The Flash S2:E16 Trajectory Recap


Weeee! Flashy Pants is back! And we meet a new speedster tonight!

Come on! Its The Flash S2:E16 Trajectory Recap! Needs more exclamation points!!!

Team STAR Labs are at the dam wall, watching the overflow hit the bottom 1000 feet below. Barry is trying to improve his speed and get himself faster than Zoom. Cisco is 80% sure he will make it across the canyon, well maybe 76%. Barry takes his run up and jumps, it's looking good, until the doofus looks down and loses his speed. Cisco saves the day with his drones and a rather large net, but I'm pretty sure the Flash needs to change his pants right about now.


Jesse is waiting back at STAR labs, and her dad well sums up the attempt, "At least he's not a red splat on the side of a mountain." Barry starts going back over ideas to increase he speed, but Cisco has other plans. His theory is that down time improves productivity, and wants to get turnt at the club, man. Harry won't let Jesse go out with the other cool kids, but finally relents and lets her go, and somehow finds his wallet $50 lighter and she's allowed to borrow the car. Father/Daughter mind trick level 1 complete. She does end up with a tracker on her wrist, a fair compromise I guess.

The crew hits da club, complete with glow in the dark ice cubes, Testris-y wall art and Kamikaze shots. Iris and Wally join them, and bag out the club, but hey, Barry saw it had four stars on Yelp, ok? Jesse and Wally meet for the first time, and sparks fly. Well they would if that dang tracker didn't keep going off. Jesse goes to the powder room and tinkers with the tracker, the signal switches off but it starts to play her dad's creepy oral diary. All gravelly voiced revenge plots and threatening to kill the man that stands in his way, something tells me Jesse hasn't seen this side of her father.


Iris and Barry watch Cisco breaking out his best dance moves, and Iris makes Barry promise that if they ever do get married, he won't do that at their wedding. There go the West Allen stans, smelling salts to table 3 please! They talk about how weird it is that they're married on Earth 2 and in the future, and wonder what their doppelgangers are up to right now. Iris thinks it's probably the Earth 2 version of Netflix and chill, to which Barry replies "Sounds nice!" Easy there, tiger.

Streaks of lightening appear and fly through the club, clearing out the tills and taking people's wallets. It's another speedster! Barry gives chase, and it's a chick! And she's faster than Barry, waayyyy faster. She managed the clear out everyone in a ten block radius in under six minutes, not bad, lady!


Joe arrives at the club, and Iris shows he and Barry a pic someone managed to get of the speedster. It looks just like all the photos of the Flash, this does not look good for Barry. Iris's boss gets hold of the pic and wants to write an exposé on The Flash, painting him as a petty thief and exposing him for who he really is. And he wants Iris to write it, The Flash's journey from street to freak.

Jesse confronts Wells about the tracker watch, and plays the recording. Wells explains that he had to help Zoom steal Barry's speed, but Jesse is having none of it, she sees him as a killer and doesn't recognise him anymore.

Barry and Cisco try and work out where the speedster has come from, and Cisco is keen to track her down, she owes him sixty smackeroos. She could be a Zoom crony, leftover from the before the breaches were closed, but that's unlikely. And the only other way to create a speedster is by particle accelerator explosion, even less likely. Caitlin tells them that there is another way, Velocity 9. The speed drug that Jay took when Barry was on Earth 2, the one no one told Barry about before. Jay knew how dangerous the drug was, and didn't want Barry to use it to enhance his speed. Barry is furious, it could have helped him stop Zoom and save Joe 2, Jay and Earth 2 itself. Caitlin tells Barry that Jay was sick, it was killing him. Cisco goes to comfort Caitlin and puts his hand on her shoulder, and Vibes. Hehe, yep still twelve.


Cisco sees Zoom in a room circling around him. He comes back to reality as his social media meta-human alarm starts to shriek. Cisco announces that Bad Flash is back, and Barry runs off to try and catch her. Cisco is rightfully disgusted at himself for the choice of name. The speedster is wreaking havoc in the streets, and punches Barry when they cross paths, way too fast for him. Barry gets his first good look at the speedster, and is shocked that it's a girl! Ew, girl germs!

Cisco however is much more excited, and asked some purely scientific questions "Was she good looking?" Well sure, let's objectify the lady speedster, did you get a look at her boobs too? Barry was too busy being punched to notice, but noticed she had a great suit and wore a mask. Caitlin has a thought, when she was making Velocity 9 she consulted a colleague at Mercury Labs, Eliza Harmon. She followed protocol and only gave her three out of the eight elements, perhaps she reverse engineered the sample?


At Mercury Labs, Caitlin and Joe go and see Eliza. She's all buddy buddy with Caitlin until Joe starts to ask a few questions about the new speedster. She tries to fob them off with a story about diminished security at the lab, and tells them that she destroyed all the samples she had. They fall for it, and leave her to her work.

Later that night, Eliza is still at the lab, having a very involved conversation with herself. She's tired, but the little voice in her head is telling her that she knows she wants the drug, it makes everything so much better. There's one vial left, and she takes it and heads out to have some fun. And get more Velocity 9.


Barry is heading off to train, and Wells confronts him about a vial of Velocity 9 that has disappeared. Barry hasn't taken it yet, but thinks it's only fair, seeing as everyone else has been cheating. Wells tell him that if he takes a short cut, he'll lose a chunk of his humanity every time he compromises his values. Wells tells him to not be like him, to be better, to be like Jay. Barry throws the vial on the floor, smashing it.

He heads back up to the lab and asks if there's any progress tracking the speedster. Cisco says he's working on it as all the electrics start to crack and fizz. A burst of lightning enters and takes Barry away, it's the speedster! And she locks him in a cell down in the pipeline. She flies back through the lab and takes out Joe and takes his gun.


The speedster needs a fix, and Caitlin recognises her as Eliza. "Eliza's not here right now, my name is Trajectory." And Cisco wonders why the crazy ones always name themselves, but all I can say is Bad Flash? You got nothing, Cisco. Eliza insists that Caitlin hand over the V, and to me that sounds suspiciously like the D, but sure, Velocity 9!

Caitlin refuses, as a doctor, she can't give someone something that will make them sick. Eliza demands she hand it over or Cisco gets it, and fires a shot his way. He ducks down behind the cabinet where Jay's helmet is kept and Vibes. It's Zoom again. There's no Velocity 9 left, and she threatens to kill them all until she gets the V. She grabs Jesse, and they tell her that they can make some. Better get on it quick smart Doctors, Trajectory is not a patient woman.


Iris and her editor go to have a coffee and discuss her article, and she insists that the Flash is good and that she knows it wasn't him. He tells her that he once wrote a story about a Mayor that everyone saw as good, but turned out to not be. That you can't trust that the people you think of as heroes, truly are. Iris insists that the Flash is a hero, and the editor whose name I will get one day, expresses his doubt that she would ever want to date anyone who is anti-Flash. Uh oh,  looks like someone got the wrong end of the stick. Sometimes coffee just means coffee, fella. Scott, that's his name! Scott realises that she was just stalling, and tells her to write the stinking article. He didn't want to date her anyway, smelly Flash lover! Ugh, that sounds gross, sorry!

At STAR Labs, Wells has some vials of Velocity 9 ready and Trajectory snatches them up. She's suspicious, however, and injects it in to Jesse. Nothing much in the way of deadly happens, and satisfied, Trajectory zooms off. They let Barry out, and he gets there in time to witness Jesse having a fit and frothing at the mouth. It was pure Velocity 9, and it's proving too much for her system. She needs a blood transfusion, what's her blood type? PZ Negative Wells tells them. Uh huh, so even blood is not quite the same on Earth 2. Wells is the same type though, and they start the transfusion. Jesse is okay, and Wells tells her that he's going to spend the rest of his life making it up to her for all the terrible things he has done. She asks if he'll ever stop doing these terrible things to protect her, if he even knows how dark he has gotten.

So Trajectory has vials of Velocity 9, now what? Turns out Caitlin put micro trackers in the drug, and Cisco is onnit. She's running back and forth on Central City bridge, creating friction, building up enough energy to destroy it and everyone on it. Barry gets his ass down there as the bridge starts to collapse, there's two hundred people that Barry has to save. He makes a start then Trajectory comes in with the Superman punch again, accusing him of ruining her fun. She makes one more pass over and the bridge collapses with her on one side and Barry on the other.

He'll have to run Mach 3.3 to get over the river, and he takes his mark. He runs, and it's like a slow mo Chariots of Fire but with more leather and lightning. He makes it and takes Trajectory down, taking her by surprise. She tells him it's not over and goes to inject herself again. Barry tells her to stop, that he knows she's not a bad person, it's the Velocity 9. He knows what it's like to feel like you want to be the best, that there's not enough time to do things the right way. He tells her that she's not well, and to let them help her.


She does it anyway, and asks him how it feels to know that she is faster than he will ever be. She flashes off and her lighting starts to turn blue. She gets faster and faster and starts to burn up. She shatters in to nothing, leaving her suit and mask behind.


Wells goes looking for Jesse, and finds the watch tracker. Jesse has recorded a message telling him she's going out on her own to discover what the world can offer. She tells him she loves him and to please not come looking for her. She boards a bus for Opal City and is gone.

Caitlin tells the others that Eliza pretty much evaporated from cellular degeneration. Barry is still trying to get his head around the fact that her lightning turned blue, like Zoom. Does that mean that Zoom is sick too? Wells tells them that he thinks Zoom is dying, that's why we wants Barry's speed. He needs a cure. Same as Jay. Cisco and Caitlin immediately refuse to believe it, but Barry says "We've seen a speedster be in two places at once before." Wells says there's only one way to find out, and Cisco adds "I guess now would be a good time to tell you I've been vibing Zoom." Every time he's been near Jay's helmet in fact.

Cisco vibes on the helmet and we're back with Zoom. He takes off his mask, and yes, it's Jay. Cisco comes back, and they ask what he saw. "I saw Jay. He's Zoom." Barry runs off to the canyon and screams out his anguish, betrayed again by a person he looks up to.