Trailer Round Up!

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out the latest movie trailers doing the rounds.

Let’s see whats we got!

Let’s kick off with a bit of Hiddles, with a side of Luke Evans. This looks good!

Hmmmm, a remake. Interesting cast, and some interesting hair choices. Does have that creepy kid from Hannah Montana though. Hmmmm.

Fassypants. Jim McAvoy. Oscar Isaac, J Law. Sansa. Say no more.

The super cut Scandinavian T-Rex Askars, and the gorgeous Margot Robbie.

Like a boss.

The ridiculously good looking Eva Green, and a much loved series of books. Sweet!

Eh, I love me some Marvel, but not especially these two. But Sebastian Stan and a teenage Spidey, oh who I am kidding, you know I’ll see it.

Bob Weirdick. Chocolate Google. Like Jason Bourne in jorts. Best lines in the trailer?

And we’ll finish off with this, I’ve heard some good things. Kirsten Dunst, and the two Princes of Uglyhot, Michael Shannon and Adam Driver.