Happy Anniversary!

Hi everyone,
Did you realise it’s been one whole year since the site joined Patreon??! I sure didn’t, it FLEW! Thank you so much for everyone who’s ever checked it out and those who have supported the site!
I honestly can’t thank you enough, it really means the world to me that people are interested in the recaps and what’s on there.
I thought this might be a good time for some feedback! How is everyone feeling about the Patreon levels? I’m thinking about removing newsletters as a benefit and concentrating on the $2 level where I SEND YOU ALL THE RECAPS! All of them! WOOOOO!
Let me know thoughts! It’s just us squirrel-friends here and honestly, any constructive criticism you could share would be invaluable. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to incorporate more interaction, but as there are approximately 1 millionty podcasts out there, how about something like a video-recording of a recap/riffing? Would that be fun? I would love it if you could indicate:
  • Fun
  • Not Fun
  • Who is this???
ALSO, this may be a time to ponder your support of the site, whether you want to move up a level or two or run away like a young girl in the field. I love and support all of your choices that don’t involve harm to small animals and/or children.
Until next time, happy anniversary everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!