11.22.63 Episode 6 Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald Recap


11.22.63 Episode 6, "Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald" recap starts now!

Spoilers ahead, you dirty birds!

It's six months after the death of Johnny Clayton, and the date is the 16th October 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald is interviewing for a job at the Texas Book Depository, he gets it and is told he can start work that week. An FBI agent is waiting for him outside, the same agent who has been following him and talking to his wife Marina, who has had enough and moved out to a friends house.

Lee goes to visit Marina, and makes it clear to the friend she is living with, that he shouldn't have to ask to see his wife and child. Marina is knocked up with their second child, and Lee tells her she needs to come home. He tells her that he found a job and she shouldn't be taking charity but Marina says she won’t move back in because she needs to be around people who are kind. Lee starts to lose it with her, and she tells him that she's not feeling well but she'll think about it.


Bill isn't happy with Jake, he thinks he spends too much time in Jodie with Sadie, and is leaving him in Dallas to do all the spying. Bill is getting bored, and Jake won't even let him place any bets in case of drawing attention to them. George de Mohrenschildt arrives to talk with Lee and asks how he missed Walker, but Lee refuses to acknowledge the assassination attempt.  "What the hell was that?" asks Jake.

Bill brings up the butterfly effect, and that maybe Lee is not going to shoot JFK any more, he made no mention of it, after all. Maybe Jake just being there has already changed the future, but Jake says that it couldn’t be possible because they haven’t has any interaction with Lee. Bill asks why he just doesn't take Lee out if he's so sure nothing has changed, but Jake still isn’t sure that Lee is the shooter, or if there is a second shooter, or who the hell is actually involved. Jake has the idea that if they haven't made any progress by the end of the month, they'll kidnap him and keep him incapacitated on the 22nd of the month.

Jake goes back to Jodie, and Deak and Sadie are playing poker. Sadie isn't quite back to herself, and Deak suggests she come back to school, and tells Jake he's an idiot for not marrying her yet. Sadie has one last surgery, and it's been moved up to the next day. She's worried about how much it's all costing, but Jake has it under control, he's been using the book and placing bets to get the money together. Sadie believes everything that Jake has told her, and queries why he can't just go to the police with what he knows. He hasn't told her all the details yet, as he feels it isn't safe.


Jake goes to see Miss Mimi, and she's worried about Sadie, as is Jake. She's been having nightmares, and isn't herself. Mimi tells him he should marry her, but Jake doesn't want to hurt her. She tells him she has cancer, and she doesn't have much time. Deak wants to take her to Mexico for experimental treatments, but she wants to be in Jodie, her home. She asks him to do two things after she's gone, be a friend to Deak to begin with. A secondly, she has had to spend her life next to Deak, not with him. Her advice to Jake is not to wait one more minute than he has to, to be with Sadie.


Jake heads to Dallas but Bill isn't at home when he gets there.Jake starts to listen to Lee and there's a birthday party for him going on. Jake hears Bill talking to Marina upstairs, telling her that he'll always come when she calls. Jake is not happy and heads upstairs, he's invited in by a Russian friend of Lee's. Lee's mother says hello, and Jake asks if his brother Bill is there. She tells him of course, everyone knows Bill, and there he is! Chilling with the birthday boy himself. Jake confronts Bill, saying he’s messing everything up badly right now. Bill says he's been up a few times and had a beer with Lee, talked books and whatnot. Bill has never heard Lee mention Kennedy, and thinks he might be making things better. Jake tells him “You mess with the past, the past messes back."

Marina starts to have labour pains, and Bill rushes to her side. She assures them it's not time yet, and Lee goes back to the party. George arrives, and Bill rushes to get him a bourbon. Jake tells him that it's time to go and they scuffle in the corner. They knock over a lamp, and Lee spots a bug in the broken lamp, Jake's bug. Lee goes off, thinking it's the FBI, "They follow me, they listen in on what I say, they harass me, they harass my wife!" Lee throws a few bottles and curses out the Feds, "Land of the free, home of the brave. This is such a crock of shit!". His mother tries to calm him, but he storms off and George follows. Jake tells Bill they have to go, but Bill insists on staying to help clean up.


Jake leaves and heads downstairs, and sees Bill kissing Marina outside the window. When he walks in Jake asks him what the fuck he was thinking as Bill starts throwing punches. Bill tells Jake that they love each other, to which Jake replies "You're so fucking dumb!" Bill tells him that Marina loves him and that he's Lee's best friend, so how dumb can he be? He threatens if Jake gets in between he and Marina, he'll tell Lee everything. Jake pushes him up against the wall and Bill pulls a gun. He's had enough of being told what to do, and he'll kill Jake before he does that to him again. Bill tells him to go back to his scar faced girlfriend, the one he's allowed to have. “Fuck you, fuck your mission, and fuck JFK,” Bill says, and tells him to get out and never come back.

Jake tells Sadie about Bill, and she tells him he should call the police, but he tells her not to worry. It’s the day of Sadie’s surgery, they should concentrate on that. Before Sadie is taken to the operating room they talk about her scar, she doesn't want to look at herself and see Johnny Clayton anymore. They talk about the future and express their love for one another. Jake and Deak leave her to wait outside. As the doors close behind them, Jake sees the Yellow Card Man, who we have not seen for quite a while. That is not a good omen, Jake. The doors are locked, and he has to watch as the man heads down to Sadie's operating theatre.


Sadie is on the table ready, and they begin to put her under. Her oxygen tank stops working as the nitrous increases, and Jake can sense something is wrong. He breaks the glass with a fire extinguisher, and races to the theatre. He bursts in to the room and stops the surgery, and the anaesthetist realises that she hadn't been getting oxygen, he was just in time. Back at home, Sadie is concerned that she is in the way of his mission, but he wont let her give up on them that easy.


Jake goes back to Dallas and sees Lee showing Bill his rifle, talking about their shooting skills while taking fake shots. "The second shooter, Jesus Christ," says Jake to himself. Later, Jake goes to see Bill and tells him Marina is in labour, and she has been asking for Bill. They go to the hospital, but Jake has organised to have Bill assessed by the mental health unit. He runs, and the men in white coats give chase and catch him up. He starts spouting Jake's story, which of course sounds like total crazy pants talk. They drag him off, and sedate him, and Jake signs the papers to have him committed.


Jake decides to confront George, and get to the meat of the issue. He attacks him in his car and threatens to kill his wife if he doesn't tell him about Lee. He asks him straight up if he's recruited Lee to help with a plan, but George says he was just winding him up. After the shooting and Lee's denial, he reported all that to his handler. He insists Lee is not a recruit, that he was just trying to help Marina, who is from Minsk like him. Jake asks him about JFK, and George is shocked, that Jackie Kennedy calls him Uncle George, and he is taking on the communist shits that took over Russia, so why would he want to kill him? So this crosses off the possibility of George setting Lee up, and he must be acting alone. So that leaves killing Lee as Jake's only option.

Jake calls Sadie from Dallas and tells her that he knows what is going on now, and that Bill is safe. All he has to do is what he came to do, and then it will all be over. Sadie tells him to hurry, and Jake asks her to marry him. She is not impressed he asked over the phone, but Jake just wants to know that she'll never leave and she'll come to the future with him. "Come home and I'll give you answer," she says.


A car pulls up outside the phone booth, and it's the bookie from the bar. Jake runs, apparently he placed the same bet all over town to make more money. What Jake didn't realise was that all the betting joints are owned by the same dude, and he took money from all of them, $15k worth. The guys catch up with him and beat the shit out of him. Oh, and there's one other thing, his brother Bill did the same thing. They fuck him right up and leave him for dead in an alley.

Jake doesn't even know what planet he's on, let alone what decade. He hallucinates his ex-wife Christie and Sadie both telling him that they love him, and that everything will be okay. His head is bandaged, and he is in a hospital bed, with only Sadie by his side. She tells the doctor that he doesn't recognise her, and he tells her Jake has suffered a traumatic brain injury. She asks how long it will take for him to get better but the doctor doesn't answer. Yikes, you only have a matter of days Jakey! Wakey wakey, hands off snakey, son!


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