Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3:E06 Yacht on the Rocks Recap

Here we are, already back with Below Deck Sailing Yacht and we may be dragging anchor but as long as the crew are getting their 'smoochies' in, I guess we have our priorities in order! Rolling into my recap of BDSY S3:E06 Yacht On The Rocks after the break!

We're back in 31 knots of wind banging the Parsifal III across the ocean floor with the anchor unable to do anything; young deckhand Tom Pearson was making out with third steward Ashley Marti when things started to go south so he didn't notice in time. Alarms start ringing at 5:53 am, it's all hands on deck trying not to run this luxury supersailingyacht aground.

Captain Glenn Shepherd is moving fast and not talking much, he'll deal with the Why later, now he needs to stop their trajectory. Chief Engineer Colin Macrae has never seen anything like this; the ship is aground in two meters of water, banging over and over onto the ocean floor. The guests wake up, Primary James Cox Jr. can tell immediately what's going on. He and the rest of the guest gather in the salon while Ashley tries to calm everyone with drink offers.

Chef Marcos Spaziani is on deck helping Captain Glenn, nobody's getting breakfast until the Parsifal is off the bottom. Somehow, someway, Captain Glenn and his crew are able to get off the ground and everyone is safe again.

Captain Glenn now needs to know Why.

How did Tom not notice the wind coming up? And he was on deck messing about with cushions instead of alerting other deck crew? It literally blew him over! Captain Glenn 100% does not buy whatever Tom is selling.

Tom is angry and churlish after the talk; he knew they were going to blame him! Wait until they roll tape...chief steward Daisy Kelliher tries to calm him down, he can be kind of immature. I mean, he's young.

Second steward Gabriela Barragan slept through everything, the guests have to fill her in on the excitement of the morning.

Captain Glenn gets statements from the rest of the crew, first mate Gary King and Colin got up because they felt the boat heeling over and Colin heard an alarm. It's Tom's own statement to Ashley at 5:45 that may seal his fate; he told her he thought they were dragging anchor a full ten minutes before Captain Glenn was woken up. He sends Colin and Gary underwater to check the hull; if there is any damage to the keel they will not be able to sail.

Colin reports back that the rudder is untouched but there are chunks of antifoul (??) missing. They set sail for Menorca and a peaceful docking that Tom still manages to mess up.

Guest departure goes well, I think the lack of sailing is going to affect the tip, which isn't really fair. Captain Glenn cannot manufacture wind! I mean. That sounds wrong.

Tip Time Meeting!! I will guess....$14,000 USD based on Marcos' amazing food and the inability to sail. Locking it in, final answer woooooo!

Captain Glenn wants to discuss the Yacht On The Rocks episode first, fair. He's calculated that the boat dragged seven lengths before he was woken up; next time don't do that. Anybody. coughTomcough

Okay, I was close! The tip is $16,000, which is just under ten thousand dollars more than last charter and $1778 each wooooo!

Gabriela thinks that's a huge tip considering they almost killed the guests.

That felt like a really fast charter, right? I mean, they just got there!

Captain Glenn and Gary talk in the Bridge after the meeting; they're not confident in Tom's ability to do the right thing and now feel like they're going to have to be very careful for the rest of the season. I didn't realise until then that Tom's job was actually on the line.

Both the Interior and Exterior teams end their day early at 4:00 pm, the girls and boys get all fancy for a night out. Ashley has decided once again she's bored with Tom being defensive; she just wants to f*** Gary. Let's break that down, shall we?

  1. Gary isn't interested in you, Ashley
  2. You just screwed his deckhand, barely two days ago
  3. Gary isn't interested in f****g you

Gabriela says it best when she says "everything is a game to this b***h. Sometimes being too confident comes back to bite you in the a**."

So Gary is a complete wanker who hits on everyone (except Ashley who tries too hard); he's now decided that even though he made out hard with Daisy, who he REALLY likes is Gabriela. I love that she shuts down his attempts at flirting with 'we're building a friendship, Gary.'

Did I forget deckhand Kelsi Golgia again? I did!

Ashley is being a complete arsehole at supper; you know when you're in a group and there's always this one insecure girl that projects a lot of confidence but constantly tests the water sexually with literally everyone person present? Must have all the attention all the time? That's written across Ashley's forehead right now.

Tom pounds beer after beer, this is not going to be a good night for him.

Soon there is a pause to head back to the boat to get into the hot tub; Gabriela falls down the stairs and Daisy thinks this is a good time to broker peace between the two of them.

Ashley definitely does not like that Gabriela was made second stew over her; she does not like being delegated to by the straightforward Gabriela and always runs to softer Daisy. Gabriela is just trying to show Daisy she can run the interior and gets frustrated by Ashley not listening.

Of course they end up fighting, Gabriela leaves it until the next day. She's tired of Ashley whining about how she's being talked to while still: not doing her job.

Everyone else is out on deck in the hot tub, including Ashley taking body shots off Gary.

Tom's had a super shit day.

He caused some damage, it could have been much worse, he found out that Ashley doesn't really like him and in fact: tattled on him about something that wasn't even true and now he's got to watch her drooling all over his boss again.

Never mind the stuff about his best friend's dad in the hospital in a coma.

He's 23, he's embarrassed and sad and drunk, he's having a terrible time. He watches Ashley follow Gary into Gary's room so she can give him a massage.

I don't like that he follows her up on deck to the hot tub, calling her a 'sket' (??) and pouring alcohol on her. The whole crew is there (except Captain Glenn) so I'm not worried for her physically safety but I still...that's not okay.

When he follows her to her cabin, it's Daisy who physically removes him from the space and Gary takes him further away. You just can't do that.

Gabriela climbs into Gary's bunk instead, they make out while Ashley tosses and turns in her bed alone.

Tom calls his mum in the morning, he feels like he's turning into this monster and he doesn't know how to stop it. I wonder if he's going to be kept on after this night and that incident with the dragging anchor. Daisy had to fight to physically remove him from shouting in Ashley's face.

They have an extra day between charters, that's lovely! Let's see...Gary has made out with every woman on the boat except for Kelsi. Did you feel that, Kelsi? That rush of cold air? RUN!!!

Remember when I loved Bravo's editing that showed two camera streams bringing us two perspectives of the same scene with an overwhelming sense of doom? They're doing it again in this episode and I no longer love it. They're showing a juxtaposition of Captain Glenn and Gary discussing Tom's ineptitude against Ashley making her way on board to confront Tom and it is...not effective.

Ashley is all attitude when she grabs Tom: no need to sit, it's going to be fast because I'm taking and you're listening, got it?

I mean, she can have sex with whomever she likes, they're single etc etc. But treating someone like a disposable sex object will always make you an arsehole and sometimes there are consequences for hurting people's feelings.

Captain Glenn calls Daisy, Gary and Marcos to the crew mess for a Preference Sheet Meeting and I'm going to try really hard to be excited about it but I'm still sad for Tom. I know what he did wasn't okay!! I'm not saying it was.

Who's coming aboard, Captain Glenn? Our next primary is Jim Blumenthal from Denver. He has a super young-looking (in picture form) long-term girlfriend named Veronica Morris and some other people's whose names I'll catch soon. Maybe.

Gary and Daisy still flirt all the time, even Captain Glenn has noticed. Gabriela already told Daisy she touched Gary's 'pee pee' so I don't even know. Daisy doesn't either; she thinks she and Gary have a real connection while the rest of the stewards there are just fighting for second.

I wouldn't touch Gary with anyone's pee pee, I have no idea how he gets so far around.

Captain Glenn is really trying not to give up on Tom but the next thing we see is Tom spraying water all over the expensive and sensitive yacht controls and Captain Glenn trying not to blow his own yacht controls.

Tom just needs a reset. He needs to calm down and sleep and stop overthinking and wake up tomorrow to do better. He talks to his mum and goes to sleep.

Nobody went out at all that night, everyone is awake and bright eyed the next morning. Captain Glenn calls Colin and Gary down for a chat. He doesn't want to give Tom any responsibility at all; Colin knows that means he's thinking about firing Tom but Captain Glenn hasn't fully decided yet.

Gabriela talks to Ashley again, this time while everyone is sober: why doesn't Ashley respect her and come to her? Why is Ashley always running to Daisy? Ashley explains thusly: she doesn't have a lot of female friends. Let's break that down:

  1. Gabriela is not your friend
  2. Gabriela is someone who gives you work
  3. Are you saying you can only take work from a man? Or from someone who isn't straightforward with you?
  4. Not having female friends may say a metric tonne more about you that it does about the women you're having trouble befriending
  5. Nobody's jelly, Ashley.

Holy cow, guests are here already! Well, almost, ten minutes and why is Daisy blowdrying her hair?? Tom goes to his cabin to apologize to Captain Glenn and explain how hard he's going to smash it this charter but Captain Glenn isn't going to lie to his face. He tells him he needs people he can trust; they'll talk later.

Whatever good feeling Tom had managed to dredge up from the bottom of his soul is gone; he's going to be a dangerously overthinking mess this whole charter. I hope everything turns out okay, but I guess we'll find out next week! Until then, cheers!