Lucifer S1:E6 Favorite Son Recap


Lucifer S1:E6 Favorite Son Recap starts now!

I'm an Aussie, it's Favourite Son, alright? Queen's English and whatnot!

Lucifer is performing at his piano at Lux, singing about the Sinner Man. At the same time a container is being moved out of a warehouse. A security guard turns up and questions who is taking what. He puts through a call questioning why someone is taking the Morningstar container. Before he gets an answer, the mysterious mover attacks the security guard, puts him in a choke hold and strangles him to death. He then loads up the container, and moves on out.


At Chloe's, she and Dan are trying to teach Trixie about honesty after a piece of chocolate cake has gone missing, and Trixie is wearing the evidence. She denies it to Chloe, but finally cops to it when Dan reminds her about a previous discussion they have had about telling lies and being honest. Trixie tells them "Lucifer told her it was okay, and if you really want to do something, you should. And I really wanted to eat some chocolate cake." Dan and Chloe are not impressed and Dan lectures Chloe about Lucifer being involved in her family life.  Chloe gets a call about a murder, and heads down to Long Beach.

At Lux, Maze brings two ladies down for an after-after party with Lucifer. "Meet Britney, and Britney!" she says. "Well, hello Britneys!" replies Lucifer. He gets a quick cuddle in, but makes his apologies, he has to keep his clothes on at the moment. He's gotta go to work with the LAPD. Maze is incredulous, and Lucifer tells the Britney's to make his friend feel better.


At the Long Beach warehouse, Lucifer is unimpressed with the murder of the guard and spends more time fiddling around with safety glasses and torches than listening to Chloe. She tells him to have more respect, and Lucifer can't believe the fuss humans make over dead bodies. "He's either already in hell, or in the Silver City enduring Uriel's welcome speech, far worse than hell if you ask me." Chloe tries to get him to focus on the case, and what was in the container that was stolen.

Lucifer tells her he's already solved the case, it was boredom that killed him, "Getting murdered was probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to him!" Lucifer wants to know when they will get something more exciting to work on, "I gave up an epic foursome to be here!" he says. He leaves and tells Chloe to let him know when they have a more exciting murder, or at least a good looking victim.


Lucifer returns to Lux hoping for a Britney buffet, but Maze gives him some bad news instead. The container stolen from the case he is working on, is actually his own. "What container?" asks Lucifer, "The container!" Maze replies. Lucifer seems unruffled at first until Maze points out his reputation is at stake, he's letting everyone know that it's okay to steal from Lucifer Morningstar.

He heads back to the crime scene and tells Chloe that the missing container belongs to him, but refuses to tell her what is in it. Due to all the other containers holding illegal contraband, Chloe is immediately suspicious, and interrogates him as to what is inside. He tells her it's the only thing he brought with him to Los Angeles, a gift from his father is all he will say. Lucifer tells her he has a lead and she agrees to let him back on the case.


They head down to the beach and to the Sno-Cone van, where Lucifer pulls the vendor out through the window and holds him up in the air by his throat. He tells Chloe that this man actually controls the warehouse, and if anyone knows who stole his container, it'll be this guy. Chloe asks him who else knows about the warehouse, and he gives up the Los Diablos biker club, who run the docks. Lucifer lets him go, helping himself to a Sno-Cone before he leaves.

Chloe tries once more to find out what Lucifer is up to, and what is in the container. Lucifer tells her that she's just going to have to trust her if they are going to work together. Chloe tells him that they wont be working together after all then, and she's bothered that he cares more about his personal property than solving a murder. Lucifer explains that if they find the container, they'll find the murderer. "Under what rock will we find Los Diablos? It's a very on the nose name, if you ask me."


Chloe calls Dan and asks him to look into Lucifer's affairs, she doesn't trust him and wants to know more about that container. Dan is more than happy to find out what Lucifer is up to.

Dan goes to see Maze at Lux, asking to see Lux's books. They've been running at a loss for five years, and the place is packed every night, it doesn't add up. Maze realises who he is and decides to have a little fun, getting up all close and personal, "Is your divorce final yet?" she asks. He's all business though and she eventually tells him the books are out the back in the office. She follows him out the back and snots him one to the back of the head, knocking him out cold.


Lucifer goes to see Linda, and she tries to get to the bottom of his main problem in her eyes, his identity. She sees all the Devil business, and the constant changing of hats, to be Lucifer avoiding seeing himself for who he really is and who he is trying to become. Lucifer gets defensive and tells her that all he is doing now is second guessing her skills as a therapist, and he's no longer in an amorous mood. He tells her he's wasting his time, and leaves the office.

There's a knock on Linda's door almost immediately, and she opens it assuming that it's Lucifer. But is Amenadiel, pretending to be the therapist next door and overhearing the shouting, has come to check on her. She tells hims more about Lucifer and his identity crisis, and still insisting on being the Devil. Amenadiel tells her to embrace it, and go along with his delusion, she might get to know more about him that way. He tells her that he studied for two years at seminary school before switching to psychology, and might as well have lived the bible, he knows it so well. "If you ever need a consult, just let me know."


Dan wakes up naked in Chloe's bed. Disoriented, he grabs a couple of pillows to cover the old wobbly bits and starts to make his escape. Chloe and Trixie arrive home right at that moment, and he has to run and hide in Trixie's bedroom. She finds him, and he begs her to go and get some clothes without telling her mum that he's there. She gives him the lecture about lying, and he tries to turn it into a game, "It's called Sneak Daddy Out Of The House!" Trixie is not having it, not unless Dan pays a price. "Chocolate cake, for a whole year."

Dan goes back to Lux, dressed in a very fetching pink tracksuit, a tight *NSYNC tee and sock monkey slippers. He demands to know what Maze did to him, and how he ended up in Chloe's bed. She tells him that she thought if Chloe found him there, they would have sex and get back together. Then Chloe might leave Lucifer alone, and they could get back to normal. "You can't just smash two people together like Barbie's and think that's gonna fix things!" he tells her. She gives him the books he wanted, and he tells her that he is going to arrest her. She gives him his pile of clothes and asks him what he is going to say happened, "That a tiny female bartender knocked you out, stripped you naked and put you in your exes bed?" He realises how it looks, grabs his stuff and goes.


Later on, he is dressed back in his own clothes, and back at work. He calls Chloe and tells him that there was no discrepancies in Lucifer's books. Lucifer appears behind her and she tells him if he's going to follow her, to be a bit less obvious. "It's not my fault you drive like an elderly turtle!" They walk in to the Los Diablos club house, looking for someone who will talk. They've found an imprint of an iron cross on the victim's neck, a symbol of the gang, and will be looking to identify who was wearing it.

Lucifer unplugs the jukebox, and gets up on the bar demanding to know who stole his property. It seems he has forgotten his sudden mortality, and finds himself surrounded. A gang member named Rennie fronts up and throws a punch at Lucifer, Chloe grabs his arm and immobilises him on the ground. A whistle rings out, and the gang leader makes his way through the crowd (It's Tom Sizemore BTW!). "Pardon my boys, the don't always have the best people skills." He introduces himself as Hank Cutter, and invites them back to his office to have a civilised conversation.


In his office, Chloe starts asking him about the iron cross imprint, and asking what he knows about the warehouse. He tells them that the club doesn't run the docks any longer, and that a few bad eggs have given them a bad name. Lucifer does his Devil mind trick, and Cutter tells him his dream is to launch a clothing line. Go legit. "I'm 54, I'd rather be in my hammock playing my Stratocaster. All this motorcycle riding has enlarged my prostate, it's unpleasant!" Chloe shows him a photo of the cross imprint, and he blows it off, telling her that a number of gangs use the cross. Lucifer wants to try and get more out of him, but Chloe insists they leave.

They stake out the clubhouse, Chloe thinks Cutter recognised the cross and will lead them right to the owner. He'll need to deal with this immediately, if he is serious about the club going legit. Sure enough, he leaves shortly after on his bike, and they follow him.


Linda and Amenadiel continue their discussion of Lucifer over drinks, and Amenadiel tells her that is is Lucifer really see himself as the Devil, he must think of himself as truly evil. Linda disagrees, and says that's that what Lucifer thinks that other people see in him. Amenadiel tells her that in all versions of stories of the Devil, he is basically a rebellious son and Linda agrees that is exactly like Lucifer. Amenadiel tells her that he can tell her what she should say, but Lucifer won't like it. But it will help him, even if he doesn't realise it.

Lucifer is not enjoying the next stakeout, "This is the longest I've sat in a parked car and not had sex." Chloe tells him that if he is really not liking it, he should just leave. Lucifer asks her what he has done to offend her, and she replies that he offends her every time she sees him. Chloe tells him that she actually enjoys working with him, but can't get past the fact that he is lying to her, in combination with his shady past. "I have never lied to you, and I will never lie to you" says Lucifer. She asks him once more what is in the container, and he replies "Russian dolls."


Another biker rides up, it's Rennie, and he and Cutter have it out. Rennie pulls a gun, shoots Cutter and rides off. Chloe calls for backup, and gets out to check on Cutter. Lucifer gets behind the wheel and screeches off to follow Rennie, much to Chloe's disbelief. They pull up at a building, and Rennie realises that Lucifer is behind him. He shoots at him and Lucifer is once more reminded that he is no longer bulletproof, "Bloody mortality." Rennie runs through his bullets, then makes a run for it. Lucifer says "It's been a while since I had a good hunt."

Lucifer follows him up to the roof, and corners him. Rennie admits to stealing the container, but it was on someone else's instruction "But I looked. I saw them." Lucifer advances on him saying "Who stole them?" Lucifer shows his true face, and Rennie can't take it any longer, and jumps off the roof. "No! Don't!" Lucifer yells, as Chloe bursts through the door and Rennie hits the ground.


Chloe tells Lucifer that Cutter will make it, and will give a statement that Rennie was pissed about the club going legit, and decided to go out on his own. He robbed the warehouse, and killed the guard. They also recovered the container. Chloe insists that he opens it in front of her, and hands him some bolt cutters. They enter the container, and it contains a solitary chest. They open it. Russian dolls, and nothing else. Chloe is shocked and pleased that Lucifer was telling the truth and leaves him to his container. Lucifer heads to the back wall, and opens a secret compartment. There's only a empty set of hooks, and he says "They're gone."


Lucifer goes back to see Linda, feeling violated about his things being stolen. She tries out Amenadiel's suggestion of going along with his Devil identity. She throws out a list of names that he has gone by, and then says "Before you fell, you were known as Semi'el, the Light Bringer". Lucifer replies "I don't go by that name anymore." Linda tells him the name was a connotation of his Father's love for him, but Lucifer says "Was casting his son into Hell also an expression of his love?" He tells her she should stick within her intellectual limits, that she knows nothing of what happened to him. She replies that maybe her simplicity offers her a different perspective, God cast him out because he needed him to do the most difficult of jobs, "It was a gift." Lucifer can't believe his ears, "A gift? He shunned me, he vilified me, he made me a torturer. Can you even begin to fathom what it was like?"

Linda agrees that is was unfair, but he tells her it was unjust, for all eternity his name will be invoked to represent all of humanity's depravity. "It was a gift, and act of love. Because you are his favourite son, Semi'el" says Linda. "Do not call me that!" Lucifer yells. She tells him that when angels fall, they also rise, all he has to do is embrace all that he is. "I can't. BECAUSE THEY STOLE THEM FROM ME!" screams Lucifer, punching his hand right through the wall and leaving. Linda is left breathless and shocked.


Lucifer stands bare chested on a balcony at Lux, the scars on his back stark and exposed. "Someone's got them Mazekeen." And we see a set of beautiful white wings being hoisted onto a new display wall. "Someone's got my wings."