Wentworth S2:E6 The Pink Dragon Recap

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Hi guys! Technically I'm supposed to be doing any number of other shows but I decided to say screw it, I needed a Wentworth. Rolling S2:E6 The Pink Dragon after the break.

Somehow, Sky's made it to the roof, what?? Everyone finally notices and Will and Liz are sent up to talk her down. On the ground it's all "is she trying to kill herself? Nah, she's just high" but she might fall anyway, since she's so tippy. Will gets her just before she falls over.


Ferguson is just furious that someone's getting more gear in


And working Liz over. She even knows to use Su-Yun to twist the knife, Ferguson really has been paying attention. Ferguson's gift is finding out what people want and need and then dangling it over their heads. Vera needed respect, Bea didn't know she needed friends and Liz needs to mother people. This is her chance to make up for not protecting Su-Yun.

Liz's no rat, though, she holds firm while Ferguson stomps out to order a raid.

Liz yells at Franky again, that gear was crap but that doesn't matter anyway, since the raid has been called, everyone's flushing everything anyway.

HAHAHAHAHA Ferguson staring down a German Shepherd


There is no doubt as to who is the Alpha here

The yield is small, so Ferguson digs in deeper in talking to Vera. She knows Franky is bringing it in, but is also too smart to bring it in herself. Ferguson highlights the multiple recent visits by Spitz. Vera will be monitoring all contact between those two.

The men have returned to the yard to work on the garden project; Franky doesn't waste any time complaining about the shitty gear. He offers to bring in Pink Dragon to appease, it'll cost but it's worth it and it sounds hella phallic, amirite? Nash is listening intently.

Simmo and a bunch of other women are being led to the visitor's lounge; get that number for Bea! Spitz just wants to know what the fecking holdup is: why hasn't Simmo killed Bea yet? Simmo stutters on about not beingĀ  murderer and being a target. She even suggests that Spitz kill Vinny, but it's worse than just what will happen to Simmo; she has to do Bea or Spitz is a dead man, just like Kat's brother. And where would they get the money? Simmo and I know EXACTLY where. He grabs Simmo's hands, which doesn't go unnoticed by Vera, who strip searches Simmo after. Nuffing.

Ferguson and Vera are brainstorming after: if it's not Simmo bringing in drugs, who is it? Vera overhead Bea Smith but there isn't anyone visiting Bea these days and as Ferguson notes, she isn't a pushover anymore either.

Nash and Dory giggle and joke around under the eye of the guards but it's not all fun and games, he wants to warn her about Pink Dragon. A couple of people ODd on it recently and it's just....we don't find out, because it's quittin' time.

Dory tells Liz, not Franky and why?? Liz is thinking of starting up a shitstorm and that's not a good idea, Liz.

Simmo's got Bea's number all right, but she's got to do the middle management and is she planning on ripping Bea off? Bea and I think maybe. "He'll" need half up front and uh huh

In the lunchroom, Simmo adds the hitman to her call list while Will and Bea flirt. Liz watches Franky do business and I am quite worried Liz is going to do something stupid. Oh and she does, she goes right to Ferguson. You can't SLAG, Liz!! She tries to say she has no idea how its getting in but that's of no use to Ferguson. They come to an agreement


Vera's brought the hitman's phone number to Ferguson; Ferguson uses her personal cell phone to trace the number and that's a little odd, isn't it? Why wouldn't she use the giant phone sitting on her desk instead of her cell phone carefully locked away in the corner?

She's fencing again, victorious once more. Her instructor is impressed but warns her to remember to time her attack carefully. She must draw them in closely before striking and that is so apt for Joan Ferguson!

Another man enters the studio, he's traced Simmo's number to a contract killer, which interests Ferguson very much.

Ferguson blocks Simmo at the phones the next day: that number won't go through. It hasn't been approved. Satisfied at Simmo's panic, Ferguson strides away to poke at Fletcher some more. There's a vacancy at Wolford Prison!

Simmo freaks out in the bathroom, what's she gonna do? She breaks some tile off the wall, though, that's handy. Practically a perfect shiv.


Vera wants to know what's going on, but Ferguson knows it's just a matter of time now. They just have to wait and see what happens, she says, staring at the yard. Vera warns about a power vacuum causing someone else to step up *cut to Bea*, "that's fine" Ferguson says.

Simmo's in the yard with her giant ceramic shiv now, a hard shoulder makes her think twice and she drops the tile on the ground while the Governor watches. She cries while Bea comforts her, Bea's turning it around in her mind, she'll come up with something.

Simmo and Spitz have a very unwise phone conversation about "doing Bea Smith" while Ferguson listens, ah ha! Perhaps she was wishfully thinking Franky was the target, what will Simmo and Ferguson do now?

Simmo goes to see Franky (during study hour)


I didn't realise Simmo was an addict before. She wants a hit of the bad gear and Franky sells it to her. Bea finds her but she's not awake and maybe not breathing. Ferguson is NOT going to like this and she doesn't, but takes a moment to enjoy the irony that Bea saved Simmo's life AGAIN while Simmo is an arrow poised to kill Bea. An arrow poised....does that work? Sure

Vera's got to go home to take care of her mother, offering her a slow-release Oxycontin (apparently that's bs, according to a report conducted) and crying and choking and spitting and the end of life is never pretty. The doorbell rings, it's Joan out of uniform and with food for them. She comes in and Rita abuses our Vera until Joan leans in nice and close and whispers...what?

Joan retreats to the kitchen, noting all of the medications on hand, hmmm. Is she feeling Kevorkian-ish, our good Governor?

Simmo's doing better the next day, so Ferguson orders her returned to her unit immediately. Er, what says Rose? Bea's over waiting so she approaches a still-dazed Simmo in the lunchroom. Simmo's not exactly thinking straight and she's tired of Bea nattering at her about the stupid number already and snaps. Bea isn't having that, so she goes right at Simmo, unintentionally goading her own potential murderer into having the nerve to pull the trigger.

Out in the yard, Dory and Nash are cooing over the bird while Franky gets the gear from Ugly. Oh and that's not all, he wants more than a Boomer Blow, he wants extry for the Pink Dragon. He pushes her down and is just about to rape Franky when she grabs a garden tool and stabs him in the Pink Dragon.

Franky is led away in handcuffs after, how is that fair? Ugly's scrotum was pierced; Franky and I are pretty happy about that. The garden project is over now, so Nash and Dory will never see each other again and damnit. Fletcher gives them a second to say goodbye and then it's done.

Vera's checking out the garden shed, she finds the drugs hidey hole, but it's empty. Who grabbed it? Boomer?

It was Boomer who "rescued all the gear", Franky's gonna be so excited, she tells Liz! Liz immediately goes and rescues the gear again, but for Wentworth Correctional this time.

Ferguson is watching Simmo like a hawk while she gathers materials, starting with the sticky stuff you use to put up pictures and then a length of wire. Liz shows up in her office again, raid time! I don't know who's more disappointed in finding the heroin in Boomer's bed: Fletcher or Boomer, but this is serious. Liz looks ashamed.

Franky's doing pushups in the Slot when Ferguson pops in, too bad about Boomer and her "traffickable quantity" setting her back in for seven years. Franky almost cries but rallies to visit with Booms a bit through the wall.

Ahhhhh, Ferguson's slipping Vera's mum's drugs to Simmo, is she keeping Simmo sedated so she doesn't go after Bea? Simmo certainly seems out of it.

And now we have it; Simmo's supposedly smart attack on Bea. My money's still on Bea, but I do admire all of Simmo's planning. She's got rubber gloves from the cafeteria, the wire, and Bea all wet in the shower. Simmo's setting up an electrical booby trap in Bea's room, connected to the door, but the fact that everything's blurry has made it non-lethal.

Ah fuck, Bea finds Simmo with another needle in her arm, that poor woman never had a bloody chance. Ferguson stands back and watches.


The needle is full of pink liquid and our closing montage is Franky freaking out, Bea resigned and Vera checking her mother's missing meds. Ferguson hides a wire (??) and her taking off her fencing gloves is almost pornographic, isn't it?

So. I'm starting to worry that I'm TOO paranoid about the new Governor, it's just that...Fletcher DID get all the Pink Dragon, that was the first bit to make it into prison and it was found immediately. So how did Simmo end up with that in her arm? And why didn't her booby trap work? It looked relatively sound. I'm guessing the two pills Ferguson stole from Vera were used. One we saw Simmo take, but the other? Those pills were pink as well...And why would Ferguson be protecting Bea? To those lengths? I just don't know, but I bet if I keep watching, I'll find out! I'm not sorry Ugly got stabbed in the Pink Dragon, but Franky has to be worried about all the junkies on half-methadone clamouring at her door. Until next time, cheers!