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The Waverider lands in Washington D.C. 1986, the height of the Cold War, and the most recent place Gideon has been able to track Vandal Savage. There is a classified document Gideon has intercepted, heavily redacted about Savage. Their new mission to infiltrate the Pentagon and steal the file they have on Savage. 1986 security, piece of cake! Right?

In the Pentagon, Ray and Leonard are posing as cleaners, with the aim of stealing a security card from someone on their way past. Leonard tells Ray he has this covered, drops his mop and trips up a passing female Army officer. He catches her as she falls, and gives her the old, are you okay maam, all the whilst batting those pretty eyes. She thanks him and walks away, and Leonard reveals to Ray the security card, and the added bonus of her wallet. It's called multitasking, says Leonard.


Kendra and Sara round the corner in Navy and Air Force dress, and past Leonard who slips Sara the key card. They head to the Counter Intelligence Department and swipe their way in, Rip tells them that the records room has closed circuit cameras, we need a diversion. "Someone call my name" says Mick Rory. In the surveillance room, the security officers hear a kerfuffle outside their room, and abandon their screens to see what's going on. It's Mick and a huge Army dude, arm wrestling, the security offices stay to watch and make a bet, as Kendra and Sara enter the records room.

They get the file, now have to get past the search that everybody is required to have before leaving. Jax and Martin, as Firestorm, are working on diverting the power long enough for them to exit. Jax opens the power box and begins to absorb the energy causing the power to flicker. Jax then touches a neutral wire, causing the electricity to pass through him. Stein begins to lecture him, but Jax responds with "Grey shut up!" The electricity overpowers him and sends him flying across the room. An alarm starts to sound and Kendra and Sara are intercepted before they can leave. They find themselves surrounded after being unable to produce ID cards. They attack the guards, and Kendra's wings suddenly unfurl. She starts to lose control and her eyes glow red. She runs through the exit, taking out guards as she goes. She attacks one guard and starts clawing at his face. "Oh wonderful" says Rip "we have a demi-goddess who has decided to go completely berserk. Abort, abort, back to the ship right now."


Mick's using his heat gun to fight his way out, starting a fire, and Jax blasts his way out through the roof. "I meant use the door" says Rip "but while you're at it see if you can bring our winged avenger back to her cage." He swoops down and picks Kendra up, flying her back to the ship. Back on board, the team try to tell Rip that it's not so bad. "Instead of dwelling on what went wrong" says Ray "let's focus on the positives." "What are you talking about" says Mick "that was awesome." "In the way that natural disasters are awesome" replies Martin. They all start to lay the blame on each other, Sara chiming in with "everything would have been fine if Big Bird over here hadn't freaked out." "Enough" says Rip "there is plenty of blame to go around." Plus Gideon had to launch an EMP to erase all the Pentagon's magnetic media, including security footage. The one good thing, they got the file which tells them that Savage has defected to the Soviet Union. So the most powerful evil the world has ever known has gone red at the height of the Cold War, says Martin. Gideon, set a course. says Rip.

Whilst on the way, Gideon reports that even though they are cloaked, they are being tracked. It's Chronos, who has followed them through time from the seventies. Chronos gets a lock on the ship, and Rip tells Gideon to slow down, drop the cloak and make as much noise as possible. Jax asks him what the hell he is doing, and Rip replies "just trust me." The Soviet Air Force has picked them up and comes between them and Chronos. "Wow, it's a MIG21" says Ray "no one's ever been this close to one before." "Are you quoting Top Gun?" snarks Leonard.


The Soviets fire and the missiles are heading straight for the Wave Rider, Rip tells Gideon to cut the engines. "Don't we need those to land?" asks Jax. The ship drops and the missiles change target to Chronos's ship. It's a direct hit and he drops from the sky. Rip suggests that they strap themselves in, this could be a bit of a bumpy landing. "And when I said bumpy I meant, be prepared to crash land." They crash onto some frozen tundra and cloak the ship, and some good news, the ship is still operational. "If it were up to me they would revoke your pilots licence" says Martin. "They are more than welcome to" replies Rip "seeing as I don't have one."

Martin tells them that he has been studying the file and it seems that Savage has been working on a project called Operation Svarog. "Svarog, God of fire" says Martin, and considering Savage's involvement, it must be some kind of weapon. One of his physicists is mentioned in the file, Valentina Vostok (played by Stephanie Corneliussen, our favourite mental baby mama from Mr Robot). Leonard suggests putting two in the back of her head and calling it a day, but Ray says that they have no idea of her place in history, she could be the next Madame Curie for all the know. Ray suggests they let him approach her as a scientist, and see what she knows about Savage. "It's 1986, you're American and you don't speak Russian" says Leonard. She'll have you pegged as a spy in a second.

Rip brings over a case of pills that when swallowed attach to the larynx by neural interface (uh huh), and then you can speak and understand any language spoken to you. Gideon switches them into Russian and Ray and Leonard begin to speak flawless Russian. "Now you're annoying in multiple languages" says Leonard. Rip tells them that Vostok is a fan of the ballet, Ray will intercept her at a performance, and Leonard will be his wingman. "Better go bone up on Vostok's CV" says Ray. "I guess I'll bone up on the ballet" says Leonard. "Gideon, bone me."


Sara speaks to Rip about Kendra and how feral she went. Sara tells him she needs to learn how to control it. Rip tells her that she is just the person, having her own experience with an inner demon. "This is a bad idea" says Sara. She approaches Kendra with some steel poles and goads her into learning to fight. Sara kicks her ass, until Kendra finally cracks and the wings unfurl. She attacks Sara and sends her flying down the corridor. She realises what she has done and is immediately apologetic, but Sara has let her monster out now and grabs Kendra by the neck. She starts to squeeze, having totally lost control. She eventually realises what she's doing, and stops and runs off.

At the Bolshoi Theatre, Ray spots Valentina and unsuccessfully tries to speak to her, scientist to scientist. She rolls her eyes and walks away. "Damn that was cold" says Leonard, even by Russian standards. Ray sidles up to her once more, and tries the old investment line, telling her he thinks it's important that she know who's funding her research, for instance Operation Svarog. Valentina is shocked he knows that name, and Leonard steps in to rescue her from Ray. "Is this man bothering you?" "Don't worry" she says "I'm not a damsel in distress." "Good," replies Leonard, "because I'm not a white knight." The intermission bell rings, and Leonard tells her he's looking forward to the next act having studied the ballet. Valentina tells him that it is her favourite part, but she has seen it many times, so perhaps Leonard could just walk her home?


On the Waverider, Gideon has picked up a temporal anomaly just out of the city, and Rip assumes it is Chronos, having survived being shot down. "Mr. Rory" Rip says to Mick "how would you like to accompany me on a little mission?" "Will I get to use my gun?" asks Mick. "A near certain likelihood" replies Rip. "Lead the way, Captain" Rip and Mick head out into the forest, tracking the signal. As they get close, a Time Master steps out. "Time Master Druce" says Rip "how did you find me?" "You left quite a trail" he replies. Druce makes him an offer to turn himself in, the Council will be lenient and fix their mistakes, and the others can go back to 2016. He gives Rip an hour to decide, and as they leave Mick advises him not to trust him. If he returns with the rest of them, Druce will surely kill them all.


Leonard and Valentina are walking through the freezing rain, she wearing his fluffy coat. They get to her apartment, and she says "you know at this time of night it gets colder than a Siberian winter." "Sounds perfect" says Leonard. "I'm sure we could heat it up" says Valentina. "Sadly, I have business elsewhere this evening" Leonard replies. "Well if this is goodbye" she says, and plants a big smacker on him. "You enjoy the show Raymond" Leonard asks, as she leaves. "I think I've got frostbite in some not so fun places" he replies "did you find out anything?" "No, I didn't want to spoil the mood." "So we've got nothing" says Ray. "I wouldn't say that" replies Leonard, producing a security card for a lab. "I guess I should just be happy that you didn't swipe her wallet" says Ray. He totally swiped her wallet.

On the ship, Rip explains to Martin and Jax about Druce's offer and what it means for them all. They will all be returned to 2016. "With no idea whether the US is now under the control of the USSR" says Martin. "The Time Master will return everything to as it was" replies Rip. "What about Vandal Savage?" asks Jax. Rip tells them that they have not changed their minds on that front and will let history take it's course. They all have to decide whether the future is worth fighting for, things have become much more dangerous for them now.


Back in the forest, Rip goes to his meeting with Druce alone. He tells him he has decided to give himself up and agree to the offer. Suddenly, Chronos appears behind him and puts a gun to his head. Druce tells him that this is the only way that things will work out, that Rip and his crew need to be erased from time. Druce tells him he'll stay while Chronos does the deed, he wouldn't want him to die alone. "Who said I'm alone?" says Rip?

Mick and Jax (as Firestorm) attack and take down Chronos. Druce cloaks himself as Mick aims for him. "What a wuss" says Mick. Martin tries to tell Jax how to fight, but having heard enough lecturing from him over the past few days, Jax tells him he knows what he's doing. He shoots at Chronos, at the same time he throws a grenade. The explosion sends them both flying, the force of the blast causing Martin and Jax to separate. Jax staggers out from the trees, injured, and collapses. They rush him back to the ship, Druce and Chronos having escaped.


They stagger back on to the Waverider, and find Leonard and Ray waiting. Leonard escorts Mick off to the med bay, where he is looking forward to the morphine drip awaiting him. Martin chooses this moment to lecture Jax about needing to listen to him and stop acting like an arrogant adolescent. Jax tells him he never agreed to come here, he has a mom in 2016, widowed. What will she think if he is killed and never comes home, never says goodbye. Martin tells him he is sorry for that, but thinks that saving a billion lives is more important than just one life. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that Jax needs to listen to. Rip takes a very angry Jax off to the medical bay, and Martin tells Ray that he doesn't mean any of the things he says to Jax. He already lost one young partner in Ronnie (on The Flash) and can't bear the thought of losing another. This is the only way he has left of getting through to him.

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Rip runs into Kendra who is very sore and sorry for herself. She tells him Sara is a lunatic and can't believe he knew about her blood lust and didn't say anything. He tells her that he thinks she and Sara can help each other to learn how to control their inner monsters, and use their powers for good. Kendra goes to see Sara with the offer to train together again, but Sara wants no part of it. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, but is scared that she is losing touch with her human side. Kendra tells her that they can help each other, and finally baits her into it with a bit of the old, "what are you, chicken?"


The crew travel to Valentina's lab, with plans to go in and find out what her and Savage are building. Martin convinces Rip he should go alone, as he knows his physics and he doesn't need Jax for this mission. He gets past security and lets himself in to the lab. He finds a number of bodies laid out under sheets, and looks through a file. "Of course" he says "Svarog, the God of Fire. They're trying build a Soviet Firestorm, having seen Jax and I the last time we fought." Martin finds a containment unit that is protecting the thermocore they have already managed to build. It's only a matter of time before they find out how to stabilise their very own Firestorm. Martin tells Rip he's not leaving without it, he's the only one who can withstand the cosmic rays and resulting nuclear energy. He just needs someone to take the core offline so he can remove it safely and shield it. Ray comes over the comms, having taken out a few guards with Leonard, and is ready in the control room. Martin enters the unit and tells Ray to take it offline now, just as Leonard spots Valentina entering the lab and heading their way. He tells Ray to do as Martin says, and he'll intercept Valentina.

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"What are you doing here?" she says. Believe me I've been asking myself the same question. "It was you who stole my card" she says. "And your wallet" he replies "but it was nothing personal." She spots Martin in the unit and starts to panic. "Relax" says Leonard "he's the one who invented it." "You used me" she says "you're a spy for the American government." "I'm wanted by the American government, does that count?" he replies. He tells her what kind of weapon Savage is actually creating "I know" she says, producing a gun.  She tells Ray in the control room to put the core back online, or the Leonard gets it. "Don't you dare" says Leonard "she'll shoot me either way." Ray crumbles and puts in back online just as Martin is about to take it, and then promptly gets knocked out and captured.

Martin decides to try anyway, in the hope that he can still absorb all the energy. Jax comes over the comms and says, what the hell are you doing Grey? You are not Firestorm, you're just a stubborn old man about to make a really stupid decision. "Is this what it's like when I'm in your head" asks Martin "I apologise, dear boy, it is rather distracting." Martin takes hold of the core, telling Jax that it's time he risked his own life for a change, and painfully manages to absorb all the the energy. Weakened, he puts the core in a case and makes a doddery escape. He is quickly surrounded by guards and Valentina orders him taken captive, as Savage will be pleased to have the original Firestorm working for him. They take him away, and he drops the core in its case to the floor.

Valentina decides not to shoot Leonard, telling him that Savage would very much like to meet him, and the rest of his friends. "Careful what you wish for" says Leonard. "This where the party's at!" yells Mick, arriving at just the right moment. He fires his heat gun and Leonard gets away from Valentina. Mick throws him his cold gun and they get to work. Mick takes a bullet to the shoulder and is overpowered and captured. He tells Leonard to get the hell out, and Rip reminds him to not leave without the thermocore. Leonard is up on the balcony and rides a chain flying fox style down to the containment unit. He grabs the case, and reluctantly makes his escape, leaving the others behind. In glorious slow motion I might add.

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The Soviets take Mick, Ray and Martin and load them into the back of a truck. Head Ruski tells Valentina that there is still one intruder, and he has the thermocore. "We don't need it now" she says looking at Martin "we have something far better." They are transported to an impenetrable Soviet gulag, and Martin is told he and Valentina will start working together soon. Mick and Ray's lives will depend on how well Martin decides to work.

"Thank God you managed to grab it" says Rip to Leonard, back on the ship. "Where was my backup?" Leonard replies, taking aim at Rip with his cold gun. "Half the team is gone, because of you." "If I had sent the other half into save you, they would have been captured too, and then where would we be" replies Rip. "Savage would have everything he wants, both sides of Firestorm and a dead Kendra". "What would you have done?" he asks Leonard. "That is a pretty cold calculation, Rip. Almost criminal. Except we criminals have a code, you never leave one of your own behind" replies Leonard. "We will get them back" says Rip.


He briefs Kendra and Sara, who are pissed he had them training for a future mission, when they should have been helping on this one. "Who says they're not already dead?" says Kendra. "They will keep the Professor alive in order to rebuild the core, and the other two will probably be kept alive as leverage, to torture to get Martin's help. We have to pray that Martin can hold out, he is the key to Savage working out how to create Firestorm. If they find a way to use Martin's powers against us, I'm afraid the world is beyond saving."