Wentworth S3:E7 The Long Game Recap


Hi everyone, I felt as though another Wentworth was just the thing: let's roll S3:E7 The Long Game after the break. I can't say I'm ecstatic how this is progressing currently, but I've learned to never count anyone out.

Bea (Danielle Cormack) is still trippin' like a pippin' in Psych; she doesn't understand how she had a psychotic episode? Bridget (Libby Tanner) shows her the CCTV footage, but Bea is still insisting she saw a man in the mirror that attacked her. Woot! I hadn't realised she'd seen Ferguson (Pamela Rabe)'s Thuggy!

Bridget is comparing this to Bea's meltdown when she found out that her daughter Debbie died, but there is no comparison at all. Bea's reaction to finding out about Debbie was sheer, palpable grief and the yard CCTV footage clearly showed delusional behaviour. Bea begs her to look up the CCTV footage, and that should show that the camera was moved.

I think Ferguson made a mistake in involving Bridget's area of expertise: I'm pretty sure Bridget has the Governor pegged.


Bridget checks with Ferguson, who barely gives her the time of day as usual; but Vera (Kate Atkinson) is there listening as well and she doesn't give in as quickly as Gidget. Ferguson swears she checked the CCTV footage and I hope Vera goes in after and has a look-see!

Franky (Nicole da Silva) catches Bridget in the hallway for some more banter; the doctor can't talk, she has an admission, but she has a free slot this afternoon is Franky would like to fill it? Seriously. Oh but the admission is Kim Chang (Ra Chapman) and she's back to see Franky, yaaaaay. Bridget's face made me totally-not-tear-up


Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) is fuming, she's having at that lagger Liz (Celia Ireland whom I adore) for taking her hooch, even if it was actually stolen by Jess. Sophie (Edwina Samuels) comes out to see what's up, Maxine (Socratis Otto) calms her down: she warns Boomer to stay away from Liz. Maxine is the new House Mum! And Boomer is still the bratty teenager


Ferguson finds Vera searching the basement boiler room; did she find anything? Vera treads carefully, she just wanted to be thorough, since Bea was so adamant. Ferguson even makes a joke, which catches us all off guard.


Vera's feeling entirely miserable; Bridget surprises her in the washroom to ask about the CCTV but Vera doesn't have anything for her. This is the second time she's had to hide her pill bottle in the bathroom, why not just take the pills out and leave the bottle stashed if it's that Scarlet-Letter-y, Vera??

Bridget gives the bad news to Bea; no CCTV footage. She guides Bea out of the room to watch her flip out at the nearby mirror; she keeps seeing Thuggy.

Franky is PAINFULLY not excited to see Kim, who had a shite time out in the real world.


She broke parole to see Franky, but really: she was having trouble adjusting. Kim makes a run at the cookie jar, but Franky's in love! I knew she cared for Bridget! It's not like with Erica in season one where Franky had NO problem getting it up for Kim, she wants a chance with Gidget.

TOTALLY projecting. I like Bridget a lot: smart and funny is ossum.

The other part might be that Bridget is out and an actual lesbian, whereas Franky alluded to Kim being a gay-for-stay and she's quite young as well.

Liz is hungover and drying out in the wet cells; she goes straight to Boomer in the lunchroom to see if she can get some more.

Jess (Georgia Chara) is ALL over Dory (Shareena Clanton), who's fine after the shove last time, yay! I am soooooo creeped out by Jess, her type slides under the radar by seeming to get along and then they STRIKE.

Bea's restlessly dreaming about the Thug, she wakes up when she remembers that she scratched him: there's DNA under her fingernails! I hope she didn't come off as too psychotic earlier about the whole mirror thing and that someone will listen to her.

The next morning, CO Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) is in to give Bea a shower, but a nurse is there to take her stats too. For whatever reason, she scrapes the blood under her fingernail into a napkin instead of telling anyone, I guess she isn't trusting anyone yet. She asks for a Peer Worker, who've we got left? Dory is hella pregnant and Liz is off her wagon, so?

Vera's researching Hepatitis C in Medical; printing off a list of who has it in the prison when Rose (Maggie Naouri) surprises her. Rose asks about the cough and Vera's extremely fast exit has her checking the computer after.

Vera can't make out who anyone is and I mean this in the best, most body positive way: HOW CAN SHE NOT RECOGNISE LUCY? Although I remember being surprised at the time that Lucy (Sally-Ann Upton) was somewhere else, I probably missed something. Lucy's whole gang has Hep-C.

Vera confronts Franky; she wants a name or she'll resuscitate the complaint of verbal abuse against Franky, whose chance of parole will disappear.

So it is still Dory who is Peer Worker, Bea asks her to keep the tissue safe until she's out but Dory and I remember that happened to poor Liz, who was out for about 15 minutes until she got a package from Bea.

Liz has come to apologize to Dory again, she's deep in the grip of her alcohol addiction. Dory doesn't want Liz's apologies, she can talk to Dory and her baby once she's sober for good. Liz gets back to her bunk to find a prezzie for Boomer; she drinks.

Addiction is a BEAST.

Franky stops Bridget in the hallway and tattles on Vera trying to strongarm her re: the complaint renewal; Bridget was there when Vera withdrew it, so that's a chance for Franky. They are standing FAR too close and with too much physical contact, which Kim sees.

Rose grabs Bridget, she has Bea's tox reports. It seems the man in the mirror doses Bea with a hallucinogenic, we know why he would do that, but Bridget doesn't quite get it...But Bea suddenly understands it all! Of course it would be Ferguson to block her coming to Jodie (Pia Miranda)'s trial!

Bridget goes straight to Ferguson, who points out how ridiculous it is. Bridget can go to the board herself, though, and she might if Ferguson intends to keep Bea restrained in Psyche indefinitely.

Kim attacks Bridget out on the yard; are she and Franky f*cking?? Franky only gets tired of her when she has someone new. Boomer appreciates that as only she can


But Vera overhears on her way to threaten Franky again. Franky throws Bridget's name into the mix in a case of the worst timing possible, and now Vera knows exactly what Kim was shouting about. She goes straight to the Governor and come ON, Vera! I thought you were smarter than that! Ferguson asks Vera to keep the news of the Franky-Bridget entanglement to themselves, she'll handle it in her own way.

I guess Vera is preferring to stick with the Governor, blaming the Hep-C infection solely on the inmate who jabbed her with the syringe and that makes sense in a way. She's starting to question some of Ferguson's decisions, however, so there's hope.

Liz is pissed again, she tries to thank Boomer but she knows she didn't leave that present after all. It was Jess again. Liz is funny when pissed, but Sophie doesn't like how Jess talks about her mum and neither does Dory. I mean, Jess, I get your point, but Dory herself was pissed when she was pregnant, go easy. All I really got out of that was that Liz is no longer listed as Dory's carer.

In Franky's counseling session, it's tense as always, but I don't think Bridget is as malleable as Erica. I hope she protects herself, now that the Governor has a knife under the flap.

Bridget wants to talk about Franky's childhood, but Franky does NOT. Oh and Bridget pushes and pushes because Bridget is REAL, and then Franky's out with it. SHE killed Meg Jackson; it was an accident and does Bridget still think she's a good person? Nah, didn't think so. Bridget is tense and still but impressed that Franky has trusted a little. Franky knows it came a price, though, right? I hope not.

Franky walks back to her cell like a zombie to find Liz snoring like a bull on Bea's bed. She covers her up and I hope that means she's forgiven Liz. It could also be that Liz reminds her of her mum that she was just shouting about in session.

Relationships are complicated.

Ferguson is in visiting Bea in Psyche; we're all very wary. Ferguson lays it out for Bea: she keeps to this story and she'll spend the rest of her days surrounded by the criminally insane.

Fletcher's (Aaron Jeffrey) in the hallway and finally remembers the sex they had. He hasn't remembered the part where she was responsible for his badge going missing yet, but I bet he will. He follows her into the Strip Search room and receives a verbal warning from Ferguson, who is just ACHING for a chance to get rid of him.

Maxine finds Liz passed out with her bottle in Bea's room, she's had it! Maxine pours out the hooch and won't have any more of it in the unit. Boomer starts in on Liz, who has HAD it: she's not stealing the brew, it's been shoved under her pillow! And she already rang her bell for lagging, so "fuck off, you fat-assed baby!!" made me laugh sooo hard and I am so sorry, Boomer. You don't have a fat ass. Liz disagrees.


Sophie watches the whole with dismay.

Damnit Franky and Bridget, you guys have GOT to be more discreet! Right in the hallway, you might as well paint each other purple and start tipping the velvet right there.


When Bridget turns around and there is Ferguson, we totally all jumped, amirite? Bea wants to see her. Ferguson tags along to see how she's doing. Bea recants her story of the mystery man in the mirror and Ferguson smiles that obsidian smile.

There's a powwow in Bea's cell; Franky wants to know if she's still gonna take on Ferguson? Bea saw the depths that Ferguson was willing to sink too and it scared her, I think. Who would think she would do all those things? Drug a prisoner boldly on site? Bea's gonna play the long game.

Late that night, Ferguson walks the halls while Bea sketches the face of the man who grabbed her. Ohhhhh noooo, Ferguson had a recording device in Bridget's office; now she knows the truth about Meg Jackson and Franky. Shite, I should have thought of that. Ferguson looks happier than I've ever seen


We're out and it looks like things get even BETTER next episode. Looks like a LOT of movement. Cheers! Until next time.