Below Deck Mediterranean S6:E13 A Hard Day’s Night Recap

So did we miss a week on Below Deck Mediterranean because of Labour Day? It took me this long to be able to watch, I have high hopes it will be packed full of Below Deck Med shenanigans! Let’s find out after the break in my Below Deck Mediterranean S6:E13 A Hard Day’s Night recap!

Oh. Wow. I forgot we were in the middle of a horrible fight on Below Deck Med, with chef Mat Shea squaring off yet again with steward Lexi Wilson. They’re both drunk and been picking at each other all day, we ended last time with Mat insulting Lexi’s parents (one of whom just died recently, ehhhhhh) and being told he should have been aborted.

I mean, aside from all the dog whistles in that fight, wishing someone had never existed is pretty final. As is deciding one word drunkenly slurred across a table negates someone’s whole family’s competency.

It’s just drunk kids, you guys, I know they’re technically adults but are they, really? I have it on good authority that people well into their thirties can’t even be reliably counted on to keep stuff like toothpaste in the house.

More fighting. More ‘r’ words. Now the ‘c’ word that doesn’t moo from steward Courtney Veale who asks if Lexi even wants to be here? Does she? No. Stop talking to her, when she’s drunk and in her anger, you know what you’re going to get. Just wait until tomorrow when she’s back to just being lazy.

Mat LOVES it that the whole crew is attacking Lexi, or at least trying to get her to shut up. Lexi will do many things BUT shutting up while drunk is not one of them.

We are all the restaurant staff right now.

Chief steward Katie Flood wants to vomit, she doesn’t deal with stress well. Most of the gang piles into one cab, they can’t fit everyone so outgoing deck/stew Delaney Evans and bosun Malia White are stuck with Lexi in a second cab. Malia tries to explain things rationally to Lexi, but girl, there’s no point. Lexi says that in interview: don’t even bother.

If Lexi hadn’t been such a jerk their first night out, people might have been more ready to defend her but nope.

As a side note: it’s not even 10:30 PM. Thanks, day drinking!

Deckhand David Pascoe can barely walk, he had a terrible fall the night before but hasn’t gotten anything checked out. He’s trying to walk it off and his boss Malia isn’t pushing anything medical, pooh poohing him needing a doctor for a bruise.

Lexi thinks poor people are out to get her.

Awww, our boatmance has fizzled. Deckhand Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers lurves Courtney but she’s just feeling him as a friend she makes out with while drunk. He got her flowers and everything, in between falling down every five minutes, it was really sweet!

Lexi calls her mom, I just. I can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s chosen a long hard road for herself, full of rage and misplaced attacks. I still would 110% choose myself to never, ever be around her but I feel for the choice she’s made to turn her sadness into anger.

It’s the day before charter day! Everyone is up nice and early, David can barely move and Delaney’s packed all her bags. Deckhand Lloyd Spencer helps her drag all her luggage off the boat, Captain Sandy Yawn is about to get an earful.

An awkward goodbye for Delaney, she’s taking steward off her resume! Good job!

Oh shit. Lexi was SOBER. What. Mat was definitely drunk, but Malia says Lexi was sober during that whole fight and mannnnnnnn.

This comes up when Malia takes her crew aside for a meeting in the morning; they can always voice any complaints they have to her and boy, do they. Lloyd in particular was upset by Lexi’s abortion comment and all the shouting.

Katie meets Captain Sandy on the bridge to tattletale on everyone, that’s exactly what it sounded like. Captain Sandy listens in disbelief to Katie saying the equivalent of: and then SHE said and then HE said and IT WAS AWFUL. Captain Sandy calls for a meeting in the salon with Mat, Lexi, Katie and herself.

Mat is in the galley, softly singing ‘True Colors.’

I could recap what happened in the salon, but it was a bunch of HE STARTED IT and SHE SUCKS so I think we have it. When Captain Sandy hears Mat was going to give her an ultimatum, Lexi or him, she’s not happy.

I’ve never seen her more Captain-like. Mat is dismissed, Courtney is called up to explain her use of the ‘c’ word that doesn’t moo. Courtney did apologize right after saying it (thanks Bravo producers for rolling tape!).

I imagine Captain Sandy feels like a kindergarten teacher about now.

Please fire Lexi. She’s a bad steward. I hate for anyone to lose their livelihood, but she doesn’t do the work and she’s just impossible off work. She keeps talking about how she has a tonne of money, yay, she’ll be fine! She doesn’t pull her weight and she’s locker-room poison, maybe being fired will snap her out of it.

And Captain Sandy does fire her, mostly because of her threats of violence. I would have thought she could have been fired for assaulting Lloyd with her breasts, but nobody told Captain Sandy about that.

I mean, that is what rubbing your bathing suit parts on someone else is without consent, right?

Captain Sandy thinks she still has Delaney as an option, but Delaney blew this joint two hours ago, cyabye.

Lexi packs, David hobbles around the boat and Katie doesn’t talk to Lexi.

You know. Mat and I have been saying that Katie should have fired Lexi and kept Delaney pretty much since Delaney showed up but Katie has a hard time with difficult decisions.

Lexi doesn’t want to say goodbye to anyone, Captain Sandy. No-one.

Captain Sandy isn’t done, she heads to the galley for a Come to Jeebus meeting with Mat. If he EVER, EVER tries to pull an ultimatum again on her, he will be replaced.

This is them teasing us with Chef Luka again, damnit! Just bring out the cute Croatian chef already!!

Everyone is very happy that Lexi is going, it’s such a relief to have that bad energy gone. She won’t even say goodbye or acknowledge one single person.

Is this better or worse than Delaney’s copy/paste farewell text to every single deck crew member? I don’t know but that was FUNNY.

Wooooo and we’re on to charter number 6 already! Primaries are Anthony Evans and Chris Loar, what do you guys do? Oh well I see, Anthony Evans is a gospel artist, is Chris Loar his suitcase pimp? No, he’s an entrepreneur, totally different.

Chris’s wife Myca Loar is joining (so I’ve got that entirely wrong), as is Andre Murillo and some other people. They want fancy, the primary doesn’t drink and they want ADVENTURE! Woooo! There are a couple of dietary restrictions but it’s looking good!

Lookit poor David, he can barely move that leg.

How is he going to manage on charter??

How is the Interior going to manage with two stews only? Just the physical presence of having someone to turn over laundry is going to be important. Katie can’t handle the stress of having another person to think about, she wants to roll with just Courtney. Captain Sandy is willing to listen to Katie’s reasoning, she trusts her decision making.

Charter Day woooo! Provisions are heyah! And being dropped literally every step of the way, this is going great!

Captain Sandy has finally noticed David’s bad leg. Malia has arranged for modified work for him, none of this has been communicated to Captain Sandy.

Captain Sandy takes David and Malia aside, she’s furious. FURIOUS. David is obviously injured and Malia not reporting it has broken Captain Sandy’s trust.

Why is she so mad????

Why is she taking this so personally?

Why is she screaming at Malia? Full out SCREAMING. We’re out for his week but wow, next charter looks like the exact opposite of fun. See you then for that! Cheers!