Great British Bake Off S11:E04 Chocolate Week Recap

We're back in the tent and the kitchen enjoying the delectable work of our cohorted bakers on the Great British Bake Off woooooo! I can't wait to see what these talented and amazing bakers do with chocolate! Without further ado (because maybe this is super late - it's been a week!!!) let's roll into my GBBO S11:E04 Chocolate Week recap!

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Happy New Year / New Decade 2020!

Hi everyone! It's time for my end of the year wrap-up and also the GingesBeCray regular newsletter so I'm combining!! Which is cool and not lazy, right?? RIGHT? So what happened on the site in 2019 and the rest of the tenty-oughts? I'm glad you asked!

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GingesBeCray Has a Patreon!

GingesBeCray now has a Patreon!

GingesBeCray Patreon Link!

But honestly, nothing is going to change on the site, it's just some bonus stuff, like newsletters and ad-free advance recaps and choosing and that kind of thing. There is absolutely no pressure or anything uncomfortable-making, levels start at $1/month and zoom all the way up to $10, but that's quite a lot of GingesBeCray, if you know what I mean.

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What’s Good, 2018?

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Hi everyone, how was your year? Mine was fraught, but it's ending on a good note so I will I am super superstitions about the coming of the new year, which is like...everyone. But let's look back for a minute and stroll the last year's worth of recaps and see what was the most read!

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