Kingdom S2:E7 The Demon Had A Spell Recap

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It's been a minute since the last Kingdom, remember everything was completely messed up last time? Let's see what they put back together since then. Rolling S2:E7 The Demon Had A Spell after the break

We open with Jay getting a haircut from his momma, he just looks so sad. I worry for him, no1curr about the wee wiry man cutting 25% of his body weight and being dumped all at the same time.

Hey, Alvey got out of jail! Last time he got picked up for a DUI with Sean Chapas after a drunken night of revelry at a brothel. He can't get hold of Chapas after being bailed out. Good think that guy isn't holding $30k of Alvey's money...oh wait

Jay cannot BELIEVE his Mom is frying up bacon when he's trying to starve himself; come ON! He doesn't even LIKE bacon, he loves water, he'll have some of that. She's still pretending to be working at Patty Palace and although there are signs she's back on the game, Jay's not noticing. Or maybe he's just not expecting her to lie to him, isn't that how families and friends are supposed to work? I dunno

Lisa's busting Alvey's balls hard core about his arrest, hey, what were you guys doing that night anyway? Errrr playing cards, totally not almost-banging some professional trim on the side. He still hasn't been able to reach Chapas, do you think he got busted for something more serious than a DUI?

Jay's joking with Nate at the gym, but Nate's not biting. Jay's not coming to Nate's fight? What? Because it's a long drive with no food? He HAS to stop cutting, this is messing him up all over. I'm concerned about Nate's fight, I think the reason he lost that last fight was lack of focus from Alvey and now not even Jay's gonna be there. MAKE GOOD CHOICES, NATE!

Ryan's taking Keith for a jog, who doesn't want a hug from a sweaty beast? Not Nate, he'll take it!


Lisa's getting bad news from her doctor's office; her doctor is gone and she gets to have a stranger eyeing her uterus the following day. Yay! She's coordinating Ryan's interview with his dad, but it's a one shot deal and Lisa won't be there to run interference, see: stranger probing her innards as above.

Jay's weight loss is not going exactly to plan, I think he's gaining. He takes his frustration out on Shelby, who shows him that no, the scales don't need to be re-calibrated. He needs a hug


Oh no, Christina's not working the high-end hotel stroll, she's back out on the street. That's so much more dangerous, although going into a stranger's hotel room is no cake-walk either. Terry picks her up on the side of the road, I hope she's staying as an independent contractor.

Alvey has a little bit of trouble checking into the hotel with Nate: guess who lost his license?? And guess who knows now too?

Terry's got a few ladies on the string, he's running a web cam operation. Does she want to be a filthy stepmom? No, she wants to a couple of grams, so it's even worse than I thought.

The promotion for Nate's fight seems to mostly involve a lot of bikini-clad women, Alvey's not impressed with this cheesy shite. There are approximately 11 people in the crowd, and the other fighter weighs in almost ten pounds higher. Holy shite. That's not a good match for Nate, besides his not-healed head injury.

Christina pays Terry for the drugs the old-fashioned way, her money's no good here, just vagina. He gives her the drugs with a warning, he was proud of how well she was doing and he doesn't wanna see her every day. Since that's bookended by banging and actually giving her the drugs, I'm going to take that concern with a grain of salt.

Lisa's had her dad look into the Sean Chapas investment, only a day late and $30,000 short, Lisa. Rick (Bruce Davison - from V!!!!!) thinks the investment looks sound, it's just that Alvey didn't consult with her and that's a problem.

She's just not digging being pregnant, and I get that, but I think it has a whole lot more to do with the fact that her and Alvey's relationship is SHITE. Ron calls Alvey "not necessary" and that's cooooollllld, Dad. He just wants her happy. And away from Alvey. And in one of his several vacant houses because apparently he's a real estate tycoon.

Alvey and Nate are bonding in the hotel room, well, you know, as well as bonding can go between a mute and an angsty confused semi-alcoholic motherhumper.

Jay's enjoying his filling meal of an apple slathered with jam (herk) when a high Christina comes home, he doesn't notice her floaty and dreamy manner.

Alvey is working on a good scotch drunk when he spies the slimy promoter (Jeffery Ross) charming some ladies with slick patter (something about motorboating and going down and head caving in). He pushes his way over, he's pissed about the other fighter not making weight, it's unprofessional and really: dangerous for Nate. Unless Nate decides to make an example out of the other fighter to prove he has a killer instinct. Alvey's right out of control, attacking the promoter while drunk and he's on a bit of a downward spiral.

Christina's preparing to shoot up when Jay interrupts, he's going straight for Dieting 101, throwing out all the Bad Food and demanding she tell him what she said to Laura. Ohh and he intimates that he wants her to move out, that is not good for Christina right now, as much on edge as Jay is, she's about to start injecting heroin for the first time in a long time.

Alvey's SCHWASTED, brought back to the hotel room by Security, I just don't think his head is in the game.

It's Redemption (for the Sponsors) Day between Ryan and his dad! Video time! Rick (M.C. Gainey) seems like he's playing ball, but we're all a little nervous. Rick can be a loose cannon and they've never really ever addressed what happened when Ryan put him in a wheelchair.

Ryan's REALLY nervous, he doesn't know what's gonna happen, he's just "bullshitting my way into respectability. Feeling like a dick." Jay's got great advice: "keep your eyes soft and your dick hard" but what does that even MEAN, Jay?? He's doing a video with his DAD!

Christina is enjoying her drugs, but Jay's on the way home, so

Lisa goes in to have her reproductive organs palpated by a stranger while Rick begins his interview. He's always enjoyed watching Ryan train, he would just outwork everyone.


His dad was Ryan's first coach and he was Ryan's idol. He will never be able to forgive himself for what he's done to his dad, how he took everything away from the person who meant the most to him. His dad can't wait to see him fight, though. It's been a long time. I don't understand why everyone's saying the right things, but there's such a fatal vibe in that scene. It didn't feel like redemption, it felt like the end.

Alvey's prepping Nate for the fight, taping his hands, which nobody cares about signing. This is a truly budget operation and dude was probably ecstatic to get a Kulina into his octagon to class up the joint. Nate busts Alvey's balls about the alcohol, to be met with a quote.


Jay's satisfying his curiosity about killing someone by interrogating Keith; what's it like to kill someone? Gross but he would totally do it again.


Hey, does Keith wanna lose that big beard? Guess who cuts hair!? NO, GUESS??!! A very high Christina is slowly confused by the boys' presence in her buzz, isn't he supposed to be at the gym? Jay finally notices how slowly she's talking, is she okay? He has an idea for Keith's look: is he attached to anything? ALWAYS SAY YES TO THAT QUESTION!! Keith: does not


He ends up bald with a very long goatee, I dunno, man...

Ryan and Rick are chatting post-production, I am really glad we got to see that. I never had any idea what kind of relationship he and his dad had so it was really cool to see them together and talking about what happened and what it was like before. Rick just wants Ryan to forgive himself, he meant everything.

Nate's fight is fast and furious. His opponent isn't as well trained, he has no ground game, so Nate's able to do pretty well there. At least until he gets caught by a hard right, his head is the problem and he caught more than one solid hit to his melon. Alvey and I look like this


The next round is even worse, Nate is covered in blood and spitting blood and just getting his arse handed to him. I think Nate's really hurt and so does Alvey, so he calls it.

Nate ends up in the hospital overnight, Lisa calls and Alvey tells her he's thinking Nate shouldn't maybe fight at all any more. What's he going to tell Nate?

As a by the way before she gets off the phone, Lisa won't be there when he gets home. She'll be staying at one of those vacant properties her dad mentioned; Alvey hangs up with a "okay, Lisa. Talk to you later." Um. That should probably have led to slightly more conversation. He reaches for a bottle instead. I'm starting to think this drinking may not be recreational.

And we're oot. This episode is dedicated to Larry Lauria, who was Matt's dad and how apropos. RIP Matt's dad.