Below Deck S9:E08 Compliments of Captain Lee’s Travel Agency Recap

Hiya! Below Deck is getting messy, just how we like it. Let's roll into Below Deck S9:E08 Compliments of Captain Lee's Travel Agency after the break and find out HOW messy!

You know we're struggling with sufficiently compelling content when we open with chief steward Heather Chase complaining about third steward Jessica Albert not opening up cupboards, so buckle up!

For the first time in awhile, I quite like the charter guests, we've got Primary Michael Cadez and his girlfriend Jennipher LastNameUnknownSoFar. They're celebrating his beating breast cancer with his family, they're just lovely.

The real dramz is not in the cupboards inside anyway, it's below deck with deckhand Rayna Lindsey fighting with her lead deckhand Jake Fougler right where the guests can hear them. First Officer / Bosun Eddie Lucas has to intervene, maaan, lock that shite down. It's entertaining for the guests but nobody expects that level of crappy service on a superyacht they're paying 6 figures for.

Rayna feels that Jake is disrespectful to her in tone. He absolutely is. Is she slow? She absolutely is. Could he manage her a little more respectfully? 100 percent. Make it work!

Eddie is not really listening to Rayna but I think Jake is, finally, or maybe he's just tired and doesn't want to argue any more after picking up alllllll of her slack every charter.

Chef Rachel Hargrove is up to her elbows in lamb racks; she's making a Greek dinner for everyone, family-style.

I HATE family style for this type of situation, I think everything should be plated. Literally nobody asked me.

Rachel talks and talks, not noticing that Heather and Jessica are not speaking at all. Just like Jake and Rayna.

Did I mention that Jake and Rayna have almost banged? I'm sure that has nothing to do with this weird dynamic where she'll listen to anyone else's direction but his. Rayna complains to fellow deckhand Wes O'Dell, who sympathizes but thinks she's blowing everything way out of proportion.

The guests dress for dinner, awww it's a toga party! Toga! Toga! One of the best parties I've ever been to was a toga party, highly recommend.

I don't remember this happening before, but Jessica is doing guest Nichole's hair. Huh. I would for sure go on a expensive cruise so someone could just braid my hair over and over for hours.

*not joking

Rayna calls her dad to complain that her boss isn't listening to her, she says it's because Eddie and Jake are 'best friends or something." Which...they're not? She's doubling down on her bs, girl, you need some sleep, you and I both agree on that.




Primary Michael's daughter Nichole couldn't find her swimsuit so she's getting into the hot tub topless in bicycle shorts??




There are half a dozen people in that Jacuzzi, all in swimsuits, it's not that kind of party, Nichole! If you say "Daddy" and 'boobies" in the same sentence again I am not responsible for my actions.

Super super gross.

The deck crew keeps working, everyone worn out and emotionally drained. Except Eddie, who lets Rayna know right away that he heard her talking shite about him on the phone to her dad.

I'm trying so hard not to hate on Rayna because she's not wrong; Jake could manage her a little better. She doesn't have to suck it up, she's entitled to a respectful workplace. When she starts pulling these really immature moves like saying to Eddie that she AND Wes have big issues with Jake, it makes it that much harder. As well as classifying Eddie as biased based on exactly nothing.

Rayna backpedals somewhat, I'm just worried that this issue is not going to go away. Eddie tells her she's doing a good job (is she?) and reiterates that she can come speak to him anytime, he is unbiased. Hm.

Neither is Jessica's service level problem. I can't even tell if she's a bad stew or not because she's on service so little. Yes, she's kind of slow in cleaning and not super detail-oriented but that's not uncommon in third stews. That's why you have two others. The fact that she's depressed; I just can't see that as a professional defect. I mean, you're dealing with people here, not robots.

It's an early night after that weird hot tub experience for the guests, everyone heads to bed with very little fanfare.

I think the charter is over today, did we have a beach picnic in there? Usually there's a beach picnic where we get hours and hours of Bravo replaying someone forgetting to bring forks of something.

Breakfast goes well, Heather calls Jessica down to the stew pantry to show Jessica her expectation for clearing after service.

Yes, Heather calls Jessica off actual work to see how she has stacked plates. We are all Jessica.

Jessica goes back to cleaning the cabins where second steward Fraser Olender is waiting with more helpful advice; she doesn't want it, thanks. This is the last stew job she's ever doing.

Okay. I get it now, Fraser, she is a huge downer and how do you work with someone who is not listening and doesn't care? Especially if YOU  care and want to do a good job. Fraser gets busted by Jessica five minutes later telling a bitchy version of this to Heather.

Hahahaha Captain Lee Rosbach blowing the horn to freak out Eddie is kind of awesome.

A smooth docking finally, yay! They needed that! Guest departure is smooth but the crew seems down, especially the deck crew that Primary Michael makes fun of during his farewell speech.

Captain Lee is not happy at all. This Tip Meeting its going to be fraught.

I even almost forgot to guess the tip. Pshaw! I will guess...$18,000 USD based on relatively happy charter guests who were very aware that they didn't get nearly enough slide time because of deck crew incompetence.

I was close! The tip is $19km, which is kind of low but warranted. The deck crew is called to the deck, they don't need to bring their smiles.

I would have had a hard time not bringing mine out for this particular old-timey saying:

Is that...what baby

He threatens to fire everyone, including Eddie, this is their final wake-up call.

I cannot believe that Rayna goes up on deck to slowly work and complain about being given a final warning.

What do you do with that?

Eddie's not super happy to hear Rayna and Wes laughing on deck, I just don't think anything is getting through to Rayna in particular.

Everyone dresses for dinner but it's muted; I wonder how wild and crazy it will get tonight. Did I mention that one half of the deck crew has less than a year's experience on a yacht, combined?

The gang heads to the Carambola Beach Club. Jessica and Wes sort of splitting off from the group to discuss her Resting Sad Face. Man. I bet she can't wait until everyone stops judging her every single expression that ever crosses her face!

Eddie and Jake watch from a nearby table, lamenting Wes's lack of game. I mean, he's being a human right now, he's listening to her and not being all creepy with his 'game' so, yay!

Rayna watches Jake and Eddie all through supper; they do seem extra close tonight. Jake's already drunk and bragging on about sexual hijinks on other boats, he's a bit of a one-trick-pony, isn't he? He's after Heather now, who has a boyfriend but.

I am starting to join everyone else (including Jess) in wishing Wes would just make a move already.

Such an awkward night, nobody is speaking and Jessica and Wes are in their own cab with her whining gently over and over that she's tiiiiired.

Jessica kiiind of kisses Wes goodnight, she's just not feeling it. A girl can't wait all night for a guy to make a move, y'all. Dunzo.

Everyone else gathers in the crew mess after supper, Heather and Jake rapping? Some thing? Rayna comes in and tells Heather she can't say the 'N' word, she's 'white AF." I mean, Heather's the only person I've ever seen whiter than me, she's practically transparent. I didn't see that she said the 'N' word and there were captions on the whole time; she and Jake were just saying 'real sh*t' over and over.

Heather apologizes, she didn't think she said it but if she did, she didn't mean to.

Oh Heather DID say it! Twice! Walking from the bathroom with Rayna and that's why it got so weird! Girl, you can't do that, you're white AF.

The night is over for Heather, right then. She runs off to bed, no more flirting with Jake, nothing. She still doesn't remember it but is hella worried. And she's right to be worried, somewhat, but Rayna brings up cancel culture...I dunno man. Remember Morgan Wallen cancel-cultured himself right into a Number 1 album, so.

The next morning is all slide practice all the time for the deck crew, boom. They're ridiculously clueless given they're four charters in.

Fraser's already back in the laundry room, he gets more props from Captain Lee, who likes an organized ship.

Woooooo time for the next Preference Sheet Meeting in the crew mess already! Captain Lee calls Rachel, Heather and Eddie down to see what's up, who's coming on board, coach??

Co-Primaries Chelsea Gonella and Michael Gonella, oooooh Chelsea's sister Tiffany is coming and she's a TV anchor! Let me see the hair! Oh no, Primary Chelsea was just in a cycling accident and her jaw is wired shut.

*All eyes turn to Rachel.

Below deck and on deck, the conversation is all about Wes' lack of game and I see it now! I see it! Captain Lee doesn't care about any of that, he wants to know why everything is still dirty while everyone is standing around together. Captain Lee is starting to lose patience with Eddie, who should have double checked Wes and Rayna's work, I gather.

Captain Lee is ready to start handing out one-way plane tickets home.

Eddie is too lax, there is that, and always has been. Rayna has attitude as soon as he pulls her and Wes aside.

I understand that sometimes when you're young and unsure of yourself, it can come off more as attitude than it needs to, but she really needs to understand that not everything is a personal attack on her person, it's about the not-awesome work she's been doing and this is constructive criticism.

Eddie comments on her rolling her eyes (disrespect) and leaves; she brings up Heather saying the 'N' word the night before to Wes.

Like...what...does that have to do with her and Wes messing up their work?

I mean, I guess if it's a toxic workspace? Maybe she felt compelled to tell Heather it was okay when really it wasn't and I definitely understand that.

Wes didn't hear ANY of this, when was this?? Why? Rayna now doesn't want to talk about it.

Jessica wants to go home. She's tired and it's too much work.

Rayna tells Fraser about he being immature with Eddie, and I think blaming it on Heather saying the 'N' word; he has good counsel. He tells her Heather's actions are something she should voice a concern about but she needs to apologize and explain to Eddie that she didn't mean any disrespect.

Rayna does a great apology to Eddie.He thanks her for taking ownership of how she reacted. She says this is a lifelong problem for her but they seem to come to an agreement and part on good terms. They're both drinking, which may end up being a problem given how lovingly Bravo zoomed in on both their drinks.

Rayna goes back to her bunk to complain that Eddie does not understand.

Now I don't understand.

Maybe we'll find out next week. See you soon for the next episode! Cheers