Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3:E03 Omelette You Finish But…Recap

Welcome back already to Below Deck Sailing Yacht; another episode is dropping shortly so there's no time to waste! Let's find out what terrible new thing is going to happen on our night out with the crew in my recap of Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3:E03 Omelette You Finish But...after the break!

Oh. I thought we were done the stupid argument between third steward Ashley Marti and deckhand Tom Pearson about who she's attracted to (first mate Gary King) or NOT (most definitely Tom) based solely on their ages and perceived maturity levels but apparently we were NOT done.

They finally stop arguing and Tom finally stops defending himself to the deck crew around 3 am. Six hours later, it's time to rise and shine and clean!

One of the things Ashley has repeatedly thrown in Tom's face is his getting extremely drunk the first night the crew all went out together. She wakes up the morning after getting very drunk to sigh loudly at cleaning instructions from second steward Gabriela Barragan, who doesn't care.

Gabriela has a strong personality, Ashley's not digging it that much. I love it, I love someone who knows what she's doing!

It's another day until charter so lots of cleaning, organizing and restocking. Chef Marcos Spaziani listens to Ashley's tale of woe and reflects on his own time as a young man on a ship with all female crew. He had sex with everyone. End of story.


Oh wait, no, there's more, nobody knew about it until they started drinking and then he was a dead man. The end. Ashley is him in this scenario, I think? She will learn!

Time for the Pre-Charter Meeting wooooo! We have a returning guest, Erica Rose, who sounds like a nightmare, frankly. Spoiled, rich and a Tr*mp supporter, this is going to be AWESOME. It's going to be the exact opposite of the lovely charter we just had, save the Primary getting inappropriate with Gabriela.

Chief steward Daisy Kelliher is particularly dismayed; Primary Erica was quite hard on her last time says Gary. Captain Glenn Shephard calls the charter group 'interesting' which is Canadian for an effing nightmare.

Who else is coming? Erica's mom Cindi Rose, friend Halhe Rugg, Janelle Flat, Susan Mobley and a bunch of husbands. Erica wants the master suite divided so she and her husband can share it with her mom; that's not weird at all.

The deck crew and the Captain get to work on dividing while Daisy warns the Interior staff on what to expect: rude and dirty, dirty guests. Primary Erica already mentioned wanting better service than the year before, we see in previews she's going to have major problems with the food and I just hope Marcos is gonna keep it together.

Everyone's working hard but Gary encourages Tom to sort things out with Ashley. He's still hoping Tom and Ashley get together so she'll get off his junk, and you know, Gary: you can just say no and mean it. Adorable chief engineer Colin MacRae says it all day every day.

Ashley and Tom have a chat and a hug and all is well, awww, they should totally get together.

Ashley sits in the mess with Daisy brainstorming ideas for the decades parties while Gabriela fumes and cleans up the mess everyone left behind at the bar. I guess Gabriela gave Ashley a list but sitting and visiting wasn't on there so why even make a list for someone who doesn't actually work for you, Gabriela? Did Ashley's actual boss ask you to?

Gabriela yells at Ashley in front of Daisy, who says the boat looks fine, stop. Gabriela grabs Gary for a smoke break; she thinks Ashley is trying to make her look bad but the only one doing that is Gabriela. That totally looked like a power trip.

Gary tells her to apologize, so she does doesn't go well. Ashley is not going to listen to her, Daisy hasn't made it clear that she's supposed to and these two are going to being banging heads all season.

Aw, the whole team goes to bed early the night before the charter starts, they're making good choices!

A bit of foreshadowing about meal issues; Tom points out multiple times on guest Charles' preference sheet that for dislikes, he has 'nothin'.

Then we learn that Erica, Charles and Cindi were all kicked off their flight and Cindi missed her connecting flight and will be joining the guests later by tender.

SEE?? SEE?? Says Daisy!!

Everything is super fancy, even the divided master looks good. It's almost go time! Wait, I'm wrong, the transom needs to be washed, dried and polished with a chamois eight times before Captain Glenn is satisfied. He doesn't want work, he wants RESULTS!


The guests roll up looking beautiful and already cranky, Charles already weighing how mush he's going to reduce his tip: every time he gets angry!

I loathe people who abuse service staff.

The initial meet goes well, but I just wanted to look at the boat some more during the tour. I cannot believe how much luggage there is, it's lined up along the hallway all the way to the stairs. It's three days!

Primary Erica is happy to see the divided master, while her kids are away she's going to be having the sex!

Daisy and I gag at the thought of having sex literally a few millimetres of fabric away from a parent.

Daisy asks Primary Erica what happened with her mom Cindi; apparently Cindi was stuck in Economy Comfort while Erica and Charles were in First Class so Cindi snuck up and stole Charles' omelette.

This had people removed from a plane??

An omelette??

Why would


I am intensely curious as to how Primary Erica chose this self-described 'batshit crazy' Charles. Actually nope, turns out I do not care.

Holy cow, we're sailing already! Also surprised are the whole Interior staff, who deal with things sliding off counters and chairs rolling into walls.

Huh, Charles chooses to stay in the master suite and watch Ashley unpack his wife's luggage and talk about how much money he spends, interesting. Why is she taking so long to put things away???? So slow! He's in there for more than half an hour taking her ear off and she's got half a suitcase unpacked.

Minor drama in the laz with equipment, Tom rushing to open the door without unlocking pins first. Colin tries to help and isn't happy with the attitude he gets in return.

Tom feels like he has a lot to prove.

Last guest Cindi is finally ready to come aboard, Gary takes the tender to pick her up while Colin takes Tom aside for a talk about scraping the paint off the laz door and his attitude.

Cindi heads to see her daughter, I don't understand why Primary Erica now has on a Biden Bikini. Wasn't she full Tatas for Trump before? I mean, I love an open mind, you just don't see that full 180 swing much these days.

Daisy explains the dinner menu to the primaries, how does Charles not know what gazpacho is? How can something sound disgusting when you don't even know what it is?

Is their whole plan to pick at nothing and then use that as a basis for not tipping properly? Where did I read that rich people do that...

Primary Erica and Cindi head to the galley to discuss the menu; chef Marcos figures it out right away. They are wealthy but don't have those tastebuds. They don't want broccoli mousse, they want balsamic brussel sprouts and hey, me too! Good for them for saying something, just like the last charter I wouldn't want to pay for luxury and be hungry.

I am so sad for Marcos that he thinks that conversation is making it easy for him.

Nothing is going to be easy for him on this charter.

There was definitely some flirty energy from Primary Erica to Marcos too, interesting. I guess that's fair if her husband is more interested in hanging with Ashley.

I'm happy to see Gabriela working on unpacking in the evening, she's MUCH faster.

The first course goes very well for Marcos, but I think Gary messed up the steak delivery for the main and Primary Erica ends up with some pink in hers. Marcos cooks up her medium-plus (not a thing) and the rest of the meal is uneventful.

The guests head to bed, the next day starts with a beach picnic brunch at 11 am, no breakfast, no lunch. Except Charles is hungry because he drank an entire bottle of Scotch the night before. Oh and Cindi wants breakfast too, this is all at 9, two hours before brunch.

I mean, I guess people get hungry, even off Primary Erica's schedule.

Marcos doesn't complain, he just cooks and cooks. I think he's in my top two chefs in the Below Deck .

Not in agreement is Charles, who's now decided the steak he loved the night before and ate all of was disgusting. He's just looking for a fight and he's hungover AF and whatever, man.

We're out! Until next time! Cheers