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The Five

We're starting to find everything out on The Five, let's see what episode 8 has to share! Rolling after the break:

We ended the last show with Danny and Ally being summoned by Jakob Marosi; he wants to talk now, apparently having gotten over Danny's familial connection to the case's original detective: Danny's dad Ray. ALSO, a young man with a happy-face-backpack over his hoodie was terrorizing everyone in glimpses, sorting through family photos in the middle of the night in Jesse's room and leading chase with Mark in the woods and then disappearing into an improbably single-entrance building. Now we'll get to understand some of that! Maybe!

We open at what surely must be the creepiest Grace before a meal EVER, who's this family now? There is some oddddd camera work and OH! That's why, they have a shrine to Jakob Marosi set up. I can't tell if it's like a Voodoo shrine, because there isĀ  picture of a young man on a candle next to his image with the sunburst coming out of it, but we'll soon find out!

Boris the Blade Marosi apologizes for how rudely he ended the previous interview; he wants to make amends b+y telling Danny where Jesse's body is. Oh no, wait, he wants to SHOW them, not tell them, Danny figures Jakob wants a day at the seaside. But Jakob has some real information; when he lay Jesse's body in the grave, he spied a nametag inside the red hooded jacket Jesse was wearing: "Mark Wells". That makes Danny sit up and take notice, any parent could maybe reasonably make that assumption / gamble, but Jakob isn't a parent. If there's a god, that is. He thought he'd killed MARK Wells, based on that, until he saw the news report.

Pru is helping a young woman at the shelter, it appears MDMA and Hailey do not mix. Hailey is feeling as though not much matters; if Britnay can be killed, what's the point in the rest of them staying off MDMA? She's off with a request for more benzies, but nope, Pru's keeping those for herself!

Danny and Ally are questioning the Wells' about Jesse's clothing, and yes indeed, Jesse would have been wearing a hoodie with Mark's name sewn in. Again, wouldn't that be in evidence? Couldn't the same crime-scene tech / detective be feeding this to Marosi? Let's see how pretzel-like I have to get to keep pinning this on Ken or Karl!

Pru is in to see Slade, she has mail! She must be moving in. He asks if she's all right and I TOLD YOU Slade would be able to recognise an addict when he sees one. She sloughs it off on a middle of the night call, but he stares knowingly and watches her scramble about, slowly, for words. Pru leads him away by explaining about Hailey's nihilistic world view since: Britnay. Everyone missed Slade and he hasn't addressed it. He heads to the ballroom to lead a danceathon, while Britnay's ghost twirls and whirls with them.

Pru gets a call just then, Stuart's at the airport and he's taking Nico back to the States. I don't think he can do that, I've crossed into the US with my chilluns, you have to have a notarized statement from the other parent that you are allowed to travel with them, specifically because of situations like this. He's forged it or I've gotten FAR TOO LITERAL and should just let the plot unfold.

The police with Mickey arrive right in the middle of the dance party; is that Slade's van out front? He's arrested for the murder of Jay Newman in front of everyone, these kids are going to have a hard time adjusting to all of this.

Danny, Ally and Marosi are scouring the sand dunes by the beach while Slade is fingerprinted and his DNA taken at the station. Mark arrives to find out what's going on; he's horrified to find out it's about the Jay Newman murder. He KNOWS Slade did it! Is that a problem in the UK? Ah jeez, Mark well and truly does it, he identifies himself as Slade's alibi. Oh don't do that. Slade appreciates it, though!

Marosi figures he's got the spot, off to digging! Pru is doing shots and pretending she still has no problem, right? She SHOULD be on the phone with an attorney currently, not mooning over drawings in a dark bar and making new friends. I'm so judgy, I know. Addiction is a BEAST.

Ah Hailey's at this same bar and she sees Pru's new friend slipping something into Pru's drink, GET OVER THERE AND SAY SOMETHING. She texts someone instead, which turns out to be Slade, who shows up just as New Friend is leading an almost incapacitated Pru out the door. Slade headbutts (LOT of headbutting on this show! Is that an English thing?) New Friend and takes Pru out of there.

He holds a come to Jeebus meeting with a slurring Pru, this may not be the best time to discuss her addiction, Slade, while she's just been roofied on top of the drinks and diezapan she's been taking for ages.

Pru wants to call Mark; she loves him, she always has. Slade says she'll get over it, he got over her, didn't he? Look, not a ping! (I think there's a giant PING, it's just masquerading as anger right now) and he throws her down on the sofa to discuss further how much he so doesn't care any more. He's protecting Mark, ostensibly , she broke his heart lo those many years ago and he won't have her doing the same now.

Marosi's search has indeed turned something up; it's a small skeleton buried under the sand. Danny's confused and devastated at the thought of telling the Wells', but it gets even more complicated just then: the skeleton is a girl. Marosi's been having them on and Danny is furious, taking a run at him and two cops taking him out before he can is one of the best shots of the season.

Danny's talking to Mark back at the station, he thinks this whole thing is a massive hoax perpetrated by Jakob Marosi; working with people from the inside. Mark shares that Marosi used to write letters to his dad, Danny can't believe that, he shouldn't have been able to contact victims. But he did, so he definitely has some kind of help somewhere.

Alan isn't much help, he burned all the letters from the psycho and won't talk about them. Julie managed to save one envelope, but didn't see any of the letters, being well kept in the dark by Alan. They all referenced the three acts, though, which Marosi also mentioned to Danny in interview. The postmark twigs Danny, that's traceable.

Back at the station, Danny's narrowed down the possible helper to an Angela Clark, do you think she was the woman in that first scene at the cult-like family supper?

Ally asks Karl if she needs to apologize for the other night and did I miss something? Karl says he usually gets what he deserves and whut? This can't be about her leaving the Glam Rock night to chase the MaybeJesse phantom around the improbably single-entranced security-guarded building. We'll come back to it!

Angela Clark IS the woman from the first scene with the Marosi shrine, which she immediately shuts away. Ally and Danny press and press but get nowhere. Ally threatens to bring them in for questioning the following day, but could they do that in the afternoon? They have church in the morning. The brightness of the zealot is in her eyes, though, she believes Marosi to have repented and become redeemed. He was possessed, though! Er, says Danny and I. But she goes on; Danny himself is the emissary for the devil and that's it, we're oot of that partic loony bin. Danny wants a look in that closet and I bet he does.

Pru has awakened at Slade's, he's got her stash, by the way. He doesn't want to hear any more self-pitying nonsense about Stuart taking Nico, she needs to get clean if she wants a chance at sorting things out properly, including getting her daughter back. Stuart and Nico won't be back for a week, so they can try then and I'm absolutely sure a lifetime of addiction can be cured in one week there, in Slade's flat with him.

Pru asks what's wrong with all of them? Didn't they all go missing that day in the woods? Why didn't they stick together? She got shipped off to the states but there there, it's all right, they make up and hug, shh shh.

Danny rings just then, he's here to see Slade. He needs Slade's help to find out if Jesse is alive or dead. Ahhh, Danny's recruited Pru and Slade to do the extra-legal entry of the Clark's residence while they're at church. I THOUGHT that was a really clunky threat: talk to us now or we'll have you in for questioning really soon like! Maybe tomorrow! They watch the family leave and then Slade's off with Pru standing chickie at church with the ultra-religious.

Er, Slade, the fact that they left a pot of boiling water STILL BOILING on the stove ought to warn you that someone else lives there, yeah? He searches everywhere, but didn't Danny tell him about the cupboard Angela shut so obviously? He's photographing a bunch of documents and isn't that when someone gets bashed across the back of the head? Pru's USELESS at standing watch, she's got her eyes closed and praying (maybe this is why you don't ask an addict in crisis to do something requiring masses of concentration?) while the Clark patriarch runs out of the church, he's remembered he's left the potatoes on the stove.

Slade is literally walking down the stairs directly facing the main door when Clark bursts in and dashes into the kitchen. Slade stares and then starts his way back up the stairs ever so quietly. Clark, for his part, stares at the non-boiling pot of potatoes dumbfounded. He looks again and again; Slade squeaking up the stairs in the background: it's a MIRACLE! People will only see what they want to see.

Just then, Pru realises that the husband has slipped away, she just had the one job, see, keeping her eyes open. She calls Slade, who pulls up outside the church. Thanks for the warning.

The four are gathered at Slade's office going through the documents that Slade photocopied; they've found something. There's a storage shed kept by the family since 1998, right by Marosi's house but paid for by Angela Clark. Danny doesn't know how to use this! How can he use this? There's no chain of evidence, no smoking gun, what can he do? Slade tells him he can go open up Unit #92 and see what's in there. How will Danny get a search warrant? Anonymous tip!! Go with an anonymous tip!

But no, Slade and Mark are gonna take care of it then, and anything usable will be delivered to Danny in a nice anonymous package.

Slade and Mark are at the storage facility, looks like a legit place, lots of surveillance and locked access. Mark creates a diversion with the soda machine and Slade messes with the CCTV so they won't be caught. They search the locker, which looks like a home library with filing cards, while a hatted fella creeps up on them.

They find a chained chest full of weird evidence; there are tapes saying Act I (Target), Act II (Pain) and Act III(Kill) and all sorts of DNA-laden trophies and you know they'll be sorting through looking for Jesse now. The masked character bursts in, it's...Danny. Well I suppose that was to be expected. They find Jesse's tapes amongst and we're out staring at his name.

So. Is Jesse alive or dead? Is Jakob the killer AND a mastermind at messing with people's heads, using his network or born-agains to do his dirty work? Is Ken involved? I just don't want to give that one up yet! He's right on the fringes, BUT was introduced very early on, at Selena's crime scene even, and the same for Karl. It's a gorgeous day, I'm off for bike rides with my chilluns, will do the finale over the next couple of days. Peace oot!

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  1. Thank you for writing these. Only recaps that I’ve found, and I’m in the home stretch of a binge watch… Still utterly confused tho.

    1. I found it was one of those stories where most of the episodes they give you nothing but questions and then dump absolutely every answer on you the last two or three. Then I sort of picked through and went “oh! Oh THAT’S what that was for!” That’s how it went for me. Are you all done now?

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