seven years and her kiddos are teenagers. I really hope Liz stays out of the hooch this time, that's a metric tonne of stress to put on a recently relapsed alcoholic. It seems to be taking this time, though, she's giving everything away to the girls and I am going to miss her.

Franky is WIGGING, I can't tell if the junkies look like zombies for real or if it's just her lack of sleep


She goes at Miles again, she's got to find out from Ferguson who lagged. That paranoia will get you every.single.time. Miles doesn't want to talk to Franky until her house is clean.

Bea took the tea cozy (I need a tea cozy! I have the best tea pot from England, no tea cozy. Boo) for Maxine! Awww, Maxine, girl, she feels like herself!

The girls are getting antsy in the yard, Sky's not going to wait forever...Kim comes up to offer her sympathies and Franky just about inhales her vagina three seconds later. Franky seems stressed. She jumps down Kim's throat figuratively a minute later when she mentions the lagger; EVERYONE knows. Franky takes out the rest of her frustration on Kim, throwing her out after throwing one in her.

Ah Liz is so worried, transitioning to real life seems almost impossible and she's worried she's just gonna wreck it all again.

The garden project is no more. Bennett is supervising it's cleanup and somewhere in there, she finds Dory's positive pregnancy test. I mean. COME ON.

Bennett runs straight to Ferguson, she's going to be testing all the women disguised as a random drug test; Ferguson is impressed with her initiative. Not so much with the pee-covered stick on her desk, which she scrubs after it's removal. Let's not tell the male guards, shall we?

Jess is working her magic on Fletcher again, this time rubbing her thumb along his bottom lip while he stares at her and time slooooowwws down. Not for Vera, who's walking by and making note, but for those two. You can actually see his nostrils inflate, as though he's trying to inhale Jess. Not much longer until she's up against a wall somewhere convenient, I reckon.

Jess gives Dory the heads up about the test and offers her urine (why is she being so nice? Nobody is nice for free in prison. Or Hollywood, UnREAL taught me that) before being grabbed by Vera. Franky watches, the paranoia almost choking her.

I don't think Franky's gonna like Bea getting a flash new TV either, lookit that Governor, making sure Franky's attention is well and truly diffuse!

Vera's convinced that Jess is the pregnant one after seeing her with Fletcher; if I had any concerns about Vera it would be that she is too easily influenced. Her hatred of Fletcher is driving her to behave irrationally. I DO agree that Jess is a piece of work, however.

Piece of work Jess runs back to her room to pee and hands it off to Dory JUST in time, drawing more of Franky's paranoia. You know, I don't like Jess but I don't want to see her beat up because Franky's on the edge.

I love Liz


Franky's getting careless, she talks to Linda in front of Vera, who isn't missing anything these days. Fletcher tries a bit of "hey how's it going" on Vera in the staffroom, but she isn't having that, and she's not having him give Ferguson credit for how she is these days either. She threatens him with a formal complaint if she sees an inmate touch him again and she MEANS it.

That looked like it felt GOOD, Vera!

Franky has lost the fucking plot, mate


She's got Jess in the dryer and her whole gang on point, but Liz jumps in, thank the gods. She canea get paroled fast enough, GO LIZ GO!!

Liz is knitting when Franky comes to chat later; she gives her a pep talk about leaving but then they have a good talk. Just stop dealing says Mama Hen Liz! Franky responds just like a kiddo


And then it goes south. Ah ladies, keep it together. Franky makes another run at Miles; she's gotta ask Ferguson directly about the lagger. Miles tries, but she's no match for Ferguson.

Will and Rose are in Medical, I really like them together. It's so nice to see Will happy again and I like how Rose is smart and doesn't take any shite. Marge trades her blood coagulant for some of Liz's pottery, that Bea is a smart trader, isn't she??

Liz's got her daughter's phone number; she's so worried and doesn't make the call first chance. I'm worried Franky's gonna kill her. Bea's worried that everyone thinks she's the lagger because of her flash TV but Ferguson, well I don't think Ferguson is the worrying type. She throws in a reference to Harry beating Bea while dismissing her, just so she can be seen whispering in Bea's ear in front of Franky. Talk about a piece of work.

Franky lays out the details of the next shipment of drugs for Sky, who's MORE than happy to help, overheard by Liz and Bea, let's see who she goes after. Please not Liz. Just as the process is moving, Vera and Ferguson walk in, who lagged this time? I'm pretty sure Franky is smarter than that.

Nothing is found in that marked bag, but Franky thinks she's found her snitch. Bea gets back to her room to find Franky and a noose; once again Liz saves her life, but Franky isn't giving up that easy. And Liz admits it was her, aw damnit. Franky can't believe it.

Franky's crying, Liz is crying (I'm crying), she can't believe Liz would do this. They were family, Liz actually gave a shit about her. That buys Liz a stay of execution, if she ever comes back to Wentworth, Franky will kill Liz herself.

Aww Franky man, it's like her MOM just betrayed her, but she isn't thinking straight: she has to realise Liz was just worried about the drugs.


Liz wants to go into Protection; Ferguson won't stop her and hey! Let's call your daughter RIGHT NOW while you're upset and not thinking properly. Let's do THAT.

Vera updates Ferguson on the urine tests, they're gonna test them for drugs now that they have all that pee just sitting around. Heeeeeeey, when did Ferguson get a hunky male secretary? Ferguson checks her phone after Liz leaves, Liz didn't call her daughter after all and I've moved my concern for Liz up to WORRIED LOTS.

The girls are discussing Liz; nobody can believe she did it. And what will Franky do now? Bea sits bolt upright when Dory says something about the hospital, what's up with that?

Bea's decided; if everyone's gonna keep pushing her and assuming she wants power (when she didn't) and going after her for NO REASON, she might as well push back, yeah? Ferguson loooves to hear that, but I don't think she's going to find Bea as manipulable as she imagines.

The music takes us out as Will and Rose flirt, Liz moves to Protective Custody and Franky cries alone in the dark. Until next time, you lot, I'm off to chill the eff oot, that was so sad.