Wentworth S3:E6 Evidence Recap


Well well well, things are moving away from the Governor in season three on Wentworth, aren't they?? Makes you wonder. Rolling S3:E6 Evidence after the break!

After a bit of "convincing", Bea (Danielle Cormack) and Franky (Nicole da Silva) got Jodie (Pia Miranda) to file an official complaint against Governor Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), we just need to see if it will hold up.

It certainly seems Ferguson enjoyed her sessions in the dark with Jodie, she's reliving them on her way into work looking almost orgasmic. It's her gloves that make her look so evil, I think. And that smirk, of course.


Ferguson was "encouraging" Jodie to shiv Bea; which she did, completely ineffectually. I don't know why the Governor wouldn't choose someone more physically imposing. She heaped so much psychological abuse on poor wee Jodes.

Ferguson's happy walk across campus is marred by the sight of someone at her door; inside Jodie is explaining her complaint to Derek Channing (Martin Sacks), Bea and the Ombudsman. Derek explains it to Ferguson, she will have to answer this complaint in a hearing, so no sweeping things under the rug this time. Oh, but he'll do his level best to see that the truth comes out. As will she, Ferguson counters, reminding him of what she knows about his brothel referral service. The Governor has lost that early morning abusing-memory glow; now she looks angry and dangerous.

Awww, Nash (Luke McKenzie) has come to see very pregnant Dory (Shareena Clanton)! Yay! I do wonder, though, I'm glad they're trying to make a go of it, having a baby is hard fecking work and having a partner can be a huge help, but they don't really KNOW each other, do they? They're practically strangers, like Kyle on Below Deck who knocked up his baby-momma after a couple of hours "acquaintance" and will be supporting her for the rest of his life.

How can they say they love each other? I mean. ANYWAY, they look super happy and I will not pee on their parade! She can appeal for parole in 12 months, woot!

It's a dance party in the HBlock! We've got stripper wannabes (or actual strippers, I dunno) and Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) thumping away in the middle while Sophie (Edwina Samuels) and Franky watch. Sophie gets called in and I'm so conflicted! She looks like she's having so much fun


But Liz (Celia Ireland) looks devastated watching.

Bea and Franky comfort Jodie, who looks far more fragile than she did in front of the Ombudsman. Of anyone, I think she's had it the worst this season, used by both sides and beat right to shite by everyone. At least Bea is allowed to stay with her to help as a Prisoner's Advocate.

Derek is such a pig, yes? Ferguson is asking his opinion of the complaint but he takes a moment to check out the arse of the administrative assistant who brought his coffee before answering. Ferguson is a psychopath, but there is MORE than enough shitty behaviour to go around on this show.

Jodie gets a little prezzie to say thank you for doing her civic duty; a giant bar of chocolate, which she shares with everyone. I mean this in the best way: Australian chocolate...okay, one time a friend of mine fed me seven different types of Australian chocolate in one day (including frogs) and it was all too sweet but perfect, as gifted chocolate is.

Ferguson watches, clicking and clicking and clicking her pen.

Liz and Sophie have another huge blowup in the lunchroom; I don't know how much more Liz can take. Sophie may not have realised that letting the inmates get so handsy with her put her at risk, but Liz does. Sophie says Liz isn't her mum and aw, man, Sophie.

Fletcher (Aaron Jeffrey) find Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) in the staff room where she's trying to hide her Hepatitis medication; he's brought in lunch for her! It's great that he's started cooking again, it seems like things are going better for him all the time. Especially since he can talk to Vera about things...she's saved by the radio going off: Ferguson wants Franky brought to her office.

Franky isn't giving the Governor any more information about Bea and Jodie; that ship has sailed. Ferguson waves her recommendation for Franky's parole in the air and gets to the point: did she help Jodie with her report to the Ombudsman? That takes legal expertise, and we all know Franky's been studying! There's no way Franky is going to do anything for Ferguson.

Will (Robbie Magasiva) is cooking a lovely dinner for Rose (Maggie Naouri); she offers to go grab firewood while he grills kebabs. Damnit, now I want kebabs. Ohhhh, with all the foreshadowing, she finds the murder weapon hidden in his woodpile. He orders her out while he destroys the evidence and she...calls the cops??????? ROSE!!

Det. Mears (Damien Richardson) is back again and has the sheer balls to eat Rose's supper while talking about marinades and his men search the house. Aw man, they head right for the woodpile while he watches, so he knows it was Rose who turned him in. Will let it go, you CAN'T go off half-cocked after another person.

Will has the best kitchen, I swear. Except for Harrogate, I still dream of Caroline McKenzie-Dawson's Aga.

Ferguson has Bea in her office now, she thought they had a working agreement? Seems strange to pin all her hopes on fragile Jodie, yes? She didn't take Bea for a gambler. Bea doesn't even take a nibble. I am seriously worried about Bea in the basement after I see this look


Rose won't talk to Will at work and that's it, he's alone again. Ah Will

All the action is in the lunchroom; Ferguson is watching Franky hang out with Bea, Maxine (Otis Socratis) and Jodie while Lucy (Sally-Ann Upton) makes a deal with Booms to buy some extra-spewy hooch. Mmmmmmm, hard pass please! Jess pays careful attention while Liz stares sadly at Sophie, who's made friends with Coulter (Kasia Kaczmarek) and lunch is over!

Will grabs Bea in the hallway, he has GOT to stop doing that! He tells her about the weapon being at his place; she completely weirds out when he says he destroyed the murder weapon. That's why Kaz Proctor (Tammy McIntosh) was so happy when she saw him on the news last time: she now has the perfect patsy for Harry's murder.

Franky's blue in her counseling session; she's bored and mentally underutilized and Bridget (Libby Tanner) doesn't want to talk about herself either. Oh but Franky is ready to make her move on the good doctor Westfall: it's a nice change because she isn't flirting as a method of aggression or defense. I think she really likes Dr. Westfall. Oh. Oh well I'm wrong, Bridget thinks Franky IS trying to intimidate her with her attentions, she doesn't like it and she doesn't respect it. Franky backs off without rancour, which is ALSO a nice change


Boomer's hooch has gone missing, really??? Who could have done that?? *cough Jess cough* Guess where it turns up?? NO, GUESS??? Liz's room, of course, Jess would REALLY like to be Dory's support system, fanks, and she can see all the stress taking a toll on Liz, leaving her more susceptible to old temptations.

Bea drags Sophie aside; and tells Sophie all about her mum, what she's really like and just as that's happening: Liz drinks. Ah Liz. Addiction is a BEAST.

Something serious is afoot...Jodie is being prepped by the gang for the upcoming hearing with the Ombudsman while Ferguson moves cameras and her thug pulls up in the parking lot.

Bea leaves for her work detail, noticing the camera....but reacting too slowly


Jodie asks if she and Franky will ever be able to get back together? But no, Franky's moved on and Jodie, well, it's just all done, Jodie. Time for the hearing!

Liz is passed out on her bunk when Sophie comes in, I hope she doesn't hold it against her that she's been drinking but of course she does.

Liz goes running out after her and in the ensuing yellfest with Franky accidentally pushes Dory up against a wall. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME WE'VE SEEN DORY PUSHED AROUND, COME ON!! Bridget comes up just as Liz is spilling about Meg and Franky is threatening to kill Liz. She's done, she's disappointed personally and professionally and Franky pretends she doesn't care. What was she supposed to do?

Jodie looks TERRIFIED at the hearing, there's no Bea of course, but thankfully Ferguson is there to intimidate her. Ferguson stares her down the whole time, but somehow she finds her strength and is able to stand up to Ferguson. She doesn't hold it together, however, screaming and crying for Bea. Ferguson calls for a five minute break.

Will gets his final answer from Rose; she doesn't want any more to do with him.

Back at the hearing, Bridget is giving her information to the Ombudsman when Vera comes in with the news that Bea is in Psychiatric and won't be able to join the hearing. Jodie loses it and draws blood on her arm where she self-harms. She rushes towards Ferguson with bloody hands outstretched, screaming anguished apologies and that is it: the hearing is over and the Governor has won.

Vera sees a chance to talk to Derek alone; she asks if the Governor refused to help her during the riot. We know she did and now Vera does as well. She is not all right, Derek.

Fletcher is face to face with the man who tried to kill him; Ferguson's thug drops his keys and Fletcher is able to reach down and get the. That's a great sign, just a little while ago he couldn't even reach his shoelaces on a chair! He doesn't recognise the thug, but Thuggy seems a bit sheepish regardless.

Bea wakes up in Psychiatric shackled to the bed; what the hell?? We're oot but I'm not giffing that, it looks horrible. This is a completely different way for the Governor to attempt to neutralise Bea, hmmmm. So many tricks up Ferguson's sleeve, can anything take her down? Time will tell. Until next time, keep your reactions quick and your woodpiles clear. Cheers!