Wentworth S2:E9 The Fixer Recap

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We're barelling through another season of Wentworth at a record pace (you know, two years behind, but still!) and things are getting very sticky indeed with old favourites being separated from the herd. Rolling S2:E9 after the break

Okay, Liz is one of MY favourites anyway, it makes me sad that she's been slotted off to Protective Custody until she's paroled. She really was just trying to do the best for the women, she just should never have trusted Governor Ferguson. In fact, let's all make a pact to Never Trust Ferguson, shall we?

We open with the malicious Ferguson cutting a sexy swath through the prison like evil in a pantsuit; to enter Dory's cell. Is Dory pregnant? Dory shakes her head no, which only makes the Governor slide on a pair of crisp leather gloves. She did this before, when she was hiding wire and it's almost pornographic, isn't it? Those must be her NoNo gloves, she uses them when she's planting or hiding evidence, or slapping Dory across the face after her repeated denials.

Dory's dragged kicking and screaming to Medical in the middle of the night, waking up everyone else. She's been pushed onto the toilet with Ferguson and Bennett waiting outside the curtain (unlike when Jess was peeing where Bennett had the curtain pulled back). She caves and that's it: Ferguson has her leverage. How did she know?? Who lagged? What was wrong with the pee that they had to test her again? This face


We've flashed back to a much younger Ferguson, looking like a fresh-faced prison guard with a lovely bob and skirt. She seems far too attached to the young prisoner resting her head on her lap?

Franky's on Dory in the lunchroom the next day, what's going on?? Dory's hella worried that Nash will lose his parole for this, she grabs Jess and asks what was wrong with her pee? It was Maxine's pee and THAT will of course be different. I'm confused, we actually SAW Jess urinate in the container before rushing off to find Dory.

Bea's being brought back to H Block already, that seems awfully early. It's a calculated risk by Ferguson, she wants to rattle Franky. Bea is collaborating with the Governor, but she won't strike until she's ready. I don't know exactly what she's playing at, but as always: my money is on Bea. She'll have a backup plan for when Ferguson double and triple crosses her.

Franky and the gang are super surprised to see Bea already, Franky wasting no time in beelining directly towards Bea's cell to flex her muscles; why not throw down right now?? Bea reassures Franky that she's no threat to her


Jess rushes in; Bea's got to come help with Maxine, she's losing it! It turns out Ferguson found the unique chemical signature of Maxine's hormones in the urine and has cut off her meds. Bea suggests maybe Maxine get drugs from Franky? It'll cost her, but what else can she do?

Will's parking when he sees an angry Harry Smith stomping into the prison; he doesn't have a visitor's request, so he's not going to be able to see Bea. Fletcher doesn't make the rules, he's just the one underpaid to enforce them (haha). Harry latches onto Will when he walks by, he better tell Harry's wife that her stuff is all going in the garbage! Ex-wife, says Will. Oooooohhh!!

Bea's gossiping with everyone in the laundry room when Will pulls her out to tell her about Harry being on the warpath, Vera's there to note that as she comes to get Dory for the Governor.

Ferguson wants to know who the father is; when Dory says SHE'S the one responsible for her condition, the NoNo Gloves come out and Dory knows it's about to go south. She puts her chin up, Ferguson can hit her again, but she won't say who it is.

Ferguson is so angry that her hands actually shake reaching for the gloves


But she changes her mind and instead rings for Bennett, sending Dory out and Bennett after the dad. Ferguson flashes back to that young prisoner so long ago, the inmate is very pregnant and afraid that her child will grow up without a father. Ferguson looks so young and soft, lookit!


Harry's still stirring up shite in the waiting room, unfortunately he's doing it in front of Rose now, shouting about Will screwing his wife (ex-wife, says Will) before leaving and running over Will's bike in the parking lot. For the record, Will and Bea only shared one night together; that was in Bea's mind and her first experience in flicking the bean. I have no idea why they call it that; it sounds hella painful.

Bennett steps up to Miles nice and close; was she aware of Dory getting close to any of the Wolford inmates? Miles tries to deflect and then even invokes Fletcher (bad idea), but the new badass Bennett doesn't have a sense of humour, she only has a sense of purpose: if Miles doesn't spill now, it will have serious consequences for her career. Miles spills

Will interrupts Ferguson watching Dory in the laundry room to report the accusation made by Harry in the visitor's waiting area. Since so many people heard it, that's a good idea. He also thinks Harry is responsible for everything else that's been happening lately, like the break-in at his house and the slashing of his tires. I'd forgotten about the threatening texts, but he thinks those are Harry too. Bennett knocks just then and Ferguson sends Will on his way with a painful looking smile.

Ferguson and Bennett are staging another late night raid on Dory's cell; this time she's brought to the laundry room and not Medical. I don't like Ferguson near the steamer. Ferguson comes right out with it, she knows all about Nash Taylor and his about-to-be-suspended parole. But maybe Dory's mistaken? Maybe it was Mr. Will Jackson instead? Either that or it will be two years extry for Nash.

Dory tells Liz immediately; Liz advises her to keep her hoo-hah out of it. Liz asks after Bea, she'll be fine as long as she has Maxine. Maxine might be Franky's now, though.

Rose is cutting Will off at the knees. I guess Harry got through to at least one person. Ferguson's playing her own game, perhaps associated with that pregnant prisoner she keeps thinking about?

Maxine doesn't want to hench for Franky; what if she has to hurt someone? Bea tells her she's gonna have to, that's the only choice if she wants those meds.

A random in ginch is giving Sky a lapdance while everyone watches, party in H2! Franky would like to talk to Maxine in private, but not today! Franky sits Maxine down in a chair for HER birthday lapdance: it's not Maxine's birthday. Poor Maxine, she's almost frantic, so Franky finally relents and listens. Guess who has a new role?


Dory's gathered up all her nerve and she's back in with the Governor. The thing is, they can't prove Nash is the father without a DNA test, and that's not until after the baby is born, and Nash will be long gone out of prison. Ferguson seems to take that with equanimity, getting up to start her tale of the other young pregnant prisoner so long ago. Ferguson was there for the complicated birth, holding the young woman's hand the whole time.

The mother was allowed to keep the baby for six months, when the head of the prison decided that a baby was messing up the efficient running of his prison. Protective Services were brought in and the baby was removed from the mother's care, both kicking and screaming while Ferguson watched.

Is she threatening to have Dory's baby taken away??? She is!! She blamed the social worker for being so easily swayed by the power and influence of the Governor and HEY!!! Wasn't Will a social worker who removed a child from a mother's care? He quit because the mother committed suicide right after but no, that can't be. But why is she trying to hang Dory's baby on him if she hasn't got a vendetta against him? I thought she was trying to stir up shite, that bit with Fletcher, but what if it was all part of... no, no, that's too involved, sorry, sorry, as you were.

Maxine gets her first shipment of meds in the lunchroom (in the most obvious and ridiculous way possible), I hope Maxine's first job isn't hurting Bea.

Oh feck, it is, and Bea knew it would be. She zips up her hoodie at Maxine's entrance and tells her to get on with it. It's so brutal and it's even worse because Maxine cries all the way through it.

Bea's in Medical, all beat to shite, being helped by Rose until Will walks in and it tense very quickly. Rose waits until Bea's limped off to H2 before accusing him of screwing her, courtesy of overhearing Harry. He doesn't even dignify it with a response.

Bea's showering off all her blood with her eyes closed, not noticing that everyone is clearing out. That is the worse sign possible in a prison. It's not Maxine or Franky waiting for her, though, it's Ferguson, looking at her battered face. Has she backed the wrong horse? No, but Bea needs something from her first

Rose braces Bennett in the hallway; why was she shut out of knowing the medical results? She's their nurse, she should probably know if there's a pregnant prisoner, at least to up the folic acid. What she REALLY wants to know is if it's Bea and if it's Will, but Bennett is surprisingly forthcoming. Hm

Dory and the magpie are enjoying a little sun in the yard when Ferguson comes and scares her again. Dory has rights! She won't have Ferguson taking away her baby! But there is more than one way to lose a baby, Ferguson reminds her and WHAT?????

Dory's freaked right the eff oot, rushing right to Liz, who tells her to hold course. She throws Fletcher into the mix, that would make more sense, but Dory doesn't want to falsely accuse ANYONE! Ah Liz doesn't understand because she doesn't have kids. What?? Liz has been in there for 7 years and hasn't told anyone she has two kids? WTF man? She tells Dory she's got to be strong! So strong.

Dory's being escorted back to her cell by Bennett, Dory turns at the end and tells Bennett that she has a message she can pass on to the Governor. Ferguson can make all the threats she wants, but Dory won't be falsely accusing Will Jackson since he isn't the father of her baby. Bennett tries to keep a straight face, but you can tell this is an unexpected plum dropped squarely in her lap.

Oh damn, while Will and Rose are making up, Bennett went to Ferguson with Dory's statement, she's squandering all the capital she just found! Ferguson explains that she was trying to get rotten-apple Will out of the way due to his affair with Bea Smith, but even Bennett thinks that smells bad. Why not have him investigated? Ferguson has always openly favoured Will over Fletcher, I'm so confused.

Ferguson's flashed back to the past again, to the young mother, who she found hanging in the stairwell.


It must have been. But. How could it.

Will and Rose are leaving on his motorcycle to catch dinner. A white van (that looks a lot like Harry's white van) pulls out behind them and awww shite, he ran them off the road! Will's okay, where's Rose?? She was thrown oh no. Oh good, she's conscious at least. Will goes straight to Harry's house, pounding on it while Harry calls the cops.

Could that have not have been Harry? Will takes out the windshield of the van and then the cops are there.

Eeeeh I'm so paranoid!

Bea's visiting Maxine in her cell; she gives Maxine REAL drugs (that must have been what she asked the Governor for) and needs Maxine's eyes and ears in return. She also needs to stash a shiv in Maxine's cell, which Maxine is MORE than happy to do. Besties! Bea totally set that up!

Ferguson's giving Will a ride home from the police station, she pulled some strings to get him out. What a busy evening! She advises him to let the police handle the being run off the road, yes? She doesn't want to lose the best officer she has *painful smile*.

We're flashing back to that baby being taken from his inmate mother and holy shite: it WAS Will that was the social worker on that case!!!! Is that why she's in this prison? Has she been conducting this series of attacks on him because of that woman's death?? WHAT?

Mad World takes us out while I try to push bits of brain back into my head, Franky's staring at Bea during count and it WAS Ferguson who had Will run off the road! Her hired thug did it! How deep does this go?? Bea's staring at the brochure that Harry dropped off of where Debbie is buried, while Dory's staring at the dead body of the magpie, dropped through the slot in her cell.


Okay, I don't know what to think. Is it a coincidence that Ferguson ended up in the same prison where Will is working? She seemed to noticeably favour him previous to this episode, was that a case of keeping your enemies close? This series of things happening to Will were ALSO happening to Fletcher. Has she some long-seated grudge against him as well, or was that, as she said to Bennett earlier "stirring up the water to catch a fish"?

I can hardly believe that Ferguson was once a caring and compassionate person, let alone correctional officer, what happened to her to make her go so sideways? Was it ambition? Did something happen? Because that is a huge difference.

Until next time, you guys!