Happy Five Year Anniversary!!

You guys! I missed our five year anniversary!! But we’re here now, let’s just focus on enjoying the moment and not thinking about who missed what for almost a month. Okay? Yay!

Once upon a time, there was a lonely woman surrounded by adorable and wonderful princelings but not nearly enough conversation about things of debatable value, like television shows from England with amazing casts. She even thought she talked too much! Five years later, she now knows she talks juuuust the right amount, although let’s be honest: not nearly enough these days.

Five years! I’ve been reading recaps for probably three times that long, but I just couldn’t get the idea of writing them myself out of my head. I had a LOT to say. I’d like to think the writing on the site has gotten better over the years, but I know that’s completely subjective. I have stopped making up words, for the most part!

The very first (totally cringeworthy) recap posted on the site was for a short-lives series called Work Out New York but I had to take it down a while back because: so bad. So bad! There was fat-shaming, all kinds of shaming! I still weed those out as I find them, let’s just say I used to think I was funny in a less-awesome way. I’m still learning, I learn every day, but some of those relics from the past can stay buried.

Then came one of my favourite shows ever, Apres Ski. It’s Canadian, it’s Bravo, I had a LOT to say and while most of it wasn’t super offensive, I clearly had a lot to learn. I’m still proud of a couple of rants in there.

There were more of us in the beginning, which was a tumultuous time for all kinds of reasons. Someone once told me: if you’re online for several hours a day, there’s probably something…not awesome going on offline. I can’t speak for others, but I did a metric fcktonne of work on my life offline and in the process I lost some of the online connections I had. I wish everyone well, people are gonna people, ya know? Even me.

Fast forward a few years, guess who propelled those? Two people, who’ve I’ve never met and (100%) likely never will. The amazing Sarah Lancashire and extremely prolific author Harlan Coben.

Between the two of them, they’ve driven the most traffic to the site, followed closely by the Below Deck franchise from Bravo.

I love Sarah Lancashire‘s work and I make zero bones about it. I met a huge number of the SLancs fandom after a chance recap posting on Twitter (I’m still not good at that), where the awesome Dixie Meekings found and posted it on her huge page on Facebook. Several people are now friends, I feel very lucky to have stumbled into that group who indulges my need to talk too much and post every single image possible of our Sarah Lancashire. I also found a whole bunch of new shows that led to other shows which led to other shows…it’s been a boon. Check out my work on Last Tango In Halifax, Happy Valley and Kiri.

Harlan Coben is known as an author but his forays into television series collaborations (The Five, Safe, The Stranger) have all been huge successes. And people like to read the recaps, lucky me! (except that one guy who left a hilariously bad review).

I have a tonne of excuses for why I haven’t posted much lately, but it’s not because I don’t want to! I have a much different life than I did five years ago when I was a SAHM in a swank house with a tonne of time on my hands (and walls to climb because I was so, so). I am so, so much happier now, trust, but my time is more proscribed with three jobs and working over 60 hours some weeks. I will continue to do my best!

I will mention my Patreon once, carefully, because of the lack of content these days. I feel bad every time I think about it, so please: don’t feel like you have to get in there to sign up. I’m still going to write as much as I can, which is sometimes lots and sometimes: not lots. There is the option of a one time donation to the site, but still: there is absolutely no pressure and I feel super creepy even mentioning it that much. The recaps will still come!

I’ve even branched out into audio, should you be interested in listening to my dulcet tones laughing at my own jokes you can do that! I sound SUPER Canadian, which I didn’t even know. I’m on most podcatchers like Apple, Stitcher, Pandora and so many other places thanks to my IT support person. I couldn’t do it without him.

I couldn’t be happier with the traffic on the site right now; the two main draws are two great shows: Traces and Spotless. I have spoken many, many times about Spotless, it was a one-series show that introduced me to the glory of Brendan Coyle, whom I didn’t even KNOW was on a little show called Downton Abbey. To date, Spotless is the only show I’ve recapped twice, totally worth it.

Traces is a new show AND looks like it’s getting second series. This couldn’t possibly be more up my alley, it’s Scottish, it’s concept was conceived by author Val McDermid, it’s written by Amelia Bullmore and it’s 100% women-driven. I got to make fun of age gaps and winky faces AND enjoyed a funny and intricate plot woven around a crime procedural. You should totally check Traces out.

And with that, I’m out! Thank you so much for reading lo these five years, or listening or any kind of interaction at all. I’ve received emails and messages from all over the world (only two fetish ones!), I am so grateful for the response to what I couldn’t help but throw out there. I appreciate you all. Until next time! Cheers!