Blood S1:E1.6 The Day Recap

This is it, the finale of series one of Blood, which so far has confused me as to how we have another series after this one given what we learned at the end of last episode. I mean, I’m sure we’ve got some sweet-talking ahead of us knowing what we do about the principals involved. Without further ado, let’s head into Blood S1:E1.6 after the break.

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Blood S1:E1.5 The Glade Recap

Things got even uglier last time on Blood, which I didn’t think was possible. You know like the end of Precious when you think, well, it can only get better now and then it got worse? We’re nearing the final act of Blood series one and we’ve just lost a sacrificial lamb. Let’s find out why after the break in the Blood S1:E1.5 recap.

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Blood S1:E1.4 Barry Recap

So, Irish murder on Blood it is on a cold and rainy June day, does everyone else feel as though the weather had slowed with current events and we’re only now getting caught up? This is a very April-ish June thus far. Onward we roll into our story where death has again reared it’s ugly head and we’ve got at least one of the same people involved. Join me after the break for my Blood S1:E1.4 recap.

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Blood S1:E1.3 The Funeral Recap

Where are we with Blood, our Irish mystery set in the country? We’ve got an edgy ginger, a dodgy doctor with a lyrical lilt to his lies, a sister in rose-tinted glasses, a befuddled depressive, a closeted massive fookin’ gay and no idea what happened to Our Lady of the Sainted Mother (Even Named Mary). So let’s roll into the Blood S1:1.3 The Funeral recap and find out if the sole policeman in NeverNever Land is as corrupt as he seems.

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Blood S1:E1.1 and E1.2 An Unlikely Story Recap

Hullo, I’m TTM and I will be recapping the next 6-12 of episodes Blood. I like to get a feel for things before I commit to a whole series, but since a good amount of my shows lately have been Celtic, I know I have to give Blood a go. It stars Carolina Main from a couple other programs I enjoyed and Adrian Dunbar from Line of Duty, so you know it’ll be good, right? Did I mention it’s created, written and directed by women? YES. Rolling into Blood S1:E1.1 AND 1.2 recap after the break! Just a note, because this is a double episode, this is also the the one recap for the whole weekend. Enjoy!

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