Wentworth S2:E2 Whatever It Takes Recap

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I have to tell you, I have been thinking about our enigmatic new Wentworth Governor since I started the second season, so I thought I'd see what shakes out of E2 Whatever It Takes. Rolling after the break!

Bea had just found her way through the haze of grief and drugs to a motivation to stay in the land of the living: murdering Brayden Holt. I just don't know EXACTLY how that would work...

We open with drops of red falling into the water, just when I think Bea's sustained a terrible scalp injury, I see that she's actually dyeing her hair red again. See, I didn't know you'd be able to keep doing that in prison. Her hair looks vibrant and she looks determined, if completely on guard with Boomer standing in her doorway.

Boomer just got out of the Slot for the cell phone, and er, sorry about the TRYING TO DROWN YOU, BEA. Bea didn't really address THE ATTEMPTED MURDER, but passed on her condolences for that cheating bastage Des. Liz has sent Boomer over with all the clippings about Brayden, though, Bea thinks it might help her to "process." It will cost Bea, though

Bea's sorting through everything when Mr. Jackson startles her; she has an appointment. Ah, it's with Harry. He wants a divorce. He sends Mr. Jackson 'round with the papers, he's selling the house too. Will hands Bea a pen and the papers, but she needs a minute.

We all know what will happen now and it totally does. Will holds out his hand for the pen and we all half-laugh

Harry thinks Will fancies himself AND Bea, Bea doesn't have time for idle speculation. She's not signing those papers until he takes care of Brayden Holt. She wants payback and HE'S gonna do it or she won't divorce him. Harry stares at the cameras but she knows there isn't any sound (really?) in these boxes, so she buzzes out and leaves.

The ladies are chilling back in H block, one knitting under Liz's supervision and Boomer watching Project Runway. I LOVE Project Runway! Franky turns it off, though (booooo), she's not in the mood!! Sky (Kathryn Beck) threatens to go to Big Tanya in C Block for "help", but Liz doesn't think Big Tanya will be helping anyone out any time soon. Liz saw her in medical, she'll be eating through a straw for a while, someone bashed her for getting a little stingy with the GEEE-ER (I love Liz's accent). C Block is in lockdown.

Bea's telling Liz and Dory about her impending divorce, Dory isn't the MOST sympathetic Peer Worker ever ("well you did try to kill him, Bea! Too soon? Too soon"), but Liz helps. It can be jarring to lose everything that was familiar in your life, and even if Harry was a bastard, he was HER bastard, so.

Dory's not liking the look of the soil in the yard, so she asks the Governor for approval for a garden shed and a greenhouse. "Okay" surprises Dory and me, er. That seemed easy. Oh but it is quid pro quo, Ferguson wants to know how Bea is settling. She makes it sound as though she's concerned, but we know better, yeah?

Miss Bennett's got a newbie for Liz to take care of; she's Su-Yun (Hany Lee) and she doesn't speak any English. Franky notes the new arrival on her way to flirt with Rose and stare at the drugs in Medical. Big Tanya (Karla Hillam) DOES look awful. Franky looks spooked, perhaps the ghost of Dry Drug Dealer's Future knocked on her door just then.

Bea's poring over the newspaper clippings again, she sees the phone number for one of the family businesses in the frame.

Franky's trying to source some more drugs, but Sky jumping around screaming "has he got the shit???" isn't the most discreet way to run drugs in a prison. Sky jumps on Bea next, is she holding and HONESTLY. Boomer backs her down but Franky got bad news and is hung up on.

Oooh, Bea is pushing her plan forward awfully quickly. It's not that I care whether Harry gets pinched, but if she doesn't plan a little better than pretending to be his secretary and arranging to have him go to Brayden's chop shop, he won't have a decent chance at Brayden. Bea's pretty smart, though, we'll see.

Sky's lost the plot. She's locked herself in her cell with a razor and she's threatening to kill herself. Franky just wants her to do it and stop shouting about it! Gawhd meth junkies are NOISY, the ones on H just seemed sleepy alla time.

I'm not making fun of addiction, swear, it's a beast. Just noting the differences between the users.

Mr. Jackson and Fletcher come up then, what do you need, Sky?? Something to take the edge off, so he'll take her to Medical but that's been too much chit chat for Fletcher and he busts on in. She slashes the one wrist and he sprays her in the eyes and it's MADNESS. People everywhere, including Bea trying to wrap Sky's wrist and Dory and Liz carrying on and the poor new arrival.

In Medical, Sky's all dopey from the eye spray and needs to go to the hospital. One of the wounds is quite deep and requires surgery. Fletcher tries to handcuff her, but Will jumps to it; you can't restrain slashed wrists. He looks at Bea when he says that, hmm. Fletcher still would really like to handcuff this young girl, so he's pouty, but Vera backs Will up under the eye of the Governor and that's that.

Ferguson wants to know why Bea is standing there watching? She is waiting to be escorted back to H Block and Ferguson will do it. Ferguson comments on Harry's visit and then informs Bea she's set up a meeting with the psychiatrist. Bea doesn't want to go, she has her own way of dealing with things. There's no shame in asking for help, Ferguson reminds her, but oh. Bea has asked for help.

Harry's arrived at his appointment at Brayden's chopshop, ahhhhhhhh, so this is just a recon mission he knows nothing about. The fellas look at his sweater over formal shirt and laugh, but they call Brayden, who makes Harry's eyes start out of his head when he sees him.

Harry's talking to Brayden while Bea washes Sky's blood off her hands (IT'S SO LADY MACBETH RIGHT NOW). Harry's staring at a hammer and there are two other guys in there, Harry!! Okay, do it, but make it good, Jaysus. I'll watch through my fingers

Nah, he drops the hammer and leaves. Of course he doesn't have the nerve for that, not many do.

Franky's starting to get pressure from disgruntled customers, she has their money and they have no gear. She approaches Miss Miles, but Linda isn't helping her get drugs in, she'll have to get it elsewhere.

Oh and new prisoners are arriving, but they're men. This is a co-ed prison? They all seem friendly...and one is HOT. Dory and I have an eye on that one. Kim comes up and Franky and her make out for a bit, which delights the male prisoners to no end. Oh, these guys are just there to build the greenhouse and set up the gardening shed. WAIT. There were no women who could do this?? Are you fcuking kidding me??

They're on loan from Wolford Prison, anyway, and Dory gets to fraternize since this is her project. The HOT guys is Nash Taylor (Luke McKenzie) and he will be working closely with Dory until completion.

Liz has brought Su-Yun to Kim, the new arrival is frantic and Liz can't sort out why. It gets very animated; turns out Su-Yun was popped for muling, the police got the 6 up her bum, but missed the two she swallowed. Franky is 'CITED!! There are two balloons of gear just WAITING to get pooped out, but they'll have to wait, unless someone wants to stick their finger up Su-Yun's bum. Boomer considers it but takes a pass.

Bea's calling Harry; not only did he not do it, she's to never call there again *phone slam*. She asks the girls if she can make another call, but Fletcher's there now and he won't let her. And doesn't she have a psychiatrist appointment right now anyway? How did he remember that?? She wasn't even notified, but goes while Fletcher and Will talk about Sky. It seems Fletcher's taking his job dissatisfaction out on the inmates.

Dory and Nash are looking at the shed; he's flirting but even though she was eye-cuddling him like a MOFO earlier, she's cold as ice now. He could be a serial killah! I will say he's adorable, not hot, but they seem to get on all right. I kind of thought they'd be having sex by now, I was scoping out corners and everything. She asks how long it will take, he figures the boys might string it out a wee bit...

In the lunchroom, Dory's grinning like crazy. Franky asks if the new Governor has a liking for black velvet (thanks to Tipping the Velvet, I know what that means!) and then a waif comes out of the kitchen to kiss Franky and rub her hands on Franky's panties. Er

Fletcher warns the waif off and says "Dreams are free" to Franky and I think I love that.

It was a means of passing a vegetable oil to Franky, so she can feed it to Su-Yun. Liz stands chickie but she and I do NOT agree with what's going on. Su-Yuh has NO idea what's going on and having a litre of vegetable oil forcibly poured down your throat is not cool.

Bea is meeting with Dr. Lynch (Greg Houghton) who truly is asking a lot of stupid questions (are you angry, Bea?) but he helps, oh he helps! He asks her what her triggers are, and her, what are HARRY'S triggers and suddenly I am very interested! She can use those as levers! She bristles at his victim blaming (how did you make him angry at you?) but then working it through, sees exactly how she can manipulate Harry into murdering Brayden.

She calls Harry then, grinding his drunk arse over and over until he hangs up and grabs his keys. He's parked outside Brayden's business then, still drinking, and oh. He's gonna use gasoline. Won't that put a lot of other people at risk, too? He can see someone in the room upstairs, where Brayden was earlier, so he sets the fire, locks the door and sits across the street in his car to watch whomever was upstairs die horribly.


Boomer was supposed to be guarding Su-Yun's toilet, but she's sleeping next to it instead and the young mule isn't looking very good. Liz thinks she "should be shitting through the eye of the needle" right now and they should be bringing Su-Yun down to Medical. Franky's just trying to HELP this young girl with the belleh full of heroin, though, sure. Boomer just wants to know if those guys will be out in the yard today?

Harry didn't kill Brayden after all, the murderous ahole was out getting a sixer and it was an employee Harry saw upstairs, not Brayden. Bea and Harry are disappoint.

Bea's still processing the news of the fire when Boomer comes up; see this *indicating her face*, it needs to look "like this" and if I don't find that gif on Tumblr I will punch a small wall. I love Booms. Don't try to drown Bea again, Booms, no matter what Franky says.

Vera's having a bad day, she's discovered almost crying by Ferguson, who invites her out for a drink after work. Hmmmmmmmm

Dory and Nash are cuddling a bit in the yard, some future there! Oh and then everyone starts whistling; Boomer has her hair up in a bouffant and she has lipstick on and I'm not going to lie: I totally cried I was so happy for her. She looked ECSTATIC and that's exactly what she needed after being dumped for the C*m Dumpster.


Stop, I didn't cry a lot! I don't care, that was AWESOME.

Bea's in to see Ferguson. Dr. Lynch has recommended that Bea find a purpose and Ferguson agrees. Oh ho, but this is not a general Don't Shiv Your Bunkie Because You're Bored talk, is Ferguson setting Bea up as a Player?

Meanwhile, Brayden's figured out who torched his shop; he and three friends are beating the shit out of Harry with small baseball bats.

"No, I feel determined to make sure my time in here counts for something."

Brayden's henchmen finish taking Harry to task, Brayden's even figured out WHY, but he doesn't kill Harry, just scares him into shitting his pants.

Vera's popped 'round to Ferguson's office, er, are we going for that drink now? Ferguson invites her to sit down, don't be nervous, she doesn't bite. Ferguson and Vera toast (very strong drinks) to trust, the new Governor thinks they're going to make a great team!


At Count, Mr. Jackson's noticed how poorly Su-Yun is doing, asking Liz, but Liz doesn't rat (Liz never rats), so off he goes just before Su-Yun collapses to the floor.

Ferguson and Vera are getting toasted in the office, let's hear ALL the gossip, Fergs! They make fun of Fletcher for awhile before Ferguson literally lets her hair down, it's great to debrief with someone! Another drink?

Ohhh and the new Governor is playing at something; she's feeding Vera pure vodka but giving herself just the soda water...I know dudes sometimes do that, but that's for one very specific reason. Is she planning to pump a drunken Vera for information?

There's a shit vigil in Su-Yun's cell, has anyone considered that she might be in danger of one of those balloons rupturing? Dory comes in, Liz shoos her away, she doesn't want Dory involved.

Vera's supppper shitfaced now, spilling all the deets from her fumbles with Fletcher, but noooot quite drunk enough to explain why she and Fletch are a complete non-starter now. Ferguson has to apply a little bit of pressure to our soused Vera, she's not sure she can effictively mentor Vera if they don't have Trust (says the sober one feeding Vera a litre of vodka). Vera spills about Meg

Sky takes a run at Su-Yun with a shiv (how come she's lousy with shivs??); that's a testament to how much she wants / needs the drugs. Shes stopped by Franky, but they waited too long; they waited too long to get help for Su-Yun and now she's frothing at the mouth and she's dying. She's dying and Liz can't stop it and you know she'll feel this on her head and really, it's on Franky's, but Liz could have saved that girl. Su-Yun is dead. Liz holds her and cries, moaning she's sorry, she's so sorry over and over again.

We're watching a couple fencing; epees and all. The winner is Ferguson and there's a man watching her with a wry expression on his face? Odd. Her phone rings, so she heads back to the prison. She meets Jovanka there, this is the news tidbit she's going to feed the reporter. Police incompetence.

Franky hides Sky's shiv as Liz comes and knocks. Liz is furious and sad and she can't believe Frank is that person. Franky says she's whatever kind of person she needs to be and Liz thinks she's shit-scared and out of her depth. Franky grabs her then, pushing Liz's face up against the wall, but there's nothing behind it. Liz was right, Franky IS scared and she cries and throws up in the toilet after Liz is gone.

Harry's in to see Bea again; he blames his bruised face on an accident at work. He just wants the papers, he's done. She already signed the papers, she doesn't care, she knew he wasn't strong enough, but she is. She's gonna do it herself.

Me and Harry are all: um. How?

Nash and Dory are getting along famously, they discovered a bird's nest and they bond over it as the music plays us out. Bea's watching the news and staring at Brayden's face and that's it, we're oot.

So. The new Governor will use any means necessary, I see, but that's pretty standard fare so far. I'm glad Dory's getting a little romance and yay Boomer enjoying her face for a bit! Franky, well, she's SO over her head, how will she be able to take on the Governor? Ferguson is creative and organized and really good at planning ahead, how will Franky combat that when she's running scared? That's why she let that girl die, she NEEDED that heroin, she didn't just want it. Everyone is gunning for her from all sides and it's tricky to stay at the top without a functional drugs empire. Until next time!

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