Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3:E16 Parsifal’s First Wedding Recap

We’re almost to the end of Below Deck Sailing Yacht!! I can almost taste the Below Deck Mediterranean that’s waiting for me starting tomorrow! Who’s excited?? ME TOO! In the meantime, let’s roll into my recap of BDSY S3:E16 Parsifal’s First Wedding after the break!

We’re getting ready for our first wedding aboard the Parsifal III tomorrow, isn’t that exciting??

We’re a little worried because our awesomesauce chef Marcos Spaziani has a huge challenge on his plate with making his whole galley gluten-free and restrictions on dairy AND a wedding cake and and.

First we have a night in on board, I’m sure nobody will drink too much and stay up too late with this short turnaround, right?

They have a catered dinner sitting on deck where the guests usually are, they actually all look like they’re on charter. Interesting. First Mate Gary King is cuddled right up with newish junior steward Scarlett Bentley, who is tired of him ignoring the dynamics of hitting on her surrounded by all the other women’s he’s been hitting on this entire season.

Marcos is feeling very fatalistic about this last charter and one of the guests being celiac. He’s wrong about that guest not being able to have potatoes; those are absolutely fine, 100%. If someone tells you they have celiac’s disease and can’t have potatoes: they are lying and just don’t want to eat gluten.

Gary and Scarlett are upstairs by themselves; deckhand Barnaby Birkbent messes around with junior steward Ashley Marti and wow, if she banged him that would be every single male member of the deck crew on her bingo card.

I don’t count Chief Engineer Colin MacRae because he’s mostly below deck.

The last charter guests taught our crew about a drink called a Hurricane, where the drinker takes a shot, then someone throws water in their face and slaps them. Ashley has been slapping Barnaby all night.

Gary tries to kiss Scarlett, who pulls away. He is frustrated that he has to hide his affection for her; she’s over the crew dramz, thanks. Chief steward Daisy Kelliher rolls up to the bar where they are, followed by Ashley and literally everyone else drinking their faces off.

Hurricanes for all!

Except Gary, who’s stuck pooping in the bathroom. He wakes up Captain Glenn Shephard to get some toilet paper, they’re both missing all the fun! Gary makes it up in time to get slapped by Daisy, after which he spits his shot in her face.

*le barf*

Then everyone gets super drunk, starts practicing the Worm, taking body shots off each other and diving into the water. The girls all go to bed and the boys end up in a slapfest in their room, laughing hysterically.

It’s a very, very hungover morning before charter. Colin and Marcos don’t even get up until 9 am and that’s because Captain Glenn wakes them.

52 hours, guys! You got this!

Right before the charter arrives Daisy bumps into Scarlett, breaking a wine glass and sending shards everywhere. I’m starting to get annoyed at how slowly and dopily everyone is moving; stop drinking you laggards!

The guests are picked up on dock and brought to the Parsifal III via tender; they all look fairly normal and I couldn’t pick any out of a lineup.

Our Primary Charter Guest is Laura Daly, her husband is Matt Zimmermann, their friend Allegra Gray is marrying Gabe LastNameUnknown.

Captain Glenn gets the sails up immediately; it’s so gorgeous and peaceful. I love how Bravo contrasts the guests and deck crew loving the beautiful sailing experience with the interior crew fighting to stow everything safely and pick up things falling everywhere.

Marcos has gone completely gluten-free for everyone to avoid cross-contamination; he is also following a Low FODMAP diet. That’s even trickier than gluten or dairy free; that means no onions and no garlic. Peppers are also really reduced on that type of diet, man, he’s really up against it.

The guests heard about the rope swing, they wanna go! I still don’t know…it looks close to the edge of the ship. One of the guests tries and panics and doesn’t let go, banging all over various poles on deck before ending up where he was in the first place.

Totally me.

Time for a tender trip to the caves, so cool! I almost wanted to travel again but then post-COVID travel is apparently almost as fun as COVID travel so maybe next decade. Or so. But those caves look amazing.

Ashley and Scarlett listen to Gary flirt with Daisy; does he not understand how gross that makes him look?

Is this…a Greek party tonight? Or horoscope? Lemme check my notes….it’s an astrological rave which is absolutely not a thing but here we are!

Marcos is a Capricorn like me!

Oh wow, his second course is all peppers, that is totally not following FODMAP huh.

Below deck, the crew hits each other in the nards and plan music for the wedding, awww.

Marcos will be up all night making his cake; the oven is too small to make all three requested cake layers at once. I was right with him until he compared the cake to a woman that he has to keep moist with massaging and touching here *demonstrates* and there *more pinching gestures*.


You could just use a simple syrup like every cake baker on YouTube.

Most people are much, much perkier day 2 but Marcos is dragging arse big time. He got four and a half hours sleep, that’s not great. But the cake is baked and now it’s just time for decorating! His mom was a baker and pastry chef; he’s going to do her proud! So she doesn’t yell at him later.

Breakfast is easy peasy; the guests head to the swim platform with deckhand Kelsie Golgia for swimming and sea-bobbing. Allegra and Gabe talk to Captain Glenn; I guess this is our rehearsal dinner!/brunch.

Daisy has appointed Ashley as main wedding planner; she goes with Gary, Barnaby and Colin to set up on the beach but there are too many people. There are kids, naked people, it’s just packed and they’re not going to be able to set up a full wedding there.

They do make a space; Ashley does a good job with the decor but there are a metric tonne of people watching and milling about closely.

Awww they have this beautiful ceremony on the beach at sunset with everyone crying and awesome vows and awww. It wasn’t even terrible and Daisy caught the bouquet!

Gary ran into the water screaming “I’m not going to marry you, Daisy!!” and we’re out!