DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E16 Legendary Recap


Season Finale time! And no, I’m still not over Leonard Snart.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E16 Legendary Recap starts now! Spoilers ahead!

Rip drops the crew back off in Star City in 2016. With Vandal Savage in the wind and no way to track him, their mission is over for now. Savage still has Kendra and Carter, the only people who can kill him, and they may already be dead for all they know. Rip is going to rescue their younger selves from the Refuge and the Timeline should continue on as normal. Oh, there’s one little thing Rip forgot to mention. It’s now May 2016, not January. They ask why, but Rip doesn’t really give an answer. Mick insists that if Rip is getting back on that ship, so are they. But it’s too late. The Waverider leaves, and Rip’s hologram apologises for wasting their time and wishes them all well.


Sara goes straight to the Arrow bunker and her father, Captain Quentin Lance, is there alone. Sara hasn’t been able to reach anyone, and Quentin replies that they have their hands full with Damien Darhk right now. She asks if everything is alright, and of course it’s not. Poor Quentin has to tell Sara that her sister Laurel is dead.


Mick is back in Central City and back to his old ways. He has a new partner with a taser, pffffft, but things don’t work out and he blasts him with his heat gun. There’s a getaway car and driver waiting and it’s Ray Palmer in the drivers seat. Once safely away, Ray apologises to Mick that Leonard died in his place. It was him that was meant to die. Mick tells him it wasn’t his fault, and that Leonard always had a plan. Ray takes that to mean that maybe Leonard wanted Mick and Ray to be partners. Mick is not so easily convinced, but agrees when Ray proposes they need to get back to their mission.


Martin is back with his wife Clarissa, and is troubled that he left important work unfinished on his “sabbatical”. He gets in contact with Jax and they head out to the site where Rip dropped them off, in an attempt to track the Waverider. Mick and Ray are also there, doing the same thing. Sara  also arrives, and she’s mad as hell.

Rip is on the Waverider and has started watching the holograms of his wife and son again. Gideon interrupts to let him know that they have received a transmission from Star City in 2016.

The crew on the ground see the Waverider heading towards them, and Rip emerges. They tell him that their mission isn’t over, and he’s not ditching them again. Rip tells them he hasn’t found Savage yet, but he also hasn’t got himself into any ridiculous situations either.


In Saint-Ló, France it’s 1944 and the middle of World War 2. Kendra is running through a forest when she comes across an Allied soldier. He asks what she’s doing, and she tells him she’s running from something much worse than the Nazis. He’s confused, but helps when she asks if he has a paper and pen. She scribbles something down and then asks for his helmet, he gives it over and she places the note inside. Seconds later the soldier is hit in the chest with a knife and goes down. It’s Savage and he chokes Kendra out and drags her back to his time ship.

The crew emerge onto the deck of the Waverider and Sara is instantly at Rip’s throat with a knife demanding that he take her back to before Laurel’s death. He tells her he can’t do that, and she brings the knife closer to his throat. One of the others distracts her, and Rip shoots his laser gun at her, stunning her for the moment. Mick takes her away to sleep it off, as the others watch on, horrified.


Jax accidentally knocks a helmet off Rips desk, and apologises, saying he didn’t think it was there before. Rip tells him that it wasn’t, but sometimes a shift in the timeline can cause objects to change places. So the soldier Kendra came across happened to have the very helmet Rip keeps on the Waverider? Yeah, sure! But hell if I can put up with the rest of this time travel nonsense, I can bear that with only a slight eye roll. Rip grabs the helmet and finds the note from Kendra, giving her and Savage’s location in Time.

Kendra wakes up back on Savage’s ship, and Carter has been brought out of stasis to join her. His memory is hazy, but he knows Kendra and he knows that he wants to kill Savage. Savage draws blood from both of them and reveals his plan. He is going to erase time as far back as 1700 BC when he, Kendra and Carter has their first lives. But this time he will be the Pharaoh, and Kendra will love him. It turns out the meteors that struck the pyramid and gave them their powers were from the planet Thanagar, sent by the hawk like inhabitants of the planet. The meteors contain weaponry that Savage can activate with Kendra and Carter’s blood. Or something.


Rip goes to see Sara, and asks very nicely that she not kill him. She’s quiet now, and begs Rip to take her back so she can help Laurel and the others fight Darhk. Rip tells her that he can’t, he’s seen what will happen if she does. Laurel, her father Quentin and Sara herself will all die at the hands of Darhk. As bad as it is, this is the best outcome she can expect. He tells her that there is still someone she can help, she can save Kendra.


Savage has ambushed a Nazi convoy, and wants the meteor that they are transporting. The Legends interrupt his attack and create a diversion while Firestorm flies up looking Savage’s time ship, and Kendra and Carter. He finds them and frees them from their bindings. They make a run for it, and Firestorm grabs a Nazi gun before he can fire it at Carter. The gun turns to dust, and Martin tells Jax in his head that he transmuted the molecular properties of the rifle! But there’s no time to ponder this now as the three take to the sky, but Kendra is shot down before they can get far.

Savage manages to get his hands on the meteor amongst the chaos, and the rest of the crew find themselves quickly outnumbered by Savage’s soldiers. Rip orders that they fall back, they’re causing problems on the Timeline with all the Nazi killing going on. They’ll have to make another attempt to rescue Kendra.


On the Waverider, Carter isn’t really sure where he is or what’s going on. But he knows enough about Savage’s plan to fill them in. They realise that they saw one of these meteors in Harmony Falls back in 1958.

Jax is determined to work out how to use his new transmutation powers, and begs Martin to merge so they can try it just once. Martin agrees, but only in the name of science and they merge. Jax concentrates hard but only manages to smash a vase. They emerge, and Martin tells him not to worry, that they saying is that the third time is the charm. Which gives him idea about what Savage is planning to do.

Martin has figured it out, Savage is planning to detonate three meteors in different time periods at the same time. Now he can time travel in addition to being immortal, it is totally possible for him to be in three places at once. There are three time periods that Martin has identified as when the Earth aligns with Thanagar. 1958, 1975 and 2021.


Savage goes and meets himself in Harmony Falls in 1958, and explains what he needs to do and hands over a vial of Kendra’s blood. Crikey, there’s two of them.

Martin is also hypothesising that the meteor that gave Savage his powers, can also make him vulnerable to attack while he is exposed to them, and render him mortal for a time. So the moment he sets the meteors going is the perfect time for them to kill him. Three times, in three different time periods. Time to split up!

Savage and Kendra are in St. Roch in the year 2021, getting the meteor ready to activate. Savage is excited to get back to their beginnings, and this time he will have Kendra by his side. She promises him that she’ll still hate him then, and it will never happen. Rip and Carter are lying in wait, all the teams need to act simultaneously for the plan to work.

In Harmony Falls, Ray and Mick are waiting their turn, watching as Savage uncovers the meteorite.

In Norway in 1975, they are back at the site of one of their first missions. The sale of the nuclear warhead, where we first realised just how damn hawt Leonard Snart was. Yep, still mad. Jax, Martin and Sara are lying in wait for Savage to get his hands on this era’s meteor. He kills a few bad guys to get it and starts the ritual. It’s time.


The meteor in 1958 starts to glow, and Ray and Mick are ready. They are suddenly attacked by Savage’s freaky bird guys. Ray fights them off while Mick starts to beat the crap out of Savage.

In 2021 Rip and Carter attack and Savage’s soldiers fire back. Carter takes a hit, and Kendra uses her super strength the break her bonds and her wings emerge. She and Carter go for Savage and tag team him.

In 1975 Jax and Martin merge and take on Savage’s soldiers while Sara goes straight for Savage. He grabs a missile launcher from a truck and fires, but Firestorm heads it off. Sara and Savage begin to fight.

We see Savage getting the shite beaten out of him over three time periods simultaneously, and it’s pretty satisfying. Savage hasn’t realised what is happening, but when Kendra thrusts the dagger into his chest, the realisation that he’s dying hits him. Rip comes in and gives the dagger a twist, and Savage reminds him that there is still nothing he can do to save his family. Rip throws him into an electrical box, and he’s finally dead.


The meteors are still pulsing and ready to blow though. Ray uses some new tech he has been working on to shrink the meteor down to a pebble. Jax and Martin merge and concentrate together as Firestorm to transmute the meteor. It works, and the meteor turns to water. They all head to 2021, and this meteor is a little far gone for these methods to work. They need to get it as far away from Earth as possible.


They look around and Rip has gone, and the Waverider is pulling the meteor up with its tractor beam. Rip comes over their comms and tells them he’s taking the Waverider and flying it and the meteor into the sun. The team realise that there is nothing they can do, so they thank him, and say sad goodbyes. Rip flies directly at the Sun, the ship starts to disintegrate and Rip loses consciousness.

Rip’s eyes open and he sees his wife Miranda and son Jonas waiting for him. So now Rip Hunter is gonna kick the bucket too? Seriously?! Rip goes to them and they hug as the Waverider heads closer to the Sun.

Rip is woken once more but this time it is Gideon, and she tells Rip that she’s not ready to die. Rip realises that he’s not dead, and has come to conclusion that he doesn’t want to die either. There should be enough energy left for one last jump, and they’ll eject the meteor into the sun and make a run for it. Phew!


Back in 2021, we flip back to 20 minutes before, and the Legends realise that Rip and the meteor are missing. Just then the Waverider reappears, and they make their way back on to find Rip. He casually tells them what he did, you know, he just threw a meteor into the Sun, no biggie. Rip tells them that they’re heading back to 2016 again. This mission is over. He’s going to spend his days keeping an eye on the Timeline, now there is no Time Masters and no Oculus to do it. He gives the others the option of staying, or going home.

Sara goes back to Star City to say goodbye to Laurel, and her father. Laurel pushed her to go in the first place, and she’ll go now in her memory.


Martin is also back at home, and Clarissa knows that his mind is somewhere else. Jax arrives, and Clarissa tells him that they have been talking all afternoon. Clarissa is proud to have a superhero for a husband, and he and Jax are made for changing history.

Mick goes back to Central City in 2013, to his favourite bar. My love Leonard Snart is there, in his fluffy jacket, waiting for Mick. Mick sits down and tells him he wants to talk. Leonard isn’t into this touchy feely stuff, and tells him to spit it out. Mick has something important, that he doesn’t want to leave unsaid. Mick tells Leonard that he’s the best guy he ever knew, and he’s a hero to him, got it? *sniff*


In 2016 Star City, everyone turns up to meet Rip. He thinks they’re all coming with him, and they are, except for Kendra and Carter who want a real chance at a life. So no Hawks next season, that’s a bit of a shocker, spin off? Ray tells Kendra that she and Carter are meant to be, and it’s for the best. They all wish them well and the Hawks fly off.


They turn to board the Waverider when another Waverider approaches from the other direction. Fast. Out of control fast. They all hit the deck, and it crash lands almost on top of them. A hooded figure emerges and warns them not to get on that Waverider. If they do, they’ll be going to their deaths. He tells them that Mick Rory sent him to warn them. But who is he?


Ooooh, it’s Hourman! And he’s being played by Patrick Adams from Suits, new blood! Hourman is a good guy, a chemist who developed a serum called Miralco. It gives him super strength and speed, but only for an hour, hence the name. And the Justice Society, Season 2 is looking good! Even without Snarty Pants *grumble grumble*. See you again in a few months, Legends!