What’s Good, 2018?

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Hi everyone, how was your year? Mine was fraught, but it’s ending on a good note so I will take.that.all.day. I am super superstitions about the coming of the new year, which is like…everyone. But let’s look back for a minute and stroll the last year’s worth of recaps and see what was the most read!

The number one recap written in 2018 is:

Below Deck Mediterranean S3:E04

Proving the old adage that shooting attractive fish in a yacht-shaped barrel is super entertaining for people.

It wasn’t the most read recap of 2018, however, that honour belongs to last year’s winner, the Harlan Coben-helmed mystery series:

The Five S1:E10

Another of his series also hit the Top 5, Safe from the Red Production Company was a big hit with this episode capturing the most eyeballs:

Safe S1:E1.3 Heaven

Rounding out the top of the list are last year’s number 2:

Doctor Foster S1:E01

I think that’s extra interesting as an incredibly confusing season 3 premiered this year.

Nobody does a season finale like Wentworth, my recap of the third season was #5

Wentworth S3:E12 Blood and Fire

an honourable mention must be included for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag from 2016, whose finale took the 6th spot.

Fleabag S1:E06 The Sexhibition

But what were MY favourite shows to recap, you ask? Oddly enough, not those. I loved All Things Sarah Lancashire as always, including her turn in Kiri.

I re-discovered my love of baking via the Great British Bake Off, even with different hosts.

I had a great time messing about on Twitter with the awesome Sanjeev Bhaskar from Unforgotten; he singlehandedly propelled the third season of Unforgotten into a Top Ten recap for the site.

Unforgotten S3:E06

Come Home was the most personal series I’ve ever recapped, but Dietland got it’s own personal essay series, so woooo! Some other biggies with Collateral and Bodyguard, I do love a good British dramz-thriller. Broadchurch finished it’s third and final round with a depressing but important series.

I’m not sure what’s ahead for 2019, I am super short on time these days and even more unsure I should be spouting opinions at all, but we’ll see what shakes out. I wish you all the best (except for the hate-readers), have a great New Year!