Mr. Robot Recap S2:E5 eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc


Welcome back to Mr. Robot where we're getting some very cool backstory about fsociety's inception, do you think any of this will tell us Where Is Tyrell Wellick? Rolling E5 eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc with so.many.spoilers after the break

Elliot’s finally back online, hacking into the FBI and looking for flaws. That’s how he started out on his first hack, lo so many years ago when he got into a faulty library server. Then he moved onto building malware and exploits, wrapping them like Christmas presents. He “lives for this shit” which is why it surprised me that it took 5 episodes before we saw him keyboarding his little heart away.

The third part of the hack is a shell that hides the exploit, but more important than that is the logic bomb, which will delete all data based on the parameters that Elliot sets. Fourth he will write the script and then fifth is execute.

This may as well be explained by Charlie Brown’s teacher for all I’m picking up

He’s on fire, clicking away and making a massive move on the American government, but all you see when the camera pulls back from the screens is Elliot, very quietly mousing his way around. He tells Lone Star he needs more information, sending him off to find RT as everything goes dark again.

Dominique and the rest of the Fibbies are clearing out all the data from Steel Mountain, now rebranded as Steel Valley and I agree with Dominique: that name is shite. In case you didn’t see series one, Steel Mountain was where all EvilCorp’s data was stored and where Elliot went to hack into the climate control system. That’s also where he abused poor Bill Harper that he dreamt about last epi; I’m glad he  apologized in his sleep and brought him to dinner even. That still sits on my gut.

Angela gets home to find Darlene’s been testing her penetration weaknesses, yay! Not just her house, but her laptop too. More complicated history from season one; Angela’s ahole boyfriend had been screwing around and was being blackmailed by Darlene’s ex-boyfriend (who works for the Dark Army) to gain access to the AllSafe servers. Ollie didn’t wanna do it, so Angela took matters into her own hands, since her dad’s banking information was part of the blackmail and so were nude pics of her, due to him leaving their laptop open and the camera uncovered (NEVER HAPPEN) and uploaded the disc from the Dark Army on her boyfriend’s computer at AllSafe. Darlene uses this information (that she said she got from Elliot, most likely not the case) to twist Angela’s arm, Elliot needs her help.

Before telling Angela the plan, Darlene does whatever the opposite of smoothing the way is, reminding Angela that the plan itself is simple. Whatever else happens, the plan is simple and Angela needs to suppress whatever bad gut feeling is going to rear its ugly head and yeah. She wants Angela to drop off a small device on the 23rd floor where the Feds are. It sounds simple to me, done and done! But no, Angela thinks hacking the FBI is a mistake; she’ll take her chances. Darlene reminds her that everything, all the evidence on her and Elliot will disappear if they can erase everything in the FBI’s files. Sounds good to me, hand over the device! But no, Angela still doesn’t wanna be involved. FINE, says Darlene, sure hope nobody else knows about that CD.

Back in the day, Elliot was maybe in love with Angela and she was the only one who knew him and didn’t put up with his shite. I liked them together, it was a nice dynamic. I live for the day when Angela’s Ice Queen demeanor drops, she goes back to human and lays off the white pancake makeup. She looks like one of the statues in A Clockwork Orange.

Kareem’s called Joanna for an unscheduled meet; he’s being investigated by the FBI and he’s FREAKING OUT, man! Just then two dark-suited men walk in and it amps up his paranoia all the more. He wants to know what this is for; why are they protecting some scrawny kid in a hoodie?? The deal was NO questions, Kareem!!

Two things; 1) has he been turned and is now wearing a wire to get her to implicate herself? And 2) did she do something to Tyrell herself? She threatened Elliot but she’s not the most…stable person on the show and that’s saying something. She promises him all will be fine but he does not look reassured.

I maaaay mistrust him because I think he was one of the kids in the backseat of the cop car in Super Troopers and I love that movie. Who wants a mustache ride??

Dominique is flexing on the 23rd floor at EvilCorp, having some random guy escorted away simply for existing by the elevator. She’s sucking on a lollipop and maybe she thinks it makes her look cool, I think she looks sloppy, high and / or orally fixated. She talks to FBI Agent (Olivia Washington STILL doesn’t get a character name! How is that possible?) who has been having nightmares about a man in a surgical mask (that many lines should probably rate a name, right?): get thee to an Dream Interpretive Group! Dominique doesn’t dream, though, what with the not-sleeping. They getta go to China! Dominque throws up on planes, though…so don’t get too excited NoName Agent.

They discuss Joanna, who’s under surveillance but not leading them anywhere fun, all the while flicking through pictures of partiers from The End of the World Party Darlene helpfully printed flyers for. Oop! I see Mobely!

Darlene’s visiting Elliot, but he can tell something’s wrong. She’s not talking. I was kind of enjoying it for a moment; her aggressive pouting can be a little…wearing. She’s pouting this time because Angela won’t do that one simple thing! One thing! But Elliot is aghast, he doesn’t want Angela involved. Practical Mr. Robot and Darlene work at him a bit, but he will NOT have his former ladylove (he wishes) involved. He did his part, now she needs to do hers and make this happen. Darlene is nothing if not resourceful.

Oh wow, FBI Agent NoName meant they were going to China right NOW; they’re already in Bejing and Dom’s freaked out by masked men on the escalator. She really needs to get her insomnia taken care of, toot sweet.


They’re meeting with some very important Chinese officials, none more so than Whiterose, who is out of female clothing and looking very official. I am confuse. I thought Whiterose was transgender, not a cross dresser, but I DO know better that to assume I know how to talk about any of that properly. As we were! Who is Whiterose when she isn’t Whiterose? We’re about to find out!

Agent Santiago (Omar Metwally) is the main Fibbie, everyone just listens mutely as he asks for access to the four backup sites and EvilCorp’s encrypted servers as well. One more thing; it’s a bit delicate…Dominique jumps right in with “The Dark Army? We’d like to review all of your intelligence on them.” Whiterose stares at her. Then capitulates with a smile, sure, he’ll get those dossiers right to you, Dom. And there will be a party at his house, too. Dominique looks like she swallowed a live octopus that’s trying to work its way back out and the other agents are just scurred.

Joanna’s going through her mail to find a small velvet bag with a small silver rattle. She looks weirded out, then relieved as she takes it over and lets the bebeh coo over it. Awww, I was just wondering why it was so quiet in there!

Ray’s reluctant to get RT involved, but that’s what Elliot needs: access to the database. RT and Ray didn’t part on the best of terms, but Mr. Robot is agitated and doesn’t CARE about this: they need to be talking to Angela! Ray will make the meet happen.

Mr. Sutherland has tracked the package as far as possible, but hasn’t been able to identify anyone who may have sent it. Same with the phone calls, nothing yet. And Kareem? As she asked, dead, the apparent victim of a violent ex-con who lives on the same floor as him. Mr. Sutherland was instructed to inject him with a paralytic first and that’s just. Joanna thinks that’s only right; she coos to her bebeh “we let him die with answers.” She thinks that’s the difference between them and worthless murderers. I think she cray.

Angela’s meeting with her ex Ollie (Ben Rappaport), he’s lost weight and looks good. Still a moron, though, reminding Angela that this is the bar they first met in and where he first said those three little words. No, not “I’m fcuking around” as we would expect, but the other 3. He misses her, thanks, um, the bar has a Josh Groban Night and really? Really? A John Groban Night? I can’t see Angela listening to Josh Groban so Imma blame all this one Totally Typical Ollie. Coincidentally, he’s one of the only people who knows about her uploading the disc.

Oh and he’s brought his resume! That’s a great idea! She’ll see what she can do. More chitchat chitty chitty chat chat and Gideon comes up; word on the street is that it was performance art and I do not get that whatsoever.

He asks if she thinks uploading the disc has anything to do with five / nine and she immediately thinks she’s under surveillance, staring at his phone sitting on the table. She snatches it up, he IS recording their conversation. She dumps it in the beer, has he talked to the FBI? No, it’s for his uncle who’s a lawyer and okay, yes, he’s talked to the FBI but swearsies, he didn’t mention her name. For the record, if you didn’t already suss out what a waste of time Ollie is from the Josh Groban bit: he’s a complete tool. She walks out.

See, Darlene, Elliot and Mr.Robot, Angela is already involved; it’s best to let her do what she can. And Angela, you screwed your own self when you uploaded that CD, you need to help yoself.

At the fancy reception in China, Other FBI Agent (Jordan Gelber)is complaining that there is no westernized Chinese food in China, leaving Dom alone to search for a bathroom by herself. She walks into a room that is really just a hallway, filled with dozens of clocks all ticking away. Whiterose / Minister Jeong asked if she has the time? She recognizes one of the clocks as one her parents had; he’s slightly put out as he was told in Germany that it was one of a kind. A little bit more small talk tells us she’s from Jersey and is very nervous.

Dom asks what the deal is with the clocks? He’s surrounded himself with a constant reminder of his mortality. He wants to know how a young woman from Jersey found herself in the FBI? She’s “disgusted by the savage brutality of the world” but also fascinated by it.

He takes her to his study and probes her gently while they stare at art. “There’s more to the story” causing us all to start, but he means there is more to HER story of why she joined the FBI. She tries to deflect, it’s personal, but ah, that’s why he asked. Neither Whiterose or I understand what her choosing to be a mid-level FBI field agent over marrying some yahoo from lawschool means, but whatever Dom, do you.

She laughs awkwardly; she never expected to be explaining her dating history to China’s Minister of State Security! Oh ho! How far up the pole he is. Her dad will love hearing about it on Thanksgiving.

He takes her next to his bedroom where he shows her antique dresses of various dynasties. They belong to his sister *cough cough*.

He asks her what the world would look like without five / nine and alternate realities and parallel universes and it’s all very…odd. He takes her back to the party.

Elliot and Angela are meeting while again, loud news plays in the background. She wants to be involved, now that she realizes she’s at risk. She wants to do it because she trusts Elliot. She misses him; why would he not talk to her? He wanted to get rid of Mr. Robot first, so…his dead father is standing behind her right now so that’s that. She offers friendship; maybe that will help. He asks about his fish Qwerty and we get Angela’s first real smile of the season.

Darlene’s tapped Vincent (Anthony Jennings) to lead the offensive at the Bailout in Washington, he’s ‘CITED! He’s being promoted!!

Ohhhh, RT is the guy Ray had beat up, well, Ray was there right after, even if he IS positive reinforcement, no way RT doesn’t associate his beaten face with Ray. He and Elliot are working on migrating the site; Elliot stares at the bruises until RT says “you gonna ask or just stare?” Elliot’s all “okay, what happened” THAT WAS A RHETORICAL QUESTION, ELLIOT.

Elliot wants to know what’s going on for reals, though, opening a chat window under Lone Star’s nose but RT doesn’t wanna talk about it. Elliot pushes, RT asks him if he really doesn’t know what this site is? “Tor hidden site. Invite only. Near impossible to get an account. Do the math” aww man, is Ray involved with child pron?

Elliot’s GOTTA stop staring at RT, he’s gonna get both of them killed! Mr. Robot is similarly displeased; Eliot doesn’t know when to stop! He asks how bad is it? So RT shows him. He logs Elliot in (as Dread Pirate Roberts, wasn’t that the Silk Road online drug store? RT mentioned bitcoins the last time too) and we get to see exactly what Midland City offers. Everything, essentially. Hitmen, drugs, guns, abducted girls, essentially whatever you could want from a hidden invite-only Tor site.

He ponders the duality of protective, warm Ray and the dark side he must surely be hiding; toying with the idea that Ray doesn’t know, but of course Ray knows. Helping the people in the photos is too tempting for Elliot to pass up, this is what he DO.

Mr. Robot tries to talk Elliot out of it, they have other battles to fight, but don’t they always? Ray’s logic bomb has gone off inside Elliot and now he has to confront it.

Joanna finally gets a call on the mystery cell she received the other day, she desperately tries to get Tyrell to speak to her but all she can hear is the ambulance outside, which means he is ALSO outside. She runs out but can’t see him anywhere.

Angela catches a series of cabs across town in varying directions, ending up on the subway looking around for dark-suited men. She gets to EvilCorp to meet Darlene, who grills her on her evasive techniques. It’s not just Darlene waiting inside, though; Mobely and Trenton are there too. I thought this was supposed to be simple! Darlene said it twice!

Dom sucks on another lolly and tells NoName Agent (Olivia Washington) about her evening, turns out she knew the honourable Minister Jeong doesn’t even have a sister. They move to the buffet for some grub and all of a sudden, everyone but Dom is shot. It looks like Whiterose decided not to waste any more time.

Elliot is dragged out of bed at the same time, Lone Star managed to pry out what RT showed Elliot after all, so he’s being held by goons while Ray comes on over. I ain’t scurred! Elliot IS the show! They aren’t going to kill him.

They do beat him up, though, as a Skype call plays in the background. Ray told Elliot not to look, didn’t he? And we’re oot to the noise of the Skype ring and the visual of a rat-tail that’s been pulled off another coder’s scalp. Jaysus. Until next week, ScriptKiddies, keep your rat-tail tucked and your eyes down.