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So. Last week blew my tiny mind (AGAIN), let's see how they 'splain how everything happened this season, given that Elliot is where we now know he is. Rolling Mr. Robot S2:E8 eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12 after the break!

I'm fighting the urge to apologize for completely losing my shite over the attempted rape scene last week; I think I sometimes have a slightly skewed perspective and I focused on that more than the fact that Elliot has been swinging us around the merry go round for another trip. He's in prison, let's find out what he's REALLY been up to.

Oh geez we open at Ron's Coffee. You remember Ron's Coffee! The very first episode of Mr. Robot, where we first met Elliot when he was putting Ron away for child pron.

We're watching Trenton and Mobley meet for the first time, he spies you and your whole milk, Trenton, he knows you're a revolutionary! I agree, have you ever tried to find a full fat, non-Greek yogurt?? He doesn't mean that in a "you're a Muslim!" way either! Er, um, Trenton says nothing and I am suddenly worried that she is related to Ron. They open up laptops at adjoining tables and I LOVE that Mobley is getting more screen time! Trenton too!

And I swear, I typed that before he said he was an Android guy and hates Apple! She asked him what kind of phone he has and of course she has an iPhone. He's also like me in that he talks too much. She challenges him onnit: Apple is faster and she hands him the address for a bechmarking site so they can...battle?

The wifi is iffy here, though, but the Ron's Coffee shop off 14th street is lighting fast, everyone Reddits about it and THAT must be the one Elliot busted Ron at. He thinks he beat her but she got him with a malicious fishing and she owns Mobley 's system, Darlene tells him. She's there instead of Elliot and Trenton and Mobley pout a bit until Darlene unites them with Elliot's manifesto while completely anachronistic horn music plays.

We're back in the present now, with Darlene watching Trenton, Mobley and Cisco (WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH HIS FINGER??? Was breaking that needle tip off in his finger just a way to keep him from hacking? What did the Dark Army agent inject first?), what's with the faces?

"And this is happening tomorrow?" is all we knew last time, but now we know the FBI is having a massive conference call to discuss: them. fscociety listens carefully.

Darlene is TRYING to film another fsociety message outing the companies that have been assisting the FBI in tracking them down, but there is a tonne of staticky feedback due to a busted tape and Imma little worried. But it goes well after, the eavesdropped phone call shows the FBI is monitoring 3 million people without their knowledge etc etc.

Trenton uploads the video to a sharing site and I can't say why, but I love watching them work on the computer. It's always quiet, just the tap tap tapping and clicking here and there; it's very soothing.

One thing that is NOT soothing to Mobley is that the FBI were talking about one of the 16 targets is deceased; he figures that's Romero and that he is ALSO on that list. He's done and Cisco tries to talk him out of it while Trenton tries to get everyone's attention: Susan Jacobs is home. Will they have to kill her? None of these guys have the appetite for that.

In case you don't remember Susan Jacobs, she's the main lawyer for ECorp, called Madame Executioner (I think. Looking it up is cheating! Or thorough, one of those) and Darlene chased her out of her swanky Manhattan pad by hijacking her SmartHouse.

It's a July 4th Karaoke Battle, woot! The woman singing isn't drunk enough, but Angela isn't paying attention anyway. She's trying to watch the uploaded video but her date (the guy she picked up in a bar a few weeks ago when her lawyer suggested people didn't like her) reminds her that they're still technically on a date. She's almost crying as she heads to get another drink; running into Steve (John Wojda) who seems super friendly at first. Right until he implies she's a souless ECorp drone with no gag reflex. "Who do you think you are?"

She starts to walk away and then turns back; he's a plumber, right? All that time working and all he has to show for it is literally cleaning up shit. She's 27 and making six figures in the biggest conglomerate and she's just getting started! I bet that feels AMAZING, except for the face that they still killed her mother.

fsociety doesn't know what to do with Susan Jacobs, so they ziptie her to a pole next to the pool. She's seen all their faces, they know what has to be done but NOBODY wants to do it. Mobley wants to let her go and take their chances, but Darlene sends Trenton to shut Susan up. Trenton's not maybe the best person to do that. Susan immediately talks her into undoing the zipties so she can pee. Susan assumes Trenton is a member of ISIS because of her hair covering, which pisses Trenton off, but when Susan takes a run at her, she ends up against the brick wall instead. Problem solved.

Cisco says exactly that, but Susan is still alive, being that people are generally more resilient than typically shown on TV, unless it's a survivalist show with people drinking their own pee and what have you. Darlene says they haven't much time, "to do what" asks Mobley? To pwn her. Ooooh. Much better than killing.

Angela's attempting karaoke? She doesn't, er, seem the type. She's singing 'Everybody Want to Save The World" by Tears for Fears! I must have seen this video one thousand times when I was a teenager! (Shout out to MuchMusic and Erica Ehm!). fsociety is going through everything of Susan's but the pickings are slim.

Angela's got a great voice, even if she's almost crying all the way through the song

Susan has one hidden account, a yahoo account that she's helpfully written down the password for on a sticky note.

Angela's getting ANOTHER drink when Duck, sorry, (Duck Phillips from MadMen!!) (Mark Moses, no character name) asks about her song choice. She flirts a bit, he pushes back with "I think my daughter is older than you." She pushes HARD

Er. ICK credit thewincheters tumblr

Darlene's ex-boyfriend has been found by the FBI; a shell casing was found in the fsociety arcade that leads right back to his illegal gun.

WAS THERE BLOOD?? Where's Tyrell? Is that why Elliot is in prison? Don't think I haven't noticed that we've gone straight to be B Team after that massive show schism last week.

Darlene is about to drop the hammer on our Madame Executioner; let's keep this friendly *taser shake*. Some chit chat and then the real crux of the matter. Susan was the ECorp's lawyer back when Darlene and Elliot's dad died; she laughed during the trial and Darlene saw. Susan knows her life is in danger now, not just a matter of her talking her way out of anything and I am measuring the distance between the taser and the water and then it's too late. Darlene tases Susan in the heart into the water.

Mobley saw all the emails about Susan's heart condition and pacemaker, ahhh that's why Darlene tased her in the heart specifically, I thought that was odd. Nobody believes Darlene did it by accident.

Darlene sends everyone but Cisco away, she'll wipe down the house. She sits down and sets up an out-of-office response for Susan's email and again... all that clicking.

Mobley and Trenton don't want to believe that Darlene did it, but they don't know about her being on the trial. Mobley warns Trenton to run, but she doesn't want to leave her family. If she had that much to lose, he doesn't think she should have done this in the first place. He doesn't think they should have done it at ALL, it was fcuked up and everyone needs to acknowledge it.

I feel like I am Mobley!

Darlene and Cisco have no clue what to do about Susan. Cisco will not oblige in a wood-chipper or acid sitch. Darlene finally says they need to go into full wipedown mode as they always do after a hack. That means the puppy oven and OH just as I called it, there they are. Er. How did they get her there? Susan wasn't very big, but a suitcase? Oh and they took all of Susan's ecoins to "pay for her own funeral" and nope, they didn't cut her up. And she won't fit while in the bag, so they have to load her in.

So. If this wasn't a revolution, this would be essentially a home invasion robbery with a side of murder.

Darlene can't believe that was in her. She always wanted to kill Susan Jacobs, but she's mostly worried that she doesn't feel bad.

The music on Mr. Robot has been so bad lately that I am really enjoying the hype notes when things get exciting.

Mobley's acting weird (ordering two pizzas?) and Trenton's trying to convince her parents to leave; I have all the fears for these two. Mobley's packing as fast as he can, but a knock on the door makes him even sweatier than usual. GO, MOBES!!!

It's the Fibbies at his door and that's it, he's been scooped. Better them than the Dark Army, and Dom sure is sorry for making him wait all night.

She's got another lolly and believes he can be instrumental to breaking the case. Oh. Mobley isn't his real name, it's his DJ name from 2002, he created a fan page and she figures that's how his hacker handle was born.

They want Tyrell Wellick?? Do they think Tyrell Wellick is Mr. Robot? Or the head of fsociety?

All Mobley says is "lawyer."

Dom is getting her hand smacked by Agent Santiago, this is not how they do things! Especially now with that leaked conference call and everyone being fired; she's going to have to let Mobley go.

Mobley leaves, sending a text to Trenton, wiping his phone and telling her to meet him where they first met.

WAIT. I thought they weren't supposed to ever be in contact with each other, that was one of Elliot / Mr. Robot's rules from season one. Confused, but that might be because I am far, far too stupid for this show.

Ohhhhhh, Angela's date is a Fib!! And he was a plant, too. Dom sent him at Angela. He got hurt and she bailed on him for some old dude at the bar anyway. She must be just into old dudes. I think Angela was trying to shake off the attraction she is feeling towards ONE old dude in particular, Mr. Phillip Price, CEO of EvilCorp.

Darlene wakes up to the sound of the shower, I have a bad feeling, but then Cisco talks from the shower, so he hasn't left and he's alive. And has left his laptop open too, so. Let's find out what Cisco's been up to.

Shitshitshit, Mobley didn't show and it's been two hours and Cisco has been double dealing Darlene, of course, the femtocell has a backdoor (of course) and stage two is about to start. Please don't be dead, Mobley.

Cisco comes out of the shower to find Darlene standing against the wall, looking extremely upset. What's going on? She points toward the floor with her eyes: it's his computer, smashed to shite. He starts to freak out and she swings a baseball bat at his head and we're OUT! I totally said "aoajwwwww!!!" in excitement just then, gettim Darlene!!

Holy shite, I knew Cisco was screwing her over, I knew that from day one, but that seemed like so much more than sitting on a fence. Also: what is stage 2?? What's the endgame, Whiterose??

** images borrowed from Tumblr, the top gif is from immotion: thank you!