Quiz S1:E1.1 Cash Mountain Recap

Hi! Have you heard of this new miniseries Quiz from ITV? It's based on the play which was based on true events and features something sure to give us all pause: lots and lots of coughing. It stars Sian Clifford from Fleabag(!!), Matthew MacFayden, Mark Bonnar (a fave!) and Helen McRory from the disastrous (to me) MotherFatherSon. Let's take a look after the break!

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Unforgotten S3:E05 AHA!! Recap

It's getting so tense on Unforgotten, I almost forgot to moon over Nicola Walker's best-half-smile or Sanjeev Bhaskar's lustrous locks...ALMOST. Rolling our penultimate episode of our third series of cold case corruption of the soul, I was just thinking that I like this series the best so far. Season two had some standout performances (Mark Bonnar stole it like he drove it) but it was almost impossible to sympathize with/understand the victim and that's sort of key for me most of the time. We're into it after the break!

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