Below Deck Mediterranean S7:E05 Break-Ups and Shake-Ups Recap

Here we are, back on Below Deck Med in the middle of a cliffhanger: will Captain Sandy let someone go today or not? We shall find out after the break in my recap of Below Deck Mediterranean S7:E05 Break-Ups and Shake-Ups after the break!

We left with Captain Sandy Yawn calling beleaguered bosun Raygan Tyler to the Bridge to discuss yet another disastrous deck mishap. For the first time in her career Captain Sandy hit something with a boat and it was because Raygan was very, very bad at judging distance all of a sudden.

Captain Sandy doesn’t drag it out, she fires Raygan relatively nicely but also tells her she should stay in the industry. Not as a bosun, hayuulll no, but rather as a deckhand under a strong bosun. Get more women on deck! Now GTFO, fanks, see ya Raygan.

Wow. Good on Captain Sandy, maybe that was an egregious case of resume padding, do I smell a Kasey in the air??

Raygan seems bemused, confused and mostly relieved as she says goodbye.

Chief steward Natasha Webb consoles Raygan and calls for her suitcase to be brought to her room; deckhand (and soon to be bosun maybe) Storm Smith brings it down. He’s shocked and saddened to hear she’s been fired, I have to say there’s a big lack of interpersonal drama on this deck team and I think it’s because of the classiness of deckhand Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers, whom I adore. He keeps things chill, even falling asleep repeatedly while partying last season!

Of course our lone American deckhand is more direct in his feelings about Raygan being fired; Jason Gaskell thinks that’s about right.

Second stewards Kyle Vilojen and Natalya Scudder rush down to give hugs, as does Zee.

Back to our other drama on board; chef David White and Natasha aren’t just roomies, they’re lovers and have been for a few weeks. That’s still mostly being kept under wraps, but Dave is feeling insecure about their nascent relationship and so is mooning about suffocating Tasha. If she could just regroup and reassure him that she still likes him, they’d be fine but she’s feeling extremely anxious about him exposing her as a cheater to the group.

Captain Sandy appoints Storm provisional bosun, who is coming on board as deckhand then? Who’s coming back??

We’ll find out in the team meeting in the salon, woooo! Oooh it’s a woman, that means…who?? I can’t remember a lot of female deckhands recently…

Oh hold on, Dave is texting Tasha constantly while they’re working, this is going to be an awful mess if he can’t keep things together.

Let’s find out on our night out! Nothing like shots shots shots to calm things down!

Natalya and Storm have been flirting, I actually would have believed they were a secret couple before Natasha and David. I think tonight is the night with these two! I mean for kissing and stuff, totally PG.

Dave tries to talk to Natasha at supper but she just doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. She’s going to have to deal with him, and soon. They’re roommates!

He confronts her outside the toilet, she says she doesn’t want to feel like she’s answering to anyone, they’re not in a relationship. He says she needs to stop leading him on. Natasha leaves early, she doesn’t want any of this.

She’s going to need to move cabins, and now.


Everyone else keeps partying, Dave drinks and drinks and texts and texts while Natasha moves her bedding to a guest cabin.

Awww and Natalya and Storm kiss on the way back to the boat awwww!

Dave gets angrier when he gets back on the boat and finds her gone and drops the other shoe. He calls then threatens to tell everyone about their relationship because she won’t talk to him. “You brought this on yourself.”



You see this, THIS, makes me so mad. WHY would she want to be in a relationship with someone who uses very thinly veiled threats to manipulate her into being with him? This is not the first time he’s threatened her, it’s just the most direct. Because alcohol, stress and other things can bring out the worst in people but does it bring out things that don’t exist without it?

Natasha texts Kyle, freaked out. She shows him the texts, now Kyle is freaked out and he’s going to help deal with this.

Kyle explains the situation to a canoodling Natalya and Storm, Storm heads up on deck to talk to Dave. He de-escalates the situation, sending Dave to bed in his bunk. David chooses Natasha’s bed to sleep.

David is shocked in the morning when he sees the texts he sent the night before. He waits in his bed for Natasha to come to the cabin, she enters without a word and heads straight into the bathroom.

Natalya is super supportive to our Tasha, I love that.

This is Storm’s first day as bosun, you got this, buddy! He’s nervous, but as he details his experience he tells us “this is a really big mountain to climb like I’ve got the right set of boots on, you know?” and I love that too!

Dave obsesses and obsesses over the texts he sent the night before, ending up crying in the bathroom by himself. Kyle hears him crying and gets Captain Sandy, which is an interesting choice.

Captain Sandy talks David through some breathing cycles but crew are everywhere so she takes him onto the dock for a talk. She suggests maybe they split cabins then heads back to the boat to ask Natasha how she is feeling after those texts.

Natasha does what most people do, unfortunately, she says things are okay and she doesn’t want Dave to have to leave the boat. Captain Sandy wanted to know she felt safe, she does and so on we go.

Captain Sandy holds David accountable, everyone has to feel safe and if he does it again, he’s fired. We end the episode with David hugging Natasha, apologizing over and over.

Hm. I don’t know. That was pretty scary with Dave, and that’s not the first time he’s gotten aggressive while drinking. He took a run at Jason before. But he’s a sweetheart and he’s clearly devastated he talked to her like that, I just don’t know.

Until next time, everyone, cheers.