DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E7 Marooned Recap


DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1:E7 Marooned recap starts now!

Space pirates AND spoilers ahoy!

Rip is in his quarters watching a hologram message his wife and son sent him while he away working, before they were murdered by Vandal Savage. Jonas tells him he loves him and misses him, and to come back soon. His wife tells him she thought he would be home by now, that London is changing and there are soldiers on the streets. She just wants to know that he's safe wherever, whenever he is and she tells him she loves him. Martin interrupts, and asks if he has made any progress tracking Savage. He's been in his quarters for a week, but is no closer to narrowing down a location. Rip tells Martin that now that the Time Masters have disowned him, Gideon is no longer able to update any of her files, and she has no new information. Gideon is in dire need of a software update.


Mick is getting incredibly tired of being stuck in the ship, the one place he can't set anything on fire. He's not over Leonard conking him over the head, and taking him away from 2046. He storms off, leaving Sara and Leonard playing cards. Sara asks Leonard if everything is okay between them , and Leonard replies "Peachy."


Gideon has intercepted a distress call from a ship that is part of the Time Fleet. There is a a message from a Captain Eve Baxter, she stranded in deep space, unable to jump and requesting a rescue. The team are suspicious, and wonder how helping the ship would be to their benefit. Rip tells them that Gideon will be able to update her files if they make contact and this is the most important thing at this moment in time. Rip tells Gideon to set a course for the ship, and Martin nearly wets his pants with excitement over entering deep space and Mick is keen to finally get off the ship. Rip makes his decision and sets them on the way.


On approach to the ship, Rip asks Jax and Martin to join the boarding party, alongside he and Mick. Leonard tries to talk about whether there will be anything to steal on the ship, but Mick isn't keen to be friends again yet. Rip leaves Ray in charge of the ship, assisted by the lovely Kendra. Sara and Leonard also stay behind for this one.


On the Jump Ship, Martin is living his childhood dream of space travel. He spent many a day building cardboard rockets and reading Rick Star, Space Ranger They only thing that stopped him him was that NASA had strict guidelines on near-sightedness. "And smoking weed" adds Jax. Gideon has not been able to link to the computer on board the other ship, so they'll need to board. Martin stays behind to man the Jump Ship, and protect it should something go wrong.


Rip has a flashback to a training exercise he participated in with Miranda, before they were married. She was a Time Master as well, a much better one than Rip it seems. They complete the exercise successfully, thanks to Miranda, and celebrate with a secret kiss outside. They are caught by their commanding officer and ordered to a disciplinary hearing as relationships are strictly forbidden.

Present time, and the boarding crew has docked and entered the ship. Jax says "To quote every Star Wars ever made, I got a bad feeling about this." They head down the darkened corridors to the bridge, where they are promptly attacked and outnumbered. It's a gang of space pirates, having used the distress signal as a trap to draw another ship.


They were captives of Captain Baxter but escaped. She managed to disengage the Time Drive, and they have been stranded ever since. The pirates recognise Rip, who has quite the reputation, but they are no longer scared of him and prepare to board the Wave Rider. Rip tells them that his crew are iron willed, battle hardened and the most formidable warriors to navigate time.

Cue Ray, playing Star Trek in the Captain's chair. Kendra tells him he's no Captain Kirk, more of a Picard. He's not impressed until she tells him Picard was way hotter than Kirk (word). Leonard can't bear the flirting and tells Sara that the ship isn't a prison it's a torture chamber. Sara tries to get Leonard to see Mick's side of their disagreement, and Leonard tells her he'll come around once he cools down.


They get a message for Acting Captain Ray Palmer, it's Valour the head pirate, demanding they surrender the ship. If they do, he'll drop them all off to a time and place of their own choosing. Rip manages say a few words that trigger Gideon to set off certain preprogrammed protocols, and the ship prepares to fire. They all strap themselves in and attack the other ship. Martin contacts the Waverider to see what it happening, and Gideon informs him of the space pirates. He tries to contact the others over the comms, but can't raise anyone. He sets out on his own to save the day.

Valour orders his ship's computer Gilbert to return fire, targeting the life support systems only, leaving the ship intact. Martin goes down below looking for the weaponless targeting systems, with hopes of disabling them. The Waverider gets hit, there is a hull breach, and the telemetry systems have gone off line. Ray tells Gideon he is taking manual control, and Kendra asks what the hell he is doing. "If it's anything like a video game? I'm flying a spaceship." Sara and Leonard head off to try and seal the breach.


Martin disarms the weapons system, and the pirates are unable to fire on the Waverider. They realise that someone else is aboard, and vow to find them dead or alive. Valour tells Rip that they'll just wait until the rest of his crew are dead and then take the ship, it shouldn't take long given the size of the hole in the hull. Rip gets in another code word, and sets off a new protocol, a hologram of the ship which leads the pirates away from their actual location. Valour throws Rip and the crew in the brig so they can't set off any more.

Leonard and Sara find the breach, and Leonard uses his cold gun to seal the hole. His gun loses charge, and the hole is sealed, albeit temporarily. They go to leave but the bulkhead doors shut automatically to seal the breach, trapping them inside. Ray and Kendra get to the door but it won't open, Sara and Leonard are trapped in the rapidly cooling room. "Don't mean to rush you Raymond, but it's getting cold in here. Normally I wouldn't complain, but-" says Leonard.


In the brig, Rip and the others meet Captain Baxter, who threatens to take Rip to the Time Council as soon as she gets back control of the ship. She does not agree at all with what he is trying to do, thinks he is doing it for his own selfish reasons.

In another flashback we see that Miranda resigned her post in order to keep Rip as a Time Master. She has realised that loving Rip is more important to her than being a Time Master, and she will wait for him. He also wants to leave, but she convinces him that being a Time Master is what he is born to do.

Sara tells Leonard that this must be like a day at the beach for him and he replies that if he had to pick a way to die, freezing wouldn't be the worst. "What's it like, dying?" asks Leonard. "Lonely. Like everybody I loved was a million miles away. I mean, I don't like you, but at least I'm not dying alone." Sara replies. Leonard tells her a story about Mick saving his life in Juvie, when they first met as kids. Mick stepped in, and he was never messed with after that. He assures her that Mick will be standing up for Rip and the others the same way. "Who else is gonna take on those pirates?"


Martin takes down a pirate, and emerges wearing his black beret. "That'll teach you to mess with a nuclear physicist!" he says. Meanwhile, Ray suits up and gets ready to go out into space and seal the breach from the outside.

In the brig, Jax has no luck opening the door. Mick tells Rip it's all his fault that they in the brig, and that only reason he is here is to get away from Leonard. Since Rip has filled Leonard's head with thoughts of being a hero, they aren't partners anymore. Rip tears into him for being dumb, and not worth anything to him without Leonard. He took them on as a team, that Mick, a serial arsonist, was never part of his plan. Rip asks for a moment of quiet to come up with a plan to get them out. Mick decides to show them how dumb he is, by making a deal with the pirates. Mick goes to see Valour and makes the deal, Valour's only condition that he appears beat up so his escape is more believable.


Ray is working at sealing the hole, but his oxygen level is starting to run low. Kendra tells him two more minutes is all he can stay out there. Meanwhile, Leonard and Sara are close to freezing. Leonard has given Sara his coat, and they are huddled together for warmth. Leonard regrets not leaving Mick in 2046, but he feels that he needs Leonard to keep him in check, "Mick can be a scary guy." Sara agrees, but thinks that Mick is in a dark place and is probably not coming back.

Rip, Jax and Baxter are still in the brig, and he tries to explain his actions to Baxter, by telling her about his wife and child. And the power of love, of course. Martin appears to let them out, asking who would like to join him in a daring escape?


Ray starts to lose consciousness due to low oxygen, Kendra tries to get him talking to keep him awake. He eventually can't keep his eyes open and passes out, floating off into space. Gideon takes control of his suit and brings him back on to the ship. He did manage to seal the hole, and Leonard and Sara are on their way up. Ray has gone into cardiac arrest, but Kendra manages to revive him.


"You kids need a moment?" asks Leonard, entering the cargo bay. Sara asks if he is okay, and Gideon tells them he nearly died but will be fine. And in more good news, Mick has managed to escape the ship and Gideon has brought him back over in the Jump Ship. He is badly beaten so Gideon did the flying and navigating. They head down to meet him, and he enters the ship. Leonard asks if he's okay, but Mick responds by calling the men that he brought back with him onto the ship. "It's all yours!" he tells them.


Leonard says that it's time to choose a side, and draws his cold gun. "Chosen." he tells Mick, and fires at the pirate beside Mick. "Bastard!" yells Mick, and returns fire. He send his pirates out after them, while he goes after the Time Drive.

Leonard follows him down to the engine room, while the others continue the fight. Sara goes after them too, and gets to Mick first. They fight, and it's pretty evenly matched. Mick eventually shoots her with his heat gun, and takes her down. Leonard appears, "Mick!" and shoots him with his cold gun.

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Rip goes to fight Valour as a distraction while the others head for the cargo bay. Rip is at the brink of being beaten, before finally throwing him off and telling the others to find something to hold on to. Copying the move Miranda made in their training, he commands Gilbert to open the cargo doors and the remaining pirates are sucked out in to space. After, Captain Baxter thanks him for saving her ship, and tells him she won't turn him over to the Time Council. She gives him the update for Gideon, and Gilbert tells him that he has worked out the Savage is most likely in Oregon in 1958.

Kendra goes to check on Ray, and he thanks her for saving his life. He waffles on for a bit, and she kisses him to shut him up.


Later, the crew discusses what they should do with Mick, who is currently in the brig. Ray suggests taking him back to 2016 but Leonard reminds him that his sister is there, Sara's sister and Martin's wife as well. They can't keep him in the brig for over a long period of time either, so Leonard tells them he will handle it. Martin asks if this means murder, and Leonard replies "I said I'll handle it."


Leonard is dragging an unconscious Mick across a dark, muddy forest floor and gives him a kick to wake him up. Mick realises what is about to happen, and Leonard tells him that he wishes that there was another way but he's too dangerous to have around anymore. A liability to the team. Mick tells him that he though he and Leonard were a team, "What happened to you?" Leonard replies "People change." Mick tells him that he might think he's a hero, but deep down he's the same punk kid that he saved in Juvie. "If you want to kill me, kill me. Only one of us is getting out of here alive." says Mick. Leonard sighs, and says "You're right." And fires his gun.