Lucifer S1:E4 Manly Whatnots Recap

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Ooh la la, Manly Whatnots ahoy!

Lucifer S1:E4 Recap starts now, you cheeky devils!

Chloe is in the shower, having a few flashbacks of Lucifer and all the things she has seen him do. Could he really be the devil, like he has been telling her? She hears a noise, gets out and wraps herself in a towel and grabs her gun. She heads out to the kitchen, and sees . . . a omelette cooking? There's another thump, and she turns to the noise with gun pointed, "Lucifer!" and promptly loses her grip on the towel. Wouldn't you know, it's Lucifer, naturally, whipping up some breakfast. "Well, good morning Detective!", he says. Chloe grabs her towel, "You are unbelievable", she replies. "It's you who should take the compliment", Lucifer says, "Really kept things up since Hot Tub High School, haven't we? Ding dong!". She tries to get him to leave, but he insists on discussing their next case. She tells him there is no case and drags him towards the door. Right on cue, it's Detective Dan the Douche and Trixie come to pick up a forgotten school assignment.


"Did you and mommy have a sleepover?" asks Trixie. Chloe denies everything and Trixie asks a very unwilling Lucifer if he wants to look at her book report. "Not really, here have a snack child" he replies, trying to get her away from him with some bacon."You're sleeping with him now", asks Dan, "She hasn't had the pleasure unfortunately", replies Lucifer. Chloe tells them all she has to get ready for work, and they all have to leave. "Fine, fine. Can someone please flip the omelette, if it's not ruined all ready", says Lucifer. Dan and Trixie also leave, Dan with a snide "Really, Chloe? I'm disappointed in you".

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Lucifer goes to see Linda his therapist, bursts in and demands that they discuss why Chloe has thrown him out and why she is not attracted to him. Linda refuses to help, "Oh right, payment", Lucifer says, and starts to unbutton his shirt. "No, no, no, no" yells Linda, and turns Lucifer around to meet George, her patient who she is in the middle of a session with. "Oops!" says Lucifer. He returns later and tells Linda that Chloe is the only woman he has ever meet who can resist his charms, and wonders why that is, and what he can do to turn it around. Linda tells him that the only power other people have over him, is the one that he allows them to have. She tells him that he needs to reclaim his control over her and the situation. Lucifer of course gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes she means tries any means possible to get Chloe to sleep with him.


Dan goes to see Chloe, and tells her that they have a case. A young girl has gone missing after attending a party held by a group of so called "Players". The parties are held to teach men how to pick up women, and it just so happens that there is another one scheduled soon, and a number of nightclub owners are on the invitee list. So they have a way in for Chloe, with Lucifer.

Chloe meets up with Lucifer and tells him about the case. He is pleased that she wants to work with him, and tells him it fits in with his plan as well. "And what plan is that?" she asks. "To have sex with you, of course" he replies. Chloe is part shocked, and part amused. She tells him they only have a professional relationship, and says "I just need you-". "You need me!" exclaims Lucifer. She replies "The department needs you. You're the one - " "I'm the one?!" exclaims Lucifer. "Let me make myself perfectly clear. I will never, ever, ever sleep with you" Chloe says. "Playing hard to get, I like it" Lucifer replies. "When hell freezes over" says Chloe. "I can arrange that!" replies Lucifer. "Get in the car" says Chloe.


They get to the party, and it's a number of geeky looking guys surrounded by scantily clad ladies, obviously paid to be there. Lucifer signs in, gets his badge and the number of the check in girl. They scope out the crowd, when a young man appears yelling for the organiser, Carver Cruz. It's the missing girl Lindsay's brother, and he is demanding to know what has happened to his sister. Chloe goes to calm him down, and Lucifer tries to distract the security guard trying to throw him out. He asks him what he wants, wouldn't he like to meet some of the women around, is there anyone he can see that he likes the look of? "You", says the guard, "I'm gay!". "Oh! Right!", replies Lucifer, "Well my dance card is full with this one" indicating Chloe, who rolls her eyes. "The odds are definitely in your favour out there, go on!" The guard leaves and Chloe assures the brother they are here undercover looking for Lindsay, and he needs to leave too.


The presentation given by Carver Cruz is about to begin, so Chloe and Lucifer make their way into the conference room. Eye of the Tiger begins to play, accompanied by a flashy light show, and Carver Cruz appears. He begins to give his inspirational man talk, they are biological weapons, they are warriors. Men are the wolves, and women are the fluffy bunnies. He tells them they need to be seen, be a protector, take risks, be a leader and be confident. Lucifer takes all this in, and then stands up to ask a question. He is, and does all these things, but Chloe still won't sleep with him. What do you do when nothing on the list works? Cruz starts to get uncomfortable with the questions, and Lucifer ends up letting slip that Chloe is a cop. Cruz promptly has them evicted from the party, and Chloe has to explain to her Lieutenant that she will find a way back in to the after party. She suddenly has an idea, and a way Lucifer can help to make up for blowing their cover.


At Lux, Amenadiel appears to try and get Maze on his side, and back to hell. They fight, and Amenadiel seems to be way too strong. He tries to get her to agree that Lucifer is changing, and not for the better. She tells him it's just a phase, and attacks him again. She starts to get the better of him, but he suddenly turns it around and holds her against a wall. "We want the same thing!" he yells, "Oh, do we? Let's see". And licks up the side of his face. The angel is shocked by the demon's action and retreats.


Chloe turns up to Lucifer's apartment, having asked him to organise to have the Player's party at Lux for free. He's nowhere to be seen, but yells out he's just getting ready and offers that she get herself a drink. "No! No drinks, no blurred lines, no breaking into my house or trying to sleep with me" Chloe replies. "This is a professional relationship. I am a police officer and you - are naked".

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"This is beyond inappropriate", says Chloe. "And brave, wouldn't you say?" replies Lucifer, "Number three on the Player's list, take risks." Chloe stares a bit more, then says "Just put some fricking clothes on". "Alright, but seriously darling, are you well?" Lucifer replies "The berries are ripe and ready to be harvested!".

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"I mean look at me!" Lucifer says and does a spin to show off his body. As he turns, Chloe notices two scars that run along each side of his back. "Now you can't argue with that, can you?" he adds. "What happened - my God!" Chloe says. "Well yes, I suppose it is his fault", he replies. "Your dad did that to you", asks Chloe, "No! That's where I cut my wings off, well I didn't, Maze did. I told her to" he replies. Chloe reaches out to touch the scars, and Lucifer whips around to grab her hands and says "Don't. Please".


At the party, Lucifer and Chloe arrive dressed to the nines. Chloe immediately starts getting terrible pick up lines from the Players, and takes the opportunity to ask them if they were at the last party when Lindsay disappeared. Carver Cruz spots them both and goes to make a run for it, pulling a gun to get himself through the crowd. It turns out he has been charging cash for the party in order to raise a ransom for Lindsay, who is being held by unknown kidnappers. He had been warned to make sure no police are involved this time, the kidnapper having obviously been present when Lucifer outed Chloe as a cop.


Up in the apartment, Lucifer and Chloe question Carver and Lucifer gets out of him that he just wants Lindsay back. They were actually dating, but couldn't tell anyone because it would ruin his reputation as the head Player. He shows them a proof of life video the kidnappers had sent to his phone, showing Lindsay tied up and looking terrible, but still alive. Chloe tries to get a suspect out of him, while Lucifer sneaks off with the phone and calls the kidnappers direct to agree to pay a cash ransom. Chloe realises what he is up to and tries to take the phone from him, but he negotiates the drop


Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the drop site early, and wait. "Cool Ranch Puff? No? It's funny isn't it? You think the King of Hellfire would be a Flaming Hot guy, but I love these bad boys". Chloe starts asking him about if he is really the Devil, and whether he feels pain or not. He tells her it's not pain so much as pressure, a nuisance really. He flicks her, and she says "That's it? A bullet just bounces off?" "Well, there's no wound or blood, we can verify with something sharp if you like?" he replies. "Does this mean that you believe me? I can't offer anything obvious like a tail." "So no horns" Chloe asks, "Afraid not, that's the thing of movies and TV, they always get it wrong!" They discuss Chloe's non belief in things religious, and then spot Carver who must have either followed them, or been tipped off to the location. He goes into the abandoned factory, and Chloe and Lucifer follow him. Lucifer gets to the door first, and locks Chloe out. "Sorry, but I gave my word. No police."

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Lucifer catches up with Carver, and finds out that the kidnappers called back and told him that he had to come or the deal was off. The masked kidnapper appears and tells Lucifer to hand over the bag of money. He asks to see Lindsay, but the kidnapper refuses and tries to take the bag. Lucifer won't let go and finally relents after Carver begs him to. The kidnapper then tells them they're not getting Lindsay back, Carver pulls a gun and threatens him. A gunshot rings out, and Carver has been shot in the back, by Lindsay. The kidnapper is unmasked as her brother, and the whole thing has been a setup. Carver had slept with Lindsay years before and not remembered her. He insists that he is a changed man, but she refuses to believe him and tells him he deserves to die. Carver himself agrees, but Lucifer says "No you don't. Chlamydia, the clap, raging case of crabs, that's what you deserve, not death." "And you, how are you any better?" Lucifer asks Lindsay, "Why do humans think they can rectify one evil with another?". He advances on her, and shows her his true face, and she ends up curled on the ground begging him not to hurt her.


Chloe arrives and pulls her gun on Lucifer, telling him to stop. He tells her to leave, and she sees his face and burning eyes in a reflection. "Who are you?" Chloe says in shock, "What are you?". "I've been trying to tell you I'm the Devil" Lucifer says. "That's not possible" Chloe replies, "I assure you Detective, it is. You said yourself there are things you can't explain. Need more proof? You've got the gun. Come on, shoot me", Lucifer says. She refuses, but eventually is goaded into shooting him in the leg. "See! Hardly hurts!" Lucifer says. Then starts to realise that it is actually hurting, and bleeding. Lucifer is shocked, having never bled before, and Chloe is distressed that she actually shot and injured him. "What does this mean?", asks Lucifer, "What's happening to me?"


Lucifer manages to convince Chloe's Lieutenant, a very female Lieutenant, that she did the right thing at the scene, and Lucifer got caught in the cross fire. She believes him, giggles and walks away, and Chloe thanks Lucifer for having her back. "Come on, I'll drive you home" Chloe says. "I should bloody hope so, now you've crippled me" he replies.

Chloe goes home and Trixie sees some blood on her shirt, and asks how it happened. Chloe tells her she accidentally shot Lucifer. Trixie tells her that when a boy was picking on her at school, Chloe told her it was because he secretly liked her. "Since you shot Lucifer, that must mean you REALLY like him" says Trixie.

Lucifer returns to Lux, and limps his way down the stairs. Maze is waiting and can't believe what she is seeing and hearing, "That's not possible. What's causing this?". She continues, "We've had our fun here but this is dangerous. Tell me we're going home." Lucifer replies "On the contrary Maze, the fun's just begun."