Wentworth S3:E4 Righteous Acts Recap


Welcome back to Wentworth, I've missed it so! Bea's ruling with an iron fist in a velvet glove while Franky hangs on by the skin of her, er, teeth. Something is up with Harry's murder and Sophie is acting a lot like her mom. Rolling Wentworth S3:E4 Righteous Acts after the break.

We open in a dark parking garage with a slight young man having the absolute SHIT kicked out of him by masked assailants; I think they're female.

A quick cut to Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) and Rose (Maggie Naouri) in bed, they really are two spectacularly good looking people. There was no point in that scene that I could tell, but hey... pretty almost nekkid people in instead of face stomping. Will take

Lucy (Sally-Ann Upton) isn't letting Franky (Nicole da Silva) forget their tryst any time soon, she's following her around the lunchroom suggesting tattoos for her while Bea (Danielle Cormack) watches and Maxine (Socratis Otto) waxes poetic re: Cindy Lou's culinary efforts. Liz (Celia Ireland) isn't listening to anything, she's so worried about Sophie. Dory (Shareena Clanton) gently reminds her about her ob-gyn appointment the following day, guess who wants to step in and go in distracted Liz's stead? NO, GUESS!!! Jess (Georgia Chara) is Jenny-on-the-Spot and I worry for Dory and now Liz because Jess is as single-minded as can be.

Liz gets an offer of support from Lucy, who knows what can cure a bad belly


Remember two episodes when I said I thought it would be cool to see someone like Lucy throw down, so we weren't always seeing the same body types get busy? I TAKE EVERY BIT OF IT BACK. Anyone BUT Lucy, who's a predator of the highest order, not just a "hep-c infected lezzie" from cell block H. I am going to try not to read anything size-related into how Lucy's sexuality is clearly part of her grossness.

But I have read Shrill by Lindy West, so.

Jodie (Pia Miranda) is being returned to general population, she looks terrible and clearly feels even worse. Vera has noticed.


Liz is having a counseling session with Bridget/Gidget (Libby Tanner); she's really worried about Sophie. She thinks the acorn is falling right next to the tree and she can't get any contact with the family. She's feeling horribly guilty for not being there for Sophie's whole teen years. All those years playing Mother Hen to those women and not her daughter are taking their toll. Bridget makes calls from her personal cell and STILL nobody's answering any of the phones.

Will and Rose have decided to take a sick day. I thought Will was fairly smart and intuitive, but when he calls the Governor a pussycat, not The Freak as the prisoners are... a loud knocking at the door disturbs them, but he's not answering doors today, no sir! It's not The Freak breaking the door down, though, it's the police and they have a warrant. He's not being arrested, however, his DNA didn't match the crime scene, but he's still a suspect because he admitted to being there that night Harry dies. Rose looks FREAKED out.

Bridget is making zero headway with Franky, but we all enjoy their banter, don't we?


Liz finally gets hold of someone at the house, but Kay won't say anything other than it's her fault and hangs up. She broaches the Governor, but she's no help of course and out of nowhere, Liz goes full mama bear. She charges the fence and threatens the Governor and gets dragged away by guards screaming and is taken to the Slot.

Governor Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) suggests that Will go on ANOTHER suspension until this mess blows over but he hasn't got any vacation time and it would have to be unpaid. She must be soooooo frustrated that none of her evil plans have come to fruition as she wants. He's still there! She can't force him to take leave! Argh! She says it's his decision, but she has a history of motivating people to see things her way.

Liz is awakened in the middle of the night; a crying prisoner won't allow processing and OH NO IT'S SOPHIE.


Tell me you didn't cry, you big liars!

Oh no, Sophie (Edwina Samuels) killed a cyclist with her car, she was drunk and did a hit and run. Damnit.

Liz walks Sophie back to H Block, she's being roomed next to Liz thank goodness. But what a horrible family reunion. Dory and Bea come introduce themselves, they're Liz's best mate (Dory) and the Top Dog (Bea) and if things had been different, it would have been two best mates. At least you can look after Sophie while she's in there, right Liz?

Franky wakes Jodie up in the middle of the night, but it's the Governor's hands she feels instead and WHAT???? The Governor is sexually assaulting prisoners?? That's what she was doing taking prisoners out in the middle of the night?? Franky asks, but Jodie's not talking. She gets out of her that Bea was the one that got the information out of her, however

Liz hears Sophie crying and crawls into her bed to comfort her, I hate that this is how they start to mend fences, but I'm glad they're together. When Liz was so tentative about comforting her daughter, how afraid she was of being rejected again, she broke my heart.

Franky is waiting in Bea's room, reading her fanmail, and letting our Top Dog know that Jodie gave her up as the source. Bea is furious and tells Maxine they need to teach Jodie a lesson, poor f*cking Jodie, man, a pawn from all sides. I'm more worried about what the Governor did to her, I hope that wasn't what it looked like.

Jodie's safe for the moment, in Medical with Vera (Kate Atkinson) asking for a urine test. Too late, though, when Jodie sees the Governor, she pees her pants she's so terrified. Bea sees this and we're all wondering now. The Governor kiboshes the urine test, WHAT was Vera looking for?

Jodie's sent with Bea to clean up and please, Bea. go easy. She... kind of does? A little pushy-shovey but Maxine's heart isn't innit. She and Bea feel bad for whatever wiped Jodie out in the cells.

Franky and Bridget's session goes a little better than normal. Bridget thinks Franky will be gunning for Bea, but she found being a Top Dog exhausting. She just wants to get OOT. I also think she wants to f*ck Bea up before she goes, but she's gotta be so close she can smell the sunshine now, so.

Governor Ferguson has called Rose down to her office to discuss Rose and Will's relationship, this must be the first move in the Governor's current offensive to get rid of Will for good. Ferguson is NOT HAPPY to hear that Will has visited Fletcher in rehab


Old dreamy contemplative Fletcher (Aaron Jeffrey) is gone, though, he's starting to lose his temper again easily. He doesn't really remember Governor Ferguson, just that she doesn't like him. They didn't get on, he remembers that. Oh shit, when she asks about a work colleague coming to see him, he gives up Vera! Vera who told the Governor that she definitely wasn't visiting Fletcher. You can see Ferguson's ears go all the way up.

During basketball in the exercise yard, Lucy makes another pass at Sophie to be cut off by Bea. Dory comes up with Jess, freshly back from her OB-gyn appointment. A ruckus breaks out on court and everything gets pushy, when Dory is shoved I had to stop it. Then I carefully watched through my fingers and had to run it back to find out why Bea was hurt. In the middle of all that, Bea was shivved. I don't think it was Franky, but Maxine and Bea sure do.

Sophie is watching all this looking very close to the edge.

In Medical, Bea's getting stitched up when Will comes in and tells her about the DNA not being a match. Bea slumps down to sleep when the Governor comes in to gloat and break it down for her. Real leadership involves.


Bea wants to know why Jodie was so scared at the sight of the Governor, ahhhhh, the Freak sent her after Bea. And that explains why the shivving was so ineffectual, Jodie weighing 80 pounds of pure nerves.

Vera's brought the shiv to the Governor's office, but really, Ferguson wants to give her the gears over Fletcher. She can't believe Vera lied to her, it compromised Vera's loyalty to her and and the prison and showed wayward judgement. Vera breaks in, she just didn't want to hurt the Governor's feelings. And while the Governor is soooo appreciative of that (ha! as though the Governor has feelings) there will be no more visits to Fletcher, does she understand? Last thing:


There is only one answer to that.

Bridget finds Franky in the hall, she was worried that she pushed Franky too far... but Franky didn't shiv Bea and she's not taking Gidget's apology, neither. F*ck off.

Oh and all the triggers. Okay. Liz and Sophie are about to have a shower when Lucy and her gang bust in. They immobilize Liz while Lucy gets set to rape Sophie. Salvation, blessed salvation arrives in the sinewy form of Franky with a mop handle


She dispatches of the gang post-haste and THIS, THIS is why Franky was a top dog in the first place. Yes, she used people like chess pieces, and yes she let Boomer get hurt because she had to, but she took care of her own. Bea just does what she thinks is right, Franky was always about her gang. I wonder if that's why Franky was mopping, keeping an eye out for Lucy and her gang.

Oh but I'm wrong once more. Liz goes to Franky's cell to thank her, guess who's there drinking and trying to have a party? Sophie's half in the bag already, I guess Franky was either wanting Sophie for herself or using Sophie against Liz and taking out her anger on Lucy at the same time. Or all three of those reasons, feelings are hard, but I should always remember the immortal words of Maxine Conway.


Rose isn't able to let go the whole police thing, she's seen the connection between him and Bea. Even if it's not sexual, it exists and they need to discuss what's happening. He hasn't even gotten a lawyer and that's CRAZY.

Oh ho, on the news is that video of the man being beaten, it seems he was recently tried for beating his wife, but was released. Within the group of assailants, at least one IS a woman, and I'd bet money that it's Kaz Proctor, given that she calls herself and her group the Red Right Hand and Bea a hero. She mentioned most of this in her letter to Bea, hmm. Where will that go? We're oot, so we'll have to find out next time.

The questions I want answers to both involve Jodie: what was Ferguson doing to her in the boiler room and what was Vera trying to test Jodie's urine for? I would also like to know if Vera is really on TeamVera and not TeamFerguson, but that I imagine will be revealed in the fullness of time. Until next time!