Retribution S1:E04 Adam and Grace Recap

This is it! This is when we find out who kilt the guy who (probably didn't) kill the couple that was maybe doing something weird (at least the male half) involving a father-in-law, or who DID kill the couple and maybe the guy that (maybe didn't) kill anyone. And there's a post code in there not helping us at all. Let's find out what Retribution / One of Us has in store for all of us!

Quick runthrough of who everyone is and then we'll be off to the races:

Adam Elliot (Jeremy Nuemark Jones): male half of the deceased couple, brother to Rob Elliot (Joe Dempsie) and Claire (Joanna Vanderham) and son of Louise Elliot (Juliet Stevenson), seen arguing with at his recent wedding with his new father-in-law Bill

Grace Elliot, nee Douglas (Kate Bracken): female half of the newly married and newly murdered couple, sister to Jaime Douglas (Cristian Ortega), daughter of Moira (Julie Graham) and Bill Douglas (John Lynch)

Lee Walsh (Owen Whitelaw): other deceased person, who either found Adam and Grace dead or killed them himself. He then drove all the way out to the Douglas or Elliot farm (we don't know which yet) and was subsequently killed himself when his identity was discovered

Juliet (Laura Fraser): detective from the big city of Edinburgh investigating ALL the murders and trying to duck prosecution for selling a dangerous form of LSD that has already resulted in one death

Anna (Georgina Campbell): late breaking suspect in the murder of Lee Walsh, recently a victim of a violent assault and acting odd around her boyfriend Rob Elliot (who isn't acting like much of a prize either, it must be said)

Alastair (Gary Lewis): a farmhand for Bill and Moira Douglas, married to Sal (Kate Dickie) but having an off and on love affair with Moira and blackmailing Bill for his silence. Bill just fired Alastair.

Everyone listed above has a motive in the murders, however tenuous, let's find out who did it.

We pick up where we left off, with Claire asking Bill what he was yelling at Adam about on the video of Adam's wedding, ah well, Claire, maybe it would have been better not to know. Adam had been seeing another woman, Bill had seen them together in the city. Claire doesn't believe that, she knew her brother! And what was that envelope Bill passed to Adam in the video? His wedding certificate, says Bill, but I just don't buy all of that.

Juliet was selling those dangerous drugs to finance her daughter's urgent operation, her planning is interrupted by the drug dealer Jay (Chris Fulton) calling her from lockup. It's just a matter of time before everything goes very much south for Juliet.

Claire had to go into work, her favourite patient Meredith (Anne Kidd) has been stealing drugs so she can commit suicide peacefully. She wants to end it on her terms "or die trying." Claire had previously refused to euthanize her friend, but now she agrees to help.

Anna's come to see Rob in prison, but walks out before he can see her. Very cinematic, her walking away crying, but I don't think anything moves that fast in reality.

Over in another prison is Jay, whose visitor Juliet sticks around long enough to give him bad news at least. She won't be getting him out. Or will she? He has audio recordings of every meeting.

She tells him not to say anything, she'll talk to the dealer and get him to recant but Jay only gives her until 6 pm to sort this oot.

Claire finds her mum in tears trying to sort out Adam's accounts, she's markedly detached from Louise. Claire takes over and notes one number Adam called while on his honeymoon: Bill. Adam was calling Bill over and over at 4 in the morning on his honeymoon, why?

Alastair comes home to find Sal composed and waiting for him with her suitcase packed, she must know about Moira. She's known all along, though, but she found his Getting Out Money and that's what she's doing.

Bill and Moira sit in church as Claire searches their room. Jamie finds her at it and she confronts him about reading her chats. It's actually quite nice, she comforts him about his dad's Parkinson's and everything else being up in the air. They both lost someone important to them. There's a noise and I think he sends her off with his dad's cell? Not sure.

Claire listens in horror to ? Messages? Voicemail? A recording?

Sal didn't leave after all, but rather is at the Douglas Farm waiting for Bill and Moira to come home from church. She lays it all out for Bill, who can't believe his ears.

Bill throws her out angrily, but only stares hard at Moira and leaves himself.

Juliet's been doing some thinking and she's come back to Jay with a counteroffer. No, she's not going to admit all OR spring Jay from prison, instead she's doubling down and threatening to plant child pron on his computer so he will either be murdered in prison or out on the street. Jay's starting to get the shape of what he's dealing with here.

So. To recap. Juliet is willing to lie, pervert the course of justice AND accept no blame for the death of the teenager who died, all so she can get an operation for someone she loves. Jay doesn't back down, but Juliet is called away.

Bill wants to know: how long? Moira tries to explain, she was lonely and it happened. Oh, but that wasn't the only time she was lonely and betrayed her wedding vows. She had an affair with Peter Elliot too, 20 years ago. You know: sometimes you just marry the wrong person. For a really, really long time.

WHAT IF PETER ELLIOT WAS GRACE'S DAD?? And Bill got paternity testing and told Adam not to marry Grace because they were related and then maybe Adam said 'screw you, we love each other' and then maybe Grace got pregnant and THEN BILL KILT EVERYONE!!

You know, maybe.

Ah, it's Claire come to see Juliet at the police station to play that voicemail she heard. It was Adam calling Bill oh and I'm so right above, I need a minute to run around in a circle pointing at the air. Not that it's a party, but you know. Okay, we don't know yet that Bill killed everyone yet.

I can't be the only one hoping Adam wasn't actually Peter's child too?

Juliet can't stay and help detective Andrew (Steve Evets), she has evidence to plant in the only police station in the UK without CCTV. She loses her nerve, though, not able to bring herself to ruin the life of a young man just because she's in dire straits.

She rushes home to gather up her daughter Maddy (Isis Hainsworth), caretaker Yuki (Kae Alexander from Collateral!) is surprised. Maddy is on oxygen, how will she fare on the run with her felonious mum?

Andrew gets the DNA results from the envelope alone and sends a car round to the Douglas residence.

I mostly feel bad because I can't remember what envelope they're talking about.

Louise gets the news from Claire and heads straight over to yell at Bill, who tries to throw her out of his house while everyone screams. The phone rings and rings in the background and then Constable Charlie Fuller (Gilly Gilchrist from The Replacement!) is there to arrest Bill for the murder of Adam and Grace.

It wouldn't be appropriate for me to ask for a small prize in the shape of a fish, perhaps, would it?

Oh! Of course, the envelope with the post code on it, had Bill's DNA on it and maybe Lee Walsh did kill Adam and Grace?

Bill goes to dress and I bet he never makes it out of that room alive. I don't know why they wouldn't go with him.

Bill loads a gun.

But doesn't shoot himself.

Instead he goes downstairs, past his son's room, out the back door into the dark to the stables. He stands alone under the light, small in the space and followed by Charlie, who'd like him to put the gun down, please.

A tense standoff follows, everyone followed Bill outside to see what was happening.

Ah, it was the Parkinson's disease that found Moira and Peter out. When he had Jamie and Grace tested, he realised Grace wasn't his biological daughter. And she WAS pregnant.

Seriously, I'm not gloating, but I think a faux-marble statue of a type wouldn't go astray here for that guess.

We see how it happened, Bill growing increasingly distraught and estranged from his daughter (she WAS his daughter, just not biologically) and turning the tables on hapless mugger Lee Walsh, taking his knife and hiring him as a hitman to murder his son-in-law. The envelope mentioned above had a wad of cash that Bill offered to Lee as payment.

Lee did murder Adam, but Grace came home early by accident and was killed as well. But. She was the one who was pregnant and that was what he was worried about, why kill Adam? He just wanted them to stop: it was ungodly!

Anyway, Bill killed Lee in the barn then hid his knife in Rob's room while they were getting rid of evidence.

Rob confessed to the murder to protect his girlfriend Anna.

Bill wanted his Grace to stay innocent, "the things we do to protect the ones we love" and raises the gun to under his chin. Moira begs him to stop but Louise is vengeance personified, screaming at him to do it, DO IT!!

He can't. His Parkinson's won't let him.

Juliet and Maddy almost got away, but in the end, "the things we do to protect the ones we love" isn't a rationale for everything she's been up to, is it?

It's enough for Andrew, though. He hasn't brought a team, he's come alone to give her a chance to make a run for it and let her know he cares. He wanted to do the right thing instead of the Right Thing and Juliet almost cries with relief.

Anna's there to pick up Rob at prison, she wants to know why he confessed? To protect her, of course. She asks a great question: what are they doing if they can't trust each other? She knows they've been broken for a long time, though, just let it go, Rob.

Claire is at work again, she's flipflopped back and won't be able to help Meredith kill herself. She might be getting in trouble anyway and what for? But she doesn't want to lose Meredith, she loves her.

A devastated Moira comes to the Elliot farm to apologize to Louise: she didn't know. Bill tries to quell his shaking in jail and we're out watching Adam and Grace as younguns, the beginning of their friendship.

Well. That wasn't much of a laugh. Powerhouse performances by everyone, however, even Andrew the policeman with an excellent end speech. The words themselves were bordering on the usual, but he was beautifully convincing.

I found Juliet Stevenson as Louise Elliot distracting this last episode because I've just watched Collateral and she reminded me so much of Jeany Spark who played Sandrine Shaw. If you haven't seen, I recommend.

I can't figure out if Juliet was meant to seem driven or what, she only showed any humanity at the end in not planting evidence on that kid's computer: do you think it was writing or acting that gave us that gap? I'm afraid it's usually writing, but I did like most everything else.

Thanks to AR on Twitter for the recommend, I think I'll start Come Home next. Cheers!

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