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Welcome back to Mr. Robot; we're closing in on the end of the season and we don't know where most of fsociety is but we DID find Flipper, yay! Let's see if we find anyone else tonight. Rolling S2:E10 after the break

We open in ECorp with Terry Colby (Bruce Altman) and his weird, weird voice; he's brought a copy of his book The Last Honest Man *er cough cough* for Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) but basically it's an opportunity to talk shit about Trump. I am okay with that. Price disagrees that Colby should ask to be on Trump's ticket


Price wants Colby to call in his chits to get a UN vote passed, but its tricky. Tricky in that allowing China to annex the Congo looks...against the common good. Colby thinks it's a little out there. He doesn't think Obama wants his legacy to be the man who gifted Africa to China. It's not even Christmas! Colby is unsure. Price pushes; isn't that what history is? Drawing and re-drawing imaginary lines for profit. Colby has to know what the bottom line is for Price: why is he doing this? Price does a long speech but it comes down to this: he wants to be the Most Powerful Ever and right now Whiterose has that shite locked down and so does Elliot. Price doesn't want to be First Loser because: God.

That last part about Elliot may have just been wishful thinking on my part.

Throughout there has been loud but soothing piano music and I'm sure it's to remind us of the banality of evil and day to day business of killing people in large white offices, but.

We leave this quiet white office to have punk rock screamed at us during credits and you know the difference between those two types of music? One has energy and the other doesn't.

We get a gratuitous shot of Joanna Wellick's (Stephanie Corneliussen) arse as she's dressing to meet Elliot, it's unusual that we get a direct follow-up from one episode to the next. They're at her house now, Elliot talking to us and Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) instead of Joanna, who's watching TV.

She speaks, finally, she wants to know where Tyrell is, if Elliot doesn't know, he's going to find out. She tells a story of when she and Tyrell first met; there was a stunning redhead with cubic zirconia earrings that Joanna wanted.Tyrell slept with the woman, at his wife's urging, to get those earrings, demonstrating that he will always do what is necessary, and then he brings her a gift. He's been sending her gifts and calling (without speaking), so ipso ergo facto shazam: Tyrell is alive. BRING HIM TO HER. Elliot demurs and then



Oh. The breathing-through-blood dude in Susan Jacob's apartment is Vincent (Anthony Jennings), not Mobley. He's been beat to SHIT. Cisco (Michael Drayer) wants to take him to the hospital, but Darlene (Carly Chaikin) knows what has to be done: dude has seen her face. Cisco is aghast: how is this guy Dark Army again?? He rages at her, she's not a leader! This isn't a PLAN, this has been fumbling around in the dark and they need to acknowledge that everything has gone BAD. Snap out of it! She's not a leader, she's not special and the only thing I agreed with is this: there is no way she can justify letting Vincent die. She's becoming more like Price.

The FBI are at Susan's house now, a couple of the "Teabaggers" (hahahahaha! Because of the Wall Street Bull balls crashing through the ceiling! Sorry, sorry, I'm 12) were busted and that's how Dom (Grace Gummer) and Agent Yang (Christina Toy Johnson - seriously? Toy?) came to be checking out Susan's sweet pad. Dom was called because Cisco was seen by a neighbour and he's on her watchlist, I bet Cisco didn't even look for Darlene's fscoiety tape! YOU HAD ONE JOB, CISCO!

Dom brings the new witness drawing of Cisco to her boss, the likeness matches Ollie Parker's after Five / Nine, she's excited! Agent Santiago (Oman Metwally) less so. He's taking it to the media, which Dom thinks is a Dark Army death sentence for Cisco.

Elliot convinced his new chauffeur Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm) to stop at an electronics superstore, he needs to pick up some new hacking stuff while Mr. Sutherland takes a gaming break. The phone Joanna gave him rings, it's a man breathing and Mr. Robot is GONE.

I will never believe Tyrell Wellick is dead.

Darlene did the right thing and brought Vincent to the hospital; Cisco was right: she isn't special. Elliot is. Special Elliot is making an antenna out of a Pringles Can to snag someone else's wifi while Darlene tells the tale of an Alderson Family Outing to Coney Island. She got lost and abducted and the only thing she would have missed from her old life was Elliot. She really wanted this new life but the police found her the next day and that says everything you need to know about the Alderson family. In case you don't remember, the family matriarch was a psycho and the patriarch pushed Elliot out a window.

Elliot's working his magic on the computer, hacking the NYPD and digging out the information about the MouthBreather on Joanna's phone. It's almost done but he keeps getting texts from Angela, what's going on? Mr. Sutherland gets lines!! Lines!! He's unsure about whether he wants Tyrell wants to be found or not and then he waxes nostalgic about previous clients while Elliot spaces out and talks to us instead; why has Mr. Robot been pushing to get back to this apartment forever? Is there something there he needs? Can we look?

We get a great 360 degree view of the apartment and there are only two things that stick out to me. One is the white leather sofa that I noticed when Elliot opened the door, I don't remember it at all. The second things is the crockpot and blender on top of Elliot's cabinets. Hands up: anyone that could see Elliot using either? Putting in a little slow cook chili for when he returns from: NOTHING. Elliot's a hacker, he rarely left the apartment except under duress and even back when he was working at AllSafe - did anyone ever see him eat anything?

Vincent might live, so Darlene and Cisco go get grub. Good thing, since a SWAT team is currently breaking down his apartment door. Dom finds his library ID card, hello Francis Shaw! The BOLO is in effect and the nurse from the hospital recognises him.

Elliot has the location of the phone, it freaks Mr. Sutherland out but I don't know why. We're at least an episode and a half before we find out who's holding that phone. Chill oot, big dude! Mr. Sutherland says Tyrell wouldn't be calling from that house and what house? ClaudiaKincaid / Angela keep texting Elliot, why is he not answering?

Darlene wants to make a run for it, and even though Cisco thinks that's ridiculous, she's right. The FBI are at the hospital now and I can't BELIEVE Cisco blew the lid off fsociety with his incompetent arse! He's a direct line to Darlene, who is a direct line to Elliot. 2 degrees of separation! Yerk

Angela and Elliot are meeting on the subway, what's up? She asks why he started fsociety and Elliot and I start looking for bugs.

Dom's worked out that Cisco and Darlene HAVEN'T seen the BOLO as Agent Santiago thinks, everyone just has to hide and snatch them when they come back in! She goes to search the nearby area first.

Angela's cracked, she's turning herself in but not them, he's just wrecked that he's been hiding in a box while everyone he cares about takes the risk. Angela remembers one of the first times they met, Elliot was seeing people even then, was it Mr. Robot? He has to stop working with him!

They stare at each other's mouths and then hug goodbye and then AND THEN!!!



I was so excited right until two people approached her right after; did she sell him out? Was that a Judas kiss? ANGELA!?

Sure, Dom is wandering the streets of New York with roaming brownouts and she finds the diner Darlene and Cisco are at. WAIT WHAT!!! Just then the Dark Army finds Cisco and Darlene too and an operative on a motorcycle comes up and shoot up the diner and WHAT THE EVERLOVING FECK??? Dom makes it out of ANOTHER shootout?? Whose blood is she covered in? COME ON!!


And we're out.