Lucifer S1:E13 Take Me Back To Hell Recap


We've reached the final episode of Lucifer Season 1, and it's been a fun and crazy ride. Lucifer S1:E13 Take Me Back To Hell recap starts now!

We left Lucifer last week being arrested for the murder of the street preacher, who was actually killed by crazypants Malcolm. How will he get off? (Not a euphemism). Hang on, we are talking about Lucifer here . . .

Lucifer can't believe that Chloe would think he killed the preacher, but she tells him it doesn't matter what she believes. But that is exactly that thing that matters to Lucifer. She tells him to surrender, but he cracks up laughing. This is the best joke he has heard for ages. He refuses to surrender, all the world's sins are the Devil's fault after all. He tells her he's just like all the others, and goads the other officers into shooting him. One takes the bait and shoots, and Lucifer disappears into the old cliche of a puff of smoke. He's gone, and Chloe orders the area searched.


It's Amenadiel who has snatched him of course, and Lucifer reams him out for ruining everything like always. They're on the rooftop, in the middle of a storm, and Lucifer can't even light his ciggie, such is the bad day he's having. He tells Amenadiel that he doesn't need to waste his time trying to kill him, he's done here anyway. He's had his fun, and there's no reason for him to stay. Amenadiel refuses.


Dan is at Lux investigating the scene when Malcolm arrives, demanding to know where Lucifer is. Dan tells him he's on the run, but Malcolm is distracted when one of the crime techs find a crazy sharp knife. It looks suspiciously like one of Mazes, and Malcolm kindly offers to take it back to the station. What a helpful nutcase.

Chloe talks to Dan and tells him that she thinks Lucifer is innocent. Dan is sceptical, but Chloe tells him to think about it as if he doesn't know Lucifer. He lives by his desires, he's passionate and the way the preacher was killed does not fit. Dan starts to come around to the idea that Lucifer was framed, and an officer finds a gun that is most likely the murder weapon. It's that pesky gun he stole from evidence that just keeps turning up. He tells her that Lucifer is innocent, but his prints and DNA will be all over that gun. It's time to come clean Daniel, old son.


Lucifer can't believe after all this Amenadiel has changed his mind, but Amenadiel tells him that Maze was right. They used her, and Malcolm, and people have died. He's ashamed, and has lost sight of the bigger picture. His eyes are open now and he needs to make it right. He needs to find Malcolm and send him back to hell.


They go to Amenadiel's fake Dr Canaan office, and they try and come up with a plan. Lucifer is not impressed that Amenadiel expects him to do all the work, after trying to kill him. Linda arrives and can't believe that Dr Canaan would steal her patient, Lucifer. Lucifer decides that she is exactly what they need. They start therapy, and Linda can't get over the fact that they are brothers, let alone that Amenadiel is not a real doctor. They start to bicker, but Linda has had it, especially with Amenadiel. Lucifer is not avoiding trouble either, she's had enough of his jokes and use of ridiculous Devil metaphors. He came to start a new life, but despite her advice, he always does the opposite. This gives the bros an idea, Malcolm will have to start a new life too.

Chloe smacks Dan one right in the chops, and tells him it's like she doesn't even know him. The whole shooting of Malcolm debacle that she has only recently come to understand, was all a lie! Dan tells her he was trying to protect her, and that always goes down well. Chloe is furious that he let her and everyone else think she was crazy, and there's no way of taking this back. But he can make it right.


Chloe goes to see Maze, who is furious and showing her dislike of Chloe. She hates the way Chloe has changed Lucifer's ways, every day used to be a party until she came along. Chloe demands that Maze help, Lucifer needs them. But Maze tells her that Chloe herself knows Lucifer better than she does right now. Where does she think he would go? Malcolm.

Lucifer and Amenadiel interrupt a funeral to talk to the director, who obviously owes Luci a favour. After making a mockery of some poor nobodies funeral (he can't hear what they're all saying, after all), the director takes them aside and Luci asks his about his other business. The new identity one, that he himself used five years ago. Malcolm has been to see him, but he needs to come up with the cash first. He mentioned an old associate called Tommy, and Lucifer knows just who to ask.


Maze has tagged along with Chloe to Malcolm's, and they find the place full of boxes and goods. Stuff that there's no way Malcolm could afford. They hear a sound, as Chloe pushes Maze to the ground as shots are fired at them. They hide, and it turn out that it's not Malcolm. It's his wife, and she tells him that Malcolm has been different and strange since he woke from his coma. Maze guesses that he has a new found appetite, an insatiable hunger he can't seem to fill. She tells them that they just missed him, he was looking for money, frantic and angry. He told her he was going for a beer and left.

Dan hasn't been able to find any evidence on Malcolm, and they don't know where he's gone. The only thing he knows is that he needs money. Maybe a bar owes him money? Or there's one that he could rob. Dan looks up and sees Lucifer and Amenadiel ransacking his office. Dan tells Lucifer he's the subject of a manhunt and needs to get the hell out. Amenadiel needs some information, first. Just the basic facts, can you show me - whoops Pink Floyd tangent, sorry. They ask about Tommy, and Dan knows exactly where Malcolm is, but won't tell them. Lucifer gets him to tell them his desire, and Dan is desperate to redeem himself by getting Malcolm. He tells them about a brewery a drug dealer named Tommy works out of. Dan shakes Lucifer off and tells them he'll arrange a holding cell, but they've already flown the coop. Dan's face is expressing the What The? look right about now.


Malcolm is with Tommy, and offers up some drug seizures sitting in evidence, wanting to get the old band back together. Tommy tells him he has cash waiting, and Malcolm tells him he knew he would. A noise draws away Tommy's guard and Malcolm draws his gun, telling him to open up that safe.

Lucifer and Amenadiel face off with Tommy's crew, but without Chloe around it's hardly a fair fight. Amenadiel and Lucifer walk through the gunshots, dodge the punches and clean up. They split up and start to search for Malcolm.


Chloe and Maze have arrived, and start a search of their own. Amenadiel makes his way through the brewery when Malcolm appears and stabs him in the gut. With Maze's knife, the only blade that can hurt or kill an angel or a demon. He twists the blade, and Amenadiel drops to the ground as Lucifer arrives. Malcolm runs, and Lucifer stops to check on Amenadiel. If he saves him, he won't be in debt. Besides, it's just a flesh wound, tis but a scratch! Maze is horrified when she gets there as it's her blade that was used. She stays to help Amenadiel, and sends Lucifer off after Malcolm.


Chloe spots Malcolm and shoots, narrowly missing him. He runs for his life, and drops the bag of money. Lucifer rounds the corner, and Chloe turns the gun on him, telling him not to move. He explains that he needs to find Malcolm, but she tells him she can't let him do that. Lucifer says that she doesn't know what he's done, not that she wouldn't believe him anyway. She tells him she knows he's innocent, and asks him to help catch Malcolm. But first, they need to restore Lucifer's rep and prove his innocence. But Dan has arrived and tells Lucifer they have found they evidence they need, but he'll need to show them.


Maze drags Amenadiel home, but he tells her he's made his peace with death. She tells him to shut up and let her help. He replies that it's no use, it would take something divine to help him now. She pulls out the feather that she salvaged from Lucifer's wings and places it on his wound.

Dan and Chloe take Lucifer to the station, on the pretence of taking him in, and Dan assures Chloe he has it handled. And indeed he does, he turns himself in for lifting the gun from evidence. The gun he suspects Malcolm of using to kill the preacher. Lucifer thanks him, calling him Detective Espinoza for the first time ever, surprised he had the stones to be honest. Chloe watches with sadness as Dan is taken away, but is distracted by a call from Trixie. Well Malcolm actually, on Trixie's phone.


He lets her talk briefly to Trixie, but then gives her the offer of the money bag for Trixie's life. But no cops, or Lucifer, or she dies. Chloe goes to get the bag of cash, and catches it just before it's placed into evidence. She passes Lucifer in the hall, and brushes him off but he's not fooled. He uses a police car in the parking lot to trick her into believing she's been caught. He takes it slightly too far, and she works out it's him, and he asks what she's up to. She tells him about Malcolm and Trixie, but Lucifer tells her she can't trust him, and what she actually needs to do is ride shotgun with the Devil. She insists that he needs to let her do it alone, but Lucifer is worried that once Trixie is safe, Chloe no longer will be. He relents, and let's her go. Or not, we know our Luci would never!


Chloe arrives at an airport hanger with the cash, and Malcolm makes her toss him her guns. He demands his money, but she refuses without handing Trixie over. Malcolm lets her go, and Chloe tells Trixie they are going to play a game, and she needs her to go and hide. Trixie doesn't want to, but runs. Chloe shows him the money, but Malcolm doesn't put down his gun. He's not gonna waste another chance to kill her.

A paper airplane floats across Malcolm's field of vision, and lands at his feet. The drawing of the Devil on it kind of gives away who it's from. Lucifer tells him he's disappointed that this is what he chose to do with his second chance, pathetic really. Malcolm greets him with smile, and tells him it's a shame the frame didn't work, must be time for a more permanent solution. Lucifer tells him that he's just here to ask him a question, and asks what he yearns for in that rotten soul of his. Malcolm tells him he wants to live, more than almost anything.


He shoots Luci in the stomach, and because Chloe is there, it has the desired effect. Lucifer is dying, and Malcolm tells him what he really wants. He wants Lucifer to feel the pain of what he went through, and tells him not to worry, Chloe will be right behind him. He leaves Lucifer on the floor, and hunts for Chloe.

Lucifer is bleeding out on the floor, and begins to talk to his Dad. He doesn't know if this is part of His plan, or if He can even hear him, but he needs a favour. He promises to be the son that He always wanted him to be, he'll do as He asks. In exchange, all he asks is that He protects Chloe.


Lucifer is in the Underworld, he's been returned to his home in Hell. But something's not right, the doors of Hell are open. That's not possible.

He returns to himself in the hangar, and sits up suddenly, his eyes glowing red. Malcolm has his sights on Chloe but Lucifer interrupts with a swift punch to the face. Chloe shoots Malcolm in the chest, and as he's dying he tells Lucifer it doesn't matter, he has Lucifer's coin. But it's gone, apparently Luci knows a guy who wants him back here and has given him the coin. And it's one use only, sorry old mate!


Chloe calls Trixie out of hiding, but Lucifer declines the group hug. Chloe tells him she thought Malcolm killed him, and Lucifer replies that he did, but he got better.

Amenadiel is also healed, and wakes to find Lucifer searching the still smashed bar for a drink. He tells him he spoke to their Dad, and that he offered Him his services and he accepted. Amenadiel is pissy that Dad replied to him, and asks what Father wants. It appears someone has escaped from Hell, whilst Amenadiel was incapacitated and He wants Lucifer to find them. But it's not just anyone, it's . . . .