11.22.63 Episode 7 Soldier Boy Recap


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We left Jake with memory loss in the hospital after copping a savage beating from a bookie's thugs. There's not a lot of time left to stop Lee Harvey Oswald, but the doctor's aren't sure how long it will be until Jake will get better.

5th November 1963, with 17 days to go before the assassination, Jake wakes in the hospital. He's still having hallucinations, and see technology and people from his future life. He sees Al as his doctor, and he tells him he almost did it, but he bought in Bill and Sadie and ruined the whole plan. The thought of Sadie brings him back, and he wakes properly in 1960, but it still too weak to do anything.


Sadie helps him with his rehab, and prompts him to try and improve his memory. He's still patchy, and can't remember many names, including Bill's. Sadie helps him pack to head home to Jodie, as the hospital is releasing him. He tries to remember what happened to Bill, but has no idea that he had him committed. He sees Deak and remembers to asks him about Miss Mimi, but she has passed away while he was in his coma. When signing his release form, he he a flash back of signing Bill in to the mental hospital.

With ten days to go, Lee goes to the FBI in Dallas and asks to see Agent Hosty, wanting to confront him about speaking to his wife, following him, and bugging his house. The secretary tells him that he's not here, and Lee starts to freak, and writes a note that he demands she deliver to Agent Hosty, forthwith.


They go to the hospital, and find Bill was transferred to a ward where he has been treated with electroshock therapy, after no one came back for him. Jake explains that there's been a mistake, and that he has been in the hospital himself. Bill enters the room, and he's a shadow of what he once was. Not all there, at all. He doesn't remember anything of what they were up to either, and is excited to learn that they are taking him home. He thinks he's going home to Kentucky, but Jake tells him he needs his help first. Bill has been made to believe that their mission was all in his head, and refuses to believe that anything is real. He's been taught to put that all away now, and doesn't want to get shocked again.

Jake signs the papers to release him, and makes arrangements to cover all the costs. Sadie turns just in time to see Bill jump out the window. He lands on a car below, and poor Bill has paid the ultimate price. Jake and Sadie bury Bill in a lonely plot, a long way from his home and whatever family he had left.


With 5 days to go, Jake is at home in Jodie, struggling to get back to normal and feeling angry and frustrated. Sadie is trying to work out what he was trying to do, all he told her was that it happens in November, and there is only two weeks left in the month. She shows him a news article about JFK coming to Texas, this seems to be the only big thing scheduled to happen between now and then. Jake pops another pain pill, and does not want to play and tells her to back off. Sadie refuses to let him slowly kill himself on the couch with pain pills, and reminds him someone will be murdered and he's the only one who can do anything about it. He washes the pills down the sink, and agrees to go through everything that he told her before his beating.

Lee's mother goes to see him, worried about his obsession with the FBI, telling him to stop bothering them. She's afraid that he's not living up to his potential, and misses the boy he once was.


4 days before and Lee sits in park, when he spots a newspaper beside him on the park bench. It details JFK's visit to Dallas, and we see the beginnings of a very evil idea go through his head. Or has the idea been in there all along?

3 days to go and Jake gets some sudden clarity when he sees Sadie teaching Deak the Madison. "I think I lived on Madison Street."

2 days and Sadie and Jake head to Dallas and find Madison Street. Sadie begins to knock on every door in the street, in the hopes that someone will recognise him. They have no luck, until Jake recognises the house and they head inside. Someone else lives in the downstairs flat, and she is very unfriendly and shuts the door in their face. They head up and meet Lee on the stairs, and he asks where Jake has been. He tells them that the last time he saw Jake and Bill was a month ago, and then they just disappeared.

Sadie manages to invite her and Jake in, and tells Lee what happened to Jake and Bill, leaving out the whole mental hospital thing. Jake spots a pile of The Worker Marxists newspapers, and pictures of Lee start flooding his brain, and just like that he knows what he's there for. He feigns needing water and starts searching the kitchen, and pulls out a knife from the drawer. He heads back in to the lounge, but Lee is gone. He appears the next minute with the baby in his arms, and there goes Jake's opportunity. Lee tells them it's time they got going, and Jake dumps the knife after they leave.


They get to Jodie, and Jake hasn't told Sadie what he's remembered. He thanks her for all her help, and tells her he needs to go and lie down. He puts on his jacket, gets his gun and heads straight back to the car. Sadie is there already waiting for him, knowing that he was lying. She's had it with the lying, but once again he tries to convince her he's protecting her. Jake tells her that it's Lee he has to stop, and she agrees that he has to kill him, despite that beautiful little baby. Jake knows where Lee keeps his rifle, and decides that if they can get it, he can't kill JFK.

Jake and Sadie go to the house where Marina has been staying, Ruth's house, where the rifle is. Ruth doesn't believe his story about Lee asking to meet him there, and refuses to let them in. Sadie manages to sweet talk her, and she lets them look in the garage, but he has no luck finding it.

It's now 12.30am on 11.22.63, twelve hours to go until the assassination. Jake and Sadie stake out the Book Depository, where Jake has decided he'll lie in wait and try and take Lee out without killing him. A police officer arrives and moves them along, the area is being cleared in preparation, so there goes that plan. They move the car to an out of the way street, and prepare to wait out the night.


Sadie puts on the radio and they talk about what things are like in the future. She falls asleep and the radio starts to crackle and loses the station. The street light starts to flicker, and suddenly it's the Yellow Card Man sitting with in the car and not Sadie.

He tells Jake that he can't go through it again. His daughter drowned when she was four, and he's been going back in time again and again to try and stop it happening. He's tried every variation, but there's always something in the way. He can't stop, he has to try. Jake tells him that this is different, but the Man tells him to go.


In a flash, Sadie is back in the car, and the Yellow Card Man is gone. Jake proposes that they just let history happen and drive away. Have a home, and a life together, wearing matching sweaters like old people. She tells him they can't, he came here for a reason, and now it's her reason too.

4 hours to go, and the streets are getting bust. Jake and Sadie have fallen asleep, and the car refuses to start when they wake. The past is pushing back, so they head out on foot. They find an unlocked car, and Jake manages to hot wire it.

Lee is with Marina, and she asks him to stay and spend they day with them. But he tells her he has a job to do, and heads out. Carrying a very long package. He heads to the Book Depository with a workmate, and Lee tells him he's not interested in watching the motorcade, he plans to work right though it. In a very creepy scene, Lee heads to the window upstairs in the Book Depository and starts to set up his sniper's nest. He readies his rifle, makes sure it is clean and loaded, and sits down to wait.


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  • Just thinking about electroshock therapy gives me the heebies.