Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3:E10 Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow Recap

Ain't no rest for the wicked and money don't grow on trees; we've got bills to pay so it's straight onto another episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, this time S3:E10 Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow after the break!

We're back below deck with the crew cleaning up after a lovely charter full of awesome guests; second steward Gabriela Barragan is still very much in her head, crying in the bathroom by herself while everyone else gets fancy for a chill night out.

Captain Glenn Shephard directed the crew to take it easy; he's rented a villa for them to enjoy a lovely day off. Gabriela still can't take anything easy right now, she ends up alone at the dinner table with Chief Engineer Colin MacRae who talks to her about the changes he sees in her when she gets down. Hyper-sensitive Gabi is fun for absolutely no-one, including Gabi.

The crew wonders if Captain Glenn is getting crazy in the hot tub by himself right now; cut to him in bed listening to a podcast on the reproductive habits of eels and hahahahaha. I'm basically Glenn. Dinner is done, nobody's really drunk but somehow third steward's Ashley Marti's entire arse ends up in First Mate Gary King's face.

Gary and Ashley make out in the hot tub while Colin and Gabriela watch from across the deck. At some point, Ashley and Gary head downstairs and end up in the same room she screwed the last deckhand on board, Tom Something.

Gary said he just came downstairs for a massage; Ashley presses for more and somehow manages to get, erm, entangled with his wobbly bits. He declines to continue, insisting they're not having sex while she protests that 'it's already in' and I need a shower. For my brain. He leaves and doesn't come back. How effing awkward.

Kelsie wipes out as soon as she wakes up; did she pass out or was she hungover? She says she was just hungover and dehydrated but Daisy was freaked the eff oot.

Gary does not remember starting to have sex with Ashley the night before; I didn't realise anyone was that drunk. He suggests they not do that again; he wants to remember and be able to enjoy it. They high five but I honestly think Ashley would take it any way she could get it from Gary and I don't GET IT. He looks like a shrunken greasy Kevin S*rbo and I do not understand the attraction whatsoever that literally every woman on this boat feels for him.

Ashley is confused because usually 'everyone is just f&&&&&g obsessed with me' and sure they are, sweetie.

The crew is off to the villa for their day off; it looks like so much fun! But there's so much boooooooze...

Gabriela picks and picks and picks at chef Marcos Spaziani, who is one of my favourite Below Deck chefs EVER and just a peach of a guy. He's dealt with this type of behaviour before, so he avoids and deflects, not rising to anger as he did a while back.

It comes to a head when she starts openly attacking him in the pool; holding him up as the problem with men and honestly: he's just lovely! Maybe she should be mad at the person who kneed her in the face in the pool?

Gabriela calls a cab to leave and then falls asleep in one of the beds inside. Gary falls asleep on a lounger in the sun. After the nap, Gabriela approaches Marcos for a truce.

Why was Kelsie massaging Gary's feet???

Gary talks to Daisy about what happened and he's right: why would anyone want to mess with him when he's paralytically drunk like that? Maybe because his resistance wasn't so high and would we be even discussing it like this if their genders were switched? I mean.

Gabriela tries joking around with people at supper, but they're all over her shite and only Daisy riverdancing can save the meal woooooo!

On the way home, Colin and Gary confront Daisy: she has to do something about Gabriela. She's a member of Daisy's team and needs to be reeled in.

Back on the boat, Gabriela joins Ashley and Colin bitching about her, here's a great example of Gabriela acting in a way that nobody likes. She, Colin and Ashley are sitting together in silence when she turns to Colin and asks him imperiously to get beers for her and Ashley. Ashley does not want a beer and Colin doesn't want to fetch anything. Gabriela gets annoyed and goes to bed, where the hell did that come from??

The next morning, Daisy is in knots contemplating the conversation she has to have with Gabriela. She gives Captain Glenn a heads-up that there's a crew problem but she will be handling it while Gabriela tries to make peace with Ashley, who's completely over it.

Why does Gabriela keep picking on Marcos? Why? He was awesome, definitely not rude to her and she just started targeting him. Hm. Was that because of that one miscommunication about timing for supper a million charters ago? JFC

Captain Glenn calls Daisy, Gary and Marcos to the crew mess for a pre-charter Preference Sheet Meeting, wooooo! I love these! It's the only time I ever get guest names! Our next Primary Charter Guest is Dr. Kim Nichols and partner Chris Cabanillas; she's a cosmetic dermatologist and would like to be addressed as Dr. Nichols at all times. Yes, Doctor, you earned that title, you USE IT!

Gabriela heads below deck to call her friend Cookie, who is awesome and breaks it down for her: none of this is about Gabriela's fellow crew members; this is about her not dealing with her emotions.

She worries and worries about the crew she's not vibing with that she thinks hates her; said crew is having a blast downstairs eating chicken in the crew mess and not thinking about her at all.

Gabriela approaches Captain Glenn, she doesn't think this work environment is conducive to her well-being and she's leaving. He understands, it's the best decision for her.

What is HAPPENING?? How are we losing so many crew members so soon into the season?

It's such a good goodbye and quitting! I've not seen that happen like this on a Below Deck franchise ever! Captain Glenn is awesome, that's obvious but this is a big move well handled.

Captain Glenn tells everyone, Kelsie is the first to go to Gabriela's cabin to say goodbye. I think they had a genuine friendship, maybe the only one she had on board.

And that's it! We're out and we've lost another crew member and we've got someone named Scarlett joining us after a very, very high maintenance charter. Cheers!