The Walking Dead S6:E15 East Recap


Hi everyone, we're almost done season 6 of The Walking Dead, who's nervous? ME TOO!! Let's find out what's shaking with the undead and those who live to hate them.

Last week Carol left and Denise died in unrelated incidents, but really, on this show, is anything unrelated? Carol was tired of all the deaths and the killing and just needed to be away from it all. Denise was killed by the Saviors as a (poorly aimed) warning and now they have no doctor and Tara doesn't even KNOW yet.

We open with blood dripping onto gravel from a spike driven through a car, hearing a cry and then a gunshot and a shot of Carol's crucifix. I'm sure we'll find out what that's all about soon!

We flash back to Carol packing, she's sewing up her rucksack and hiding it under the bed when she hears Tobin coming up.

Does Tobin just have the one plaid shirt? I mean. I know it's the apocalypse, but mix it up a bit, dude.

He says it's all quiet in the infirmary and Carol fades out. She's still smiling and nodding along, but it's like there's a ringing in her ears blocking everything out, so maybe Denise dying and Carol leaving were NOT unrelated incidents after all. She tunes in to worry about when Tara comes back and finds out.

Johnny Cash plays as Coral looks at his gun and Maggie and Glen shower together. He sees something on her back and looks concerned, what's that? I love them cuddling, yay! Sasha hands Abraham a cigar and there's lots of smiling and nodding until we pan back and there's Rosita watching. So awks on the gate this morning.

Rick and Michonne are having morning cuddles; he's doing his best to turn it into action but Maggie has them all on a schedule and she doesn't want to piss off a pregnant lady. Um. This is the zombie apocalypse. You never know when you are going to die; you break off a piece WHENEVER you can! I mean. Honestly, Michonne, have you looked at Rick or yourself lately?? Hawt AF.

Daryl drives out the front gate in an agitated fashion, I thought this was about Carol leaving, but just then, Tobin is filling Rick in on her departure, so it can't be that. Nobody else knows what he's doing either, though, so I don't feel quite as bad.

Glenn, Sasha and Rosita drive out after to follow. Abraham stops them, saying a phrase that absolutely I will use in the next 24 hour period "make room for my freckled ass!" They decline

Meanwhile, as above, Tobin is showing Rick Carol's letter, they've spotted that one of the spiked cars is missing too, so they have an idea of where she's going. Full disclosure: when I saw the previews, I was all pissed off, let the woman go, come on! You don't need to track her down like a dog, she has free will and if she wants to go, let her go! It never occurred to me that they were worried about her safety.

Carol is indeed driving along in a spiked car when a truck full of heavily armed men drives past, shooting out her tires. She waits and they wait, until she finally wraps her hand with her crucifix and hollers in a pretend-pitiful voice "please don't hurt me"!" The men laugh and the youngest says "why does everyone always assume the worst?" right after HE SHOT OUT HER TIRES. Let's get to know each other, says Mouthy!

She introduces herself as Nancy from Montclair, moved around a piece since and again but they recognise her spiked car as similar to the ones at Alexandria, so they wanna know about that. They're planning to take her back and see.

Carol breaks down crying, telling them it doesn't have to be this way. They could just leave and no-one will get hurt. They laugh at her and then she kills most of them with the automatic rifle stuck up her sleeve. Mouthy guy makes it, though, he's hiding but she gets him too. The driver comes after her and that was the scene from the beginning, she spears him with a spike and shoots him when he is impaled. She leaves after on foot.

So. Carol will kill to defend herself, she just didn't want to do it for other people and for STUFF any more. I don't think she thought through being on the road on her own; there is no way she won't need a gang or other people. I mean. Just something simple like finding water requires help, and knowledge is the coin of the land, until Eugene gets his bullet shop operational. Also, if Carol wants people to go away without anyone getting hurt, she's gonna have to look a helluva lot meaner. This crying and faking pitiful isn't exactly the show of strength needed in situations like this.

I think I can live with Carol being sad and regretting it but still defending herself. I think it's better than being completely cold-blooded about it, really.

Back in Alexandria, Enid is going through Maggie and Glenn's canned goods, she smiles!!?? Praise be, she cracks a little smile and that is absolutely the first time I've seen that.

Rick and Morgan (??together??) head East looking for Carol; Rick kind of disgusted with Morgan, who he doesn't believe even KNEW Carol, but we knew better. By this time, Carol and Morgan as former enemies are closer than her and Rick.

Back at Carol's car, the other guy in the cab of the truck survived, and sees Mouthy bleeding out. Just then, Rick and Morgan drive up and find the scene. Rick puts Mouthy out of his misery, and he's just so impressed with Carol the Warrior, saying "that woman is a force of nature" and Amen.

He and Morgan continue East on foot, tracking the blood trail they found leading away from the car. I didn't think Carol got hurt, but I may be wrong. The man from the pickup comes out of the bushes, picks up Carol's crucifix and follows them. Whut?

There is a SUPER graphic walker eating a dead person scene. It's one of Dwight's gang, that's why it's so fresh and bloody I guess? Ahhh Daryl is looking for Dwight to avenge Denise. He feels guilty for her dying on his watch. Rosita also feels that way, but Glenn just wants to know which way Dwight ran off? Rosita and Daryl have it out and Daryl stomps off the other way with Michonne while Rosita and Glenn search the woods, running into several heavily armed men working in formation. Looks like they found the Saviors and Dwight.

Morgan asks Rick about when he sent Carol away: would Rick do the same thing now? Rick says if Carol did that, he'd thank her. He was wrong to send her away, Karen and David were sick and were going to infect a whole lot more. Morgan uses that as an example of people being able to change for the better, but I would argue that RICK was the one that changed. In the second season, he NEVER would have made the call to kill all those sleeping Saviors, life was too precious to him then.

They come across a walker that looks a lot like Carol from the back, but it's more concerning to Rick that she's only a day dead. They're outside a farm and they hear a man yelling; he's just there for his horse and that's it. He runs away, hiding behind a herd of walkers attracted by all the noise and Rick's shot goes wide after Morgan pushes his gun. You don't touch a man's gun, Morgan!!

Rick's angry, he recognises the spear the guy threw as being from Hilltop and he tells Mogan he "doesn't take chances any more."

This prompts Morgan to confess about his keeping the pet Wolf he was trying to rehabilitate, and Denise's part in it. He finishes with a highly favourable story of how the Wolf died; defending Denise FROM A DANGER THE WOLF PUT HER IN. Rick is furious that he exposed everyone to such danger. Morgan wants to carry on alone to find Carol; is he exchanging his life for hers? He talks about full circle, and how much people in Alexandria need Rick, who considers Carol his family, but at the end of the day, I think he's sacrificing himself to atone for putting everyone in danger.

Go home Rick

Enid is helping Maggie again; this time she needs a haircut. She cuts it all off, saying she can't have anything in her way. As an about to be first time mother; that's a great choice. There is nothing stronger and stickier than a newborn's fingers and nothing more alluring that their momma's hair.

She crumples to the floor, holding her belly, what's going on?? There's no way that's labour, it's far too early!

Daryl and Michonne are creeping up on tied-up Glenn and Rosita when Dwight gets the drop on them (WHUT?? FCUKING DWIGHT gets the drop on Daryl??)


and shoots him, saying "you'll be all right" as blood drips down the screen. WHUT???? Are they messing with us like they did Glenn? That was a month of worrying I will NEVER get back! You suck, TWD! I don't mean it, I love you, I'm just scurred, you understand, don't you?? Come back! And we're out

So. Huh. Carol is able to kill people, but only when there aren't any other options and only when her life is in danger? And did they really just kill Daryl Dixon, who is practically the greasy face of The Walking Dead? Next week is the finale and I've already seen the baseball bat and I dunno, man.


I couldn't handle some of what TWD has handed out over the seasons, and a baseball bat just makes me think of Casino which I had the misfortune to watch while pregnant and emotional. The Joe Pesci murder scene haunts my dreams sometimes. Speaking of pregnant, Maggie!!! What's going on?? Just after she fell to the floor screaming they cut top Glenn tied up and that ain't right. ANYWAY, see you next week for the end! GAH

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    I am also a bundle of nerves for Sunday! Are we going to lose somebody? Of course we are! Can’t handle……..

    • There are just too many bad options in play! No way to be happy this week