Real housewives of melbourne recap

Introducing….The Real Housewives of Melbourne!

This is the Queen Bee of all of Bravo's franchises, Andy Cohen cut his teeth with this formula and now takes home tasty cheques courtesy of the antics of these privileged, primped and certifiably nutso ladies from around the globe. This Melbourne franchise has been a slow burn with S1 being well received but a victim of the inexcusable casting of Andrea Moss who, whilst not only as stuck-up as hell, was also excruciatingly boring. S1 saw the introduction of two more ladies who were a little more divisive: Sri Lankan pocket rocket, Pettifleur Berenger and, my fave ever Real Housewife, Gamble Breaux.

This post will introduce you to this current cast of the Real Housewives of Melbourne and give you a little taste of their personalities, significant others and the vast array of products they are shilling us.

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New / Free Book Alert: Cathy & Edna

Mickey Winter BookYou may have seen this book being promoted on Twitter; it's by the artist formerly known as Sugarbreadmaker, SugarTitz, GummiBear and a couple of other know who I mean! It's free on Kindle for the next two days: Cathy & Edna on Amazon, take a read and leave a review! Hey, we've gossiped and swapped comments with a published author! Yay! Do we wanna do this as a Book Club choice for Bookie?