Kingdom S2:E6 Pink at Night Recap

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We left Jay stomping all over the ruins of his relationship while Christina expanded into a previous revenue stream and Alicia slept in her car. Let's see if Pink At Night means what it sound like on Kingdom!

Ah, Alicia's STILL sleeping in her car, but not for much longer, since a couple of robbers smashed in a window in the middle of the night before she got in some knife jabs.

Jay's centering himself with meditation, alone time and by remembering how much more there is in his life than a very new relationship with someone he doesn't know very well. Just kidding, he's stalking Laura, staked out at her house while she gets dropped off by someone in a flash car. He calls, she lies, he follows the car, it's a story as old as time itself, but about to get more punch-y.

Jay accidentally (I THINK) runs into the back of Paul (sorry, no name in IMdB!), wanna exchange info? I will say that if Laura is boning the two of them at the same time, she doesn't have a type. Paul looks like your basic Finance Tool. Somehow they avoid violence.

Christina is NOT enjoying her time at the Patty Palace, getting her balls busted for a $4.00 short on till isn't having the impact Jamal (Ishmel Said) intended. How long before her side gig becomes a full blown habit?

Keith is LOVING the rich, Corinthian leather sofa! So much he doesn't wanna go anywhere, or do anything, or get a job... Ryan offers him a job as his suitcase pimp, which they decide to call "assistant" for no money. Ryan brings Keith to the gym, but he's not allowed to touch anything. Or say anything.

Alvey and Lisa can't come to terms with Garo over fights for Jay or Ryan; Lisa manages to flip the drug results burying around on Garo, once more proving how well suited her and Alvey are. She only looks all soft. Gurl is stainless steel covered in poison ivy.

Jay's working on his cut when Ryan comes in, they have a short convo where more is said by not being said: Ryan didn't know about the title fight, he woulda and didn't even know that is why Jay's moving weight classes. And he's totally not avoiding him, cuz he totally would have fought him, he wouldn't take money out of Jay's pocket.


Alicia's trying on sexy outfits for the sponsor meet-and-greet while Keith gets puts firmly in his place by Shelby. She doesn't do laundry, even Ryan's.

Chapas is still around, hmm, I thought he'd be long gone after he scooped Alvey's dough. They're going to meet later, but that extra few minutes in the parking lot gives Alvey time to notice Alicia's fcuked up car. He offers to let her sleep at the gym, which is hella safer than her car, but that makes two things they've given her today: clothing and shelter. I sure hope she can fight.

I'm pretty sure Christina has been waiting to hand in her resignation ever since she took the money from her last john, so her blowing up at Jamal over extry pickles isn't much of  surprise. Make good choices, Christina!

Ryan's got a fight with a kickboxer named Shelby. Alvey asks after his dad because Lisa wants to do a video thing to show sponsors and I'm trying to imagine the narration for that particular tape... "This is my son Ryan. He almost killed me due to a rage incident but he went to jail and now he even helps me get drunk in-advisably. You should totally have him represent your product."

Alvey tries to motivate Jay to help with Nate, who still isn't talking to him, but I can't be the only one who's wondering when Alvey's gonna notice how much pain Jay is in, am I? Like, never.

Alicia's wearing one of her sexy new dresses to meet with Drew the Sponsor, everyone in the gym likes it!


Jay and Mac are enjoying some pool time when Christina comes home. I think Mac has a wee ginger hammer for Jay's mom!

The meeting with Drew and Alicia is HILARIOUS; I know I shouldn't find misogyny funny, but when you tell someone they HAVE to identify as straight and better not get pregnant, IN FRONT OF THEIR PREGNANT ALSO FEMALE MANAGER... you know, what are you gonna do? You gotta laugh

Keith is watching Ryan in the creepiest way possible. He's "watching your flank", Ryan! Alvey's supervising Nate instead of Jay, of COURSE, but Nate still breaks someone's arm on purpose, ignoring multiple taps, maybe to prove something? To Alvey? To himself? Alvey is LIVID. He kicks Nate out of his gym and these two.

Alicia's drinking pretty heavily on Lisa's tab, she's worried she'll be expected to screw Drew and that's what happens sometimes. Not this time, thankfully, cuz if I get any more shouty about this shite, y'all are gonna stop reading. You know why. She pushes back when Lisa tells her Drew wants to see her fight; I think Lisa's starting to have the same concerns I voiced above. This girl better be able to fight.

Jay's switched things up a bit, stalking Paul at work now, and then approaching him for a conversation that doesn't start well. "You're the new guy! She's always got someone." It goes sharply downhill from there, but this part, this part is GOLD


It's easy to write someone like Jay off as an illiterate hothead punching people for money; but that line, that line with it's straightforwardness and elegance, it defines Jay's character out of that stereotype and I DIG THAT.

Paul lays it out for him. "That woman has an abject fear of poverty." And no relationship with her family and they just spent two weeks looking for them, and then they spent last night together with her crying for four hours because he won't marry her. Ah Jay. His eyes.


Ryan tries to gently explain that Keith needs to dial back his enthusiasm for Ryan's flank; he needs to calm down or he'll be fired on his first day as a free assistant.

Alicia's crying, probably a bit from all the booze, but also because of Drew's boorishness; she's not supposed to get pregnant, nooo gad, but she has a four year old son. She hasn't seen him in two years but he still exists and what kind of life is this?

I once worked indirectly for a department head that refused to hire women for lead positions; they might get pregnant, see. Oil and Gas is not so different than MMA in some ways, just one has more muscles and the other has less grunting.

Back at the gym, Ryan's decided it's time for Round Two with Alicia Sideboob, but she thinks she'll just stay in and workout, thanks. Alvey and Lisa are talking about the day, is it wrong that I just want them to shush and get back to Jay? I'm worried about Jay.

Alvey suggests doing a showcase in the gym so that Alicia can be seen by the sponsors without the pressure of a fight or it going on her record. That's genius! They married-people fight about Chapas, she doesn't trust him any more than I do but sure, go have dinner with him. Fine. I'm tired anyway.

Jay's taking Valium instead of eating, it's like he's a Stepford Wife with a pube-beard! Christina tries to talk him into checking on Nate, who's pouting in his room, again, WHY has nobody noticed how on edge Jay is? They just expect him to be their Nate-Whisperer without taking a good hard look at our volatile fighter.

At dinner, Chapas takes Cialis washed down with wine while he and Alvey chat; one thing this show has down is awesome friendships, great chemistry with these two.

Guess who decided to visit Alicia at the gym while she's training? NO, GUESS!? Note to self: see if they use body doubles. Ryan's got booze!

Lisa's finally checking out Chapas's prospectus while the man himself and Alvey are checking into a whorehouse. Or "private club" as Chapas calls it. Alvey resists at first, he's good, but Chapas insists and I hate him even MOAR.

Laura's very angry. Jay's just trying to understand, and he's willing to help her! Stay with him if Paul is kicking her out! She stops screaming and crying (and listening) to take a call while Jay doesn't even pretend to not listen. It was Paul's sister on the phone and Jay STILL tries to get her to stay. Laura is doing everything she can to get Paul back and to lock Paul down; Jay still thinks they have a chance. Oh Jay. She doesn't think they should talk any more.

Jay's been like a pressure cooker this whole episode, I think the lid is coming off.

Speaking of getting off, Alicia and Ryan are messing around in the ring and unless Alicia has an extra vagina on the front of her thigh, I can't see what good Ryan's doing for most of that. I legit can't tell if he's supposed to be going down on her or if they're sparring.

Speaking of fighting, I'm guessing that's NOT what Alvey's doing any more


Or is he? Even extremely drunk, he doesn't want to partake, so he tips the sex worker and heads back out to the bar. Chapas finally makes it out of his room and they fight about who's the more fcuked one up to drive, guess who wins?? Alvey drives as Chapas nods, he's on medical-grade Oxycontin, because he can afford it. He keeps pulling on Alvey until Alvey has to bounce him back, Chapas ends up with a bloody nose and this aging fightboy thing? Not a good look.

Chapas is at the confessional stage of intoxication when the police pull them over, oh nooo. Alvey's LOADED. He and Chapas are in rough shape


And we're oot. I can't tell if Chapas was hitting on Alvey or trying to stash drugs on him, either way: Chapas is a loose cannon who is a bad influence on our bad-enough boy Alvey. Until next time, keep tapping!