What’s Good, 2018?

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Hi everyone, how was your year? Mine was fraught, but it's ending on a good note so I will take.that.all.day. I am super superstitions about the coming of the new year, which is like...everyone. But let's look back for a minute and stroll the last year's worth of recaps and see what was the most read!

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Kiri S1:E02 Blue Eyed Jesus Recap

Hi everyone and welcome back to the new drama Kiri staring (the amazing and brilliant) Sarah Lancashire. It also is chockful of other large talents, like (excellent) Claire Rushbrook from Homefires and (apparently very popular, definitely lovely) Cara Theobold. Let's roll the second installment without further ado, shall we?

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Kiri S1:E01 Ticking Our Lefty Boxes Recap

It's time for some Sarah Lancashire on my telly, woooooo! Now, in case we've just met: I have been a fan of Sarah Lancashire since I first saw her in Happy Valley. I've since watched the entirety of Last Tango in Halifax, Rose and Maloney and even more Happy Valley, so suffice to say I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. Kiri is one of the few things the notoriously fame-shy actress has recently promoted and I am here.for.it. I promise to be super duper subjective and openminded (look, I kept a straight face and everything!!), let's roll S1:E01!

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