Unforgotten S1:E5 The Knock On The Door Recap


Welcome back to Unforgotten, where the feet are getting ever closer to the fire with regards to Who Killed Jimmy Sullivan? Lo those many years ago. Let's see what DCI Cassie Stuart can come up with this time, she's kind of brill, yes?

Cassie's shaken about the news of another victim; Sunny comforts her while they race to the scene. Everyone else is waiting; Les staring at his father while the words "he can't hurt anyone any more" run through his melon, Sir Phillip waiting for his son's Turkish friends, Curtis looking for Lizzie and the cops are advancing on... who?

Eric Slater, of course (KNEW IT!), and no, Les, it can't wait until after the anniversary party. "Dancing Queen" by ABBA plays while Cassie shuts it DOWN. Eric isn't under arrest... YET, but he is cautioned. It seems Les called Cassie about the rest of the conversation he had with his mum in the rain. She's insisting that Eric buried a body on their property, which would tie in with Eric not ever wanting to leave that house.

The police search the property late into the night; the other brother shows up so we can hear what's going on nice and clearly. Claire saw Eric burying something wrapped in a carpet in the middle of the night in 1978.

Shirley Cross is sitting, pondering her uncertain future (or counting beads, I don't know) when Sir Phillip finds her. He cries while he talks of how tortured he's been all these years, knowing what he's done. I'd like to be affected, but all I can think is that I bet it hurt a LOT more for the people with nails through their wrists, and they didn't have a choice as he did.

It's the next day at the Slater residence, nothing has been found, nothing at all but Cassie thinks they still have to take it seriously.

Sheila's telling the Greaves the extent of their problems with Father Bob. He WAS the one who staged the break-in at the church, and has been stealing from the church and them for years. So what was he spending the money on? JoJo of course, but was it blackmail or keeping her on the side?

Lizzie's drinking under the overpass with some new hobo pals, ruminating on the nature of a life suspended, waiting in limbo for the knock on the door. They've all done that, the people who knew of Jimmy Sullivan's death, just sat on hold while Jimmy Sullivan's bones moldered in a basement. She's been judged, found guilty and sentenced, all without any formal involvement and I'm worried that she seems to have given up.

The dogs have found something in the Slater yard after all, and while it's dug up Sunny wonders what happens for everyone else when someone's been living a lie, do they stick by that person they thought they knew? Or do they disappear?

Bishop Joey has been looking everywhere for Father Bob, finding him tucked away. He and everyone else would like to know where the money went? He'll need to go to the police, as well, since it isn't just embarrassing everyone, the stealing for years being illegal. Father Bob caps off his week with physically threatening his friend the Bishop and strides away.

It's a male body that's been discovered in Eric's garden, hmmm, says Cassie. She was expecting female, but I wasn't. I think the dead body might have been Eric's lover when he was a person. Cassie's trying to figure out how an "unassuming bookkeeper" has found himself connected to two murders, could it have been a love triangle?

Les looks wigged right out as a reporter knocks on his window; could HE have murdered someone, and his dad with the violent temper just buried the body? Nah

Bella's seen the news that Eric's been arrested and calls her dad, ecstatic. He's in the clear! Sir Phillip er-ooh, he's already sent the Turks (is that appropriate?) after... who? Gordon Fenwick I would guess and nuffing wrong with that, except that now he'll owe them one. Then another, then another. Mobs are very obliging in the beginning, much less so on the back end, my TV tells me. It knows EVERYTHING!

Ray ended up in fisticuffs with the hooligans while looking for Lizzie, now he's in seeing Curtis. He won't abandon her, just as he wouldn't abandon Curtis.

Eric and his lawyer are in for formal questioning while his sons wait outside, I hope to hell someone else is sneaking Claire off to a home where she can get proper meds and actually ENJOY life for once.

Eric says he was friendly with many of the part residents of the hostel; he has no idea who put that body there?


She'd like the names, please? He has no idea, he's terrible with names! As an ex-bookkeeper, I call allllllls the bullshit on that.

Claire's NOT being sneaked into a home, she's being interviewed separately by Sunny. She's not lucid, though, she really needs to be stabilized first. A doctor and not a lawyer would be better, wouldn't it?

Sir Phillip is being cockblocked by poor cell service, it seems he may not be able to call off the Turks after all. Ray slows to listen to the news of Eric's arrest, you can come home now, Lizzie! Everyone knows it wasn't you! Father Bob didn't go to the police, though, he went to the boardwalk and he's 'CITED to see the news of the arrest. Look at Eric Slater, finally making people happy after all this time.

Curtis has come round to see Ray; someone's seen Lizzie and he's offering to search through the homeless with Ray

The forensic team is digging through the grave in the garden when they find a wallet: who's is that? That's going to be important.

It seems Fenwick's entire house burned down with him innit, must have been smoking in bed or somefing like that. Everyone at Chez Cross looks very grave.

Cassie's trying to convince her son (I almost called him Raff!) to take his grandad out for a pint, somewhere nice, though


Sunny's getting the forensic down low on that's been found in the grave at the Slater residence, it seems our dead body was Nicholas Whitmore, who was 24 when he died. He was last seen at the very end of 1978 and was training to be a nurse. He disappeared two years AFTER the Slaters bought that house, so. HEY! Nicholas Whitmore last used his bank card (they had bank cards in 1978?) at the King George Pub and Candice made a King George Pub on the Great British Bakeoff last week! Apropos of nothing.

I can't be the only one wondering if that particular pub is a gay bar, am I?

Father Bob is explaining to his family what the money has been for; he paid for JoJo's abortion, at least he THOUGHT he did, but she had the baby, which she told him two years later. He's been supporting JoJo and his daughter Thea emotionally and financially since. He's deeply ashamed but heading to the police station to turn himself in now. Nobody says anything until he leaves, when the Angry Daughter takes off after him and starts to beat him as hard as she can.

How people handle secret lives indeed.

We're interviewing Eric again; but Cassie knows a LOT more now. She starts by bringing up the homophobic attack Slater was charged with, so he stops speaking and she lays it all out for us. Jimmy had come to the city as a broke runaway, and he did what most broke runaways do: he prostituted himself. That's why I was surprised when Lizzie didn't mention having to hook, every single runaway I've known had to and THAT I did not learn from TV.

Back to the story! At the time of Jimmy's death, he was extremely short of money. He had borrowed 50 pounds from the mob to pay for JoJo's abortion and then Vincent stole it, so he was down 100 pounds and nobody wanted to buy his obviously stolen car. So, he went back to selling sex, which triggered Eric's homophobic rage and led to his murdering Jimmy.

Mackay, who knew everything that happened in the hostel, came through again for the police, he remembered that Eric said he saw Jimmy servicing a male client in the alley behind a queer pub. Guess who was also gay? Nick Whitmore. And the King George was a gay pub after all; and they DID have bank cards back in 1978. Guess who else had a bank card back in 1978? Eric used it right next to the pub right where and when Nicholas Whitmore went missing. They can place Eric at both murders and connect them together.

It's time to think about the victim's families, Eric, what happened? He's sticking with "I didn't do it" and that will be it for the victim's families for now.

Josh and Bella are freaked out about Sir Phillip hiring someone to kill Fenwick, she thinks it will be fine soon, but he doesn't. How could it ever be fine again?

Lizzie's made it out of the underground with her suitcase, thank the gods. She looks good, but no, she isn't, she isn't good at all. Oh Lizzie


People would have forgiven you for your past, you could have done so much good.

*cry break*

A guard is called in to see Eric, he wants to speak to DCI Stuart. He didn't kill them, but he knows who did. And we're out.

Join us! One of us! One of us!